Friday Eve

One of the bloggers I enjoy on here, Teacher Turned Mommy refers to Thursday as Friday Eve and it seems like a much more positive thought, so I’ll try to remember it!


Today was an okay day. We got through making connections with My Many Coloured Days by Dr. Seuss.

I got all the assessment of place value done while the kids did a fun dice sheet.

Finally this afternoon we finished our penguin art from last week. They turned out so cute! I always love it when the art allows the students to be creative in some way. In this case we left the eyes, nose and feet to the kids.


I came home as quickly as I could so I could get dinner and get out for a run. It’s so nice to at least start my runs in daylight now:). I went for my usual route to the park, but then realized I was going to be short for the necessary Squad Runner mission time of 45 minutes. I ended up running halfway back home and then doing another loop back to the park. At least tonight I felt strong and fast:). I also have started using both my Squad Runner app to track and my Runkeeper. I was missing seeing my splits as the ones on the Squad Runner app make absolutely no sense to me:(


I had a date tonight with a different guy than last week. This guy is really into working out and being healthy which I like.

Unfortunately he turned out to be not the guy for me. I have to admit it was pretty immediate when he walked right up, got himself a drink and didn’t even ask if I wanted something. 😑

Well I’m off to bed with my book!

Have fun!


Back To It

After dreading it all weekend, I went back to work today.


I feel quite discombobulated! Even after being at work for a week, I feel like I don’t remember what I need to teach the children on the first day. I always feel sorry for the kids during their first few days in their new classroom as it is all about learning the routines. I spend all day explaining and demonstrating how each little task needs to be done. We did survive and I am actually proud of myself for relinquishing control of the rules. Usually I post the same rules each year, but this year I really let the kids go for it. We brainstormed rules and then figured out how to turn them into positive statements. We ended up with:

Be kind.

Ask before you take or touch.

Listen, pay attention and use kind words.

Keep your body and objects to yourself.

Walk in the classroom and hallways.

Are they perfect? No. Will they do the job? Yes!

We had a staff meeting after work which was quite interesting and we finally got our prep schedule, computer and gym times so I can create my schedule tomorrow.

My co teacher and I stayed late and made good progress on the to-do list, but we really need to let go of our unrealistic expectations that everything needs to be ready immediately!


I had walked to school today, carrying my laptop and a big bag of heavy snacks, in order to work on getting the Squad Runner mission. I went out at lunch to finish it up and even though I did 37 minutes, instead of 30, it still didn’t give me the mission point. Grrr😖

I had decided to run after school this year and today was the real test! I got home at 6:30 and didn’t even allow myself to sit down to put my shoes on, just changed and headed back out the door for my run. Thankfully it didn’t have to be super long (I used my walk home towards it) nor did it need to be fast. I ended up doing 5.17km at 7:04pace. I think it counts for double though as it was pouring while I was out there. I did my loop through the park and the water was super high!

I had told one of my Squad Runner teammates that I would work through a marathon training program to give him support so this run got week 1, day 1 done:)


I have spent the evening reading two books- one is my Bookclub book for Saturday. I need to read at least 46 pages a day and so far I am ahead of schedule.

The second book is for NetGalley and I’m quite enjoying it! Hopefully I’ll be able to share reviews soon!

Well I’m exhausted and off to bed!

I must be in a leopard kind of feeling tonight!

Have fun!


Me Weekend

Today continued with the “me” weekend where I accomplished nothing major, but did manage to recharge. I’ll also include a summer bucket list recap.


This morning I met up with three friends for a run, though only one ran with me. Squad Runner required a 7km run today and I really wasn’t sure I was going to make it, but I did and had a really steady pace. I ended up doing 7.18km at 8.8 pace.

This is where I ran again today and I found it amazing that after a very dry, brown summer, it only took one day of rain to green it up again.

I was supposed to go for another half hour run tonight for the Monday mission, but it was absolutely pouring out and I decided one run was enough for today!


I continued with the series I started yesterday and read the third book, Complicating. I again enjoyed this short novel. It definitely didn’t go as I was expecting, but was realistic enough. The main heroine drive me a little crazy with her lack of communication, but the hero definitely made up for it. I love how this whole series includes epilogues so you know what happens next!


I have been working on a water bottle holder for a woman at work who is always losing hers. It’s not quite done, but should be by tomorrow.

Summer Bucket List Recap:

You can find my original post Here.

I think I had a great summer and managed to do a lot of things I had never done before. I even got a few things off my big bucket list! I had 30 items on my list and managed to complete 18 of them:)

I did: visit friends in Penticton,

go on my Parent’s boat,

read at least a book a week (finished 25)

finish my Rug,

Run and exercise,

go for a Hike,

go to a Bookstore

go to Sechelt

make myself a Sweater,

spend time on my Bike (5 rides)

go for Brunch (twice)

make Pizzas

try Bakery in Duncan

go to Golden Spike Days

go shopping (lots)

sit on my deck,

spend time with Friends

and wash my car.

Off the Big Bucket List:

Fly in a float plane

Penticton Channel Float

Walk the SeaWall

I like seeing this as just this week I was talking with my co teacher and saying we should have the children write bucket lists for each season and we should do it too! It definitely gets me doing more!

Well, I have to go to bed as I get my new class tomorrow!

Have fun!


Hurry Up and Wait

Today didn’t go exactly as planned.


Like anything good, my girls weekend had to come to an end. I ate the rest of my ice cream for breakfast, cleaned up the cabin and then we had to sit around waiting for the towels to dry! 😖😝. I got a lot of new songs added to my running playlist on Spotify🤣

Finally, about 12:30 we had to say goodbye to our lovely cabin and head for the ferry.

They obviously knew I was coming with this towel!

The trip in the car was fine, and the ferry terminal had some kiosks for us to peruse. I had seen this photographer’s work in Gibson’s and I’m going to need to look him up as some of his images were amazing!, I finished off my unhealthy food on the ferry ride, but then I got onto the skytrain and it was like playing sardines. It was absolutely stuffed!!! I did finally manage to get home, but it seemed to take forever and I was super tired!

I quickly got the laundry in and my bag unpacked.


The Squad Runner mission was a forty five minute run today, but we have an extreme air quality warning, supposedly we have the worst air quality in the world right now due to the wildfires:( Between this and being tired, I decided a brisk walk would have to do! I got that done and picked up a bottle of wine for my friends on the way home. I thought afterwards I should have put the wine in a bag before I walked down the street with it🤣

I have been eating junk all weekend and without much exercise so I wanted to make sure I got right back to clean living, so a workout had to occur tonight!

I had a picture on my phone of a Simply Susan HIIT workout. I’m not sure from where, but I’m guessing a blog, so thank you to whoever posted it! It was quick and easy and a good way to ease back into working out.

Do 5 rounds of:

15 push-ups

15 jump squats

15 squat thrusts

I was a little breathless by the final round!


Oh last night we ended up watching a second movie, a new one called “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”. It is based on a YA novel and was a very cute rom com movie. I enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who has Netflix and wants just a sweet, feel good movie. I’m sorry I don’t know how it compares to the book as I haven’t read the book.

Well I’m in bed with my book:)

Have fun!


Ticking Along

Just another day of getting things done.


My students mastered printing v and w and hard and soft c today, or at least they were introduced to it:). It would be so amazing to be able to just input things into children’s brains and know they got it!

We had an environmental play come today that the children loved.

We watched a Bill Nye the Science Guy movie about matter this afternoon and then we had centres. Not a bad day😀

I didn’t feel great from 11am on and my co-teacher said I had a fever. I’m not sure what I got, but I’m going with nothing because I’ve been sick enough this school year!!!!

We had a reveal of a new sign that is in our foyer. It’s a saying that my mom sent me a few months ago and I really like it. I think it’s a great quote to have our students see every day!! What is even better is that it’s been translated into Braille and so can be a tribute to a little girl we lost earlier this year, who had made an impact on a lot of people in our school community. We are not allowed to have a memorial at the school for her, so this was our way of remembering her:)

I finished my report cards after school🎉🎊. I like when I’m at this point as now I can start wat bing for specific behaviors or specific children and tweak the reports as I need to:). It’s really perfect timing as my mom arrives tomorrow and I know she’s just dying to read them as they’re so riveting🤣🤣🤣


The mission today was to run for sixty minutes, but I ended up doing this as a walk as I still wasn’t feeling great. I got in just in time as the rain started soon after.

This walk was enough to put me back into first place on my team:). I really don’t know how this is happening though!


I’ve made some progress on my Bookclub book- Carnegie’s Maid by Marie Benedict. I am on page 58 of 272. Will I finish by Friday???

So far I am enjoying it:)

Well that’s it for me today.

Have fun!


No Teaching

What a day! Well at least it went really fast!


I woke up this morning and did some knitting on my sweater and then did some more at lunch and some more tonight. I am within 5cm of finishing!!!! I hope I can get it done before tomorrow night! I’ve never been this down to the wire before!


I didn’t actually teach anything today. We had workout Wednesday which was suddenly moved inside when the grandmother of one of our students fell down the stairs. She ended up only breaking a finger, but what a horrible way to start the day!

We then had family group activity where children work in mixed age groups. Today we were making the cards that will be given to parents for parent appreciation.

After lunch the students went with the principal and teachers had collaboration. We got all our assigned tasks done in ten minutes so my co-teacher and I managed to get a report card written:). What can I say? I’m super efficient 🤣. It helped that a certain argumentative teacher wasn’t present today.

After school I wrote three more report cards so I’m done 9 of 22 so far. It’s a start:)

It sure takes a lot of paper to write a report card😣😳😖. My desk is usually absolutely clear!


Well after working out with the children this morning, I then worked out with Lyndsay after school. She did something new! It’s always scary when she uses that evil laugh! We started with a pyramid workout- one minute of cardio and then 25 pulse squats, one minute cardio and then 20 plank squats and 20 pulse squats, etc as we moved through jump squats, squats, jumping lunges. We then did five tabatas which were:


Lateral raises/ front raises

1/2 get ups/ bicycles

Plank jacks/ slider hamstring curls

Fire hydrants/ bridges

Then we did another round of the pyramid workout but worked up the pyramid this time instead of down.

I was definitely sweaty, but it went fast as we were always changing.

I was supposed to run 6km this evening for the Squad Runner mission, but after that workout and with my knee already sore, there was no way! I ended up walking the 6km, though I really wanted to be running!

It was a beautiful night though!

Well, I’m off to bed so I’ll be nice and patient tomorrow:)

Have fun!