A Long Day!

My day just seemed to keep going!


So far the mornings seem to be better with my class. Today we tackled some bucket filling activities. I’ve found this is language the young ones get and it’s nice they can reward each other for doing nice things. We have a class bucket. This is the book to start with:)

We also started on sorting today which we have to do a quick study of before we start patterns. I felt like I did better with this topic this year than I have in the past and the children really seemed to get it when we were sorting them:) we then sorted pattern blocks, but that was way less fun.

I let them play with the pattern blocks once we were done the sorting. Of course they were much better during this time!

This afternoon we had computers and gym. We played dodgeball with the other class. Everyone required a lot of reminders:(


I ran down the hill to meet up with Alford a workout before we had to go back to work. Once again I tackled the spin bike for the cardio portion. L was worried she was hogging the treadmill, but I think it’s a good thing for me to bike rather than run since I already run a lot. I definitely sweat a lot on the bike! I had a lake under me by the end as we did hills today!

For the floor workout we did back lunge to bicep curl and squats, side lunges, rows, 1/2 get ups with shoulder press, squats, and up downs. I didn’t hurt from yesterday’s workout so it was good I had another workout today. I think I should go up in weights though!

Open House:

I was required to go back to work tonight so that the children could come and show their parents around the classroom. I always feel awkward at these events as I’m not great at small talk. Put me in a room with children and I’m great, but in a room with adults, I’m a wreck! I did manage to survive, but I’m glad it’s over!!


I stopped at the grocery store on my way home. It was really empty! Of food I mean:(. I picked up a lot of junk as I wandered around, but managed to leave it there and come home with just the basics- bananas, cucumber, mini tomatoes, rice cakes, and milk. I was pretty impressed with myself! I just tried remembering that healthy eating starts at the grocery store😀


I have been reading blogs for the past 1.5 hours, but now I’m going to my new ARC that arrived today. I know I should be reading my Sarah Morgan ARC but maybe this new o d will be the reward read for getting through chapters of the other:)

I’m off to read:)

Have fun!