Today is Brought to you By the Letters Ch

I just couldn’t stop thinking, how is it only Tuesday?


After a very difficult time getting out of bed, I headed to work. We had a parent come in and talk about his job as a financial analyst with a distribution company- definitely not something the children knew about. It’s a neat job as it requires math skills.

I’m starting to think the children are just into the swag they get🤣

We subtracted zero and the number itself. I’m glad these topics went quickly as it will let me get a little caught up in math. I don’t know how I got so far behind!

Finally this afternoon we had gymnastics which the students did wonderful at and a coding activity. Last week the students had built a community on a grid and today they had to direct the car to get to certain destinations.

It was amazing how engaged they all were and how quickly they caught on. One thing though, we need to take the tape off and draw the grid. We have lots more ideas of where we can take this in third term!


After hibernating during all the recent snow, I had a very social night! It started with a massage where my glutes talked back to me. Then I met my friend for dinner at The Green Mustache. I decided on lemon cheesecake.

My aunt always told me to order what I didn’t get at home. The taste of the cheesecake was excellent, not too heavy and it was a beautiful presentation. I do wish it had been a slightly smoother texture though; I found the cashew was ground up enough for my taste.

We then moved on to trivia at the St James Well. I indulged in chicken wings which didn’t look anything like I was expecting! We think we were about middle of the pack, but it only ever shows the top six teams. For only having three people again, we’re okay with that!

Well I’m home and dead tired so off to sleep.

Have fun!


Finally Fun

I have felt like my life has been boring lately with so little happening with all the snow so it was great to go out and do something new and fun tonight:)


For our community unit we always invite parents to come in and talk to the classes about their jobs. I love it when different jobs from the regular doctor, fireman, police man, nurse, etc comes in. Today we had our first parent and he was a senior operations manager who takes care of buildings in downtown. It was very cool and even I learned a lot.

Besides this, we tackled a couple of math games, and drawing pictures of places in the community, which we then taped onto a grid to create a community. We’ll be using this for more activities in the week to come.


I left immediately to come home for the fiber optic cable people and they were late. After fifteen minutes I called and it seemed like they hadn’t even planned on coming. Thankfully they did as my closet contents are strewn across my living room right now.


While they were working I worked on my Midnight Rose sweater. I have completed the bottom colour work and had forgotten how much I enjoy colour work. My very first sweater was stranded colour work in a Scandinavian sweater, but I don’t think I’ve done any since:(. It was a lovely break from rushing around.


As soon as the workmen left, I headed out for my run. I noticed that it was super busy on the trails today! I got a nice half hour run done today, though it was slower, due at least in part to the continued ice on the trail.


After coming home for a quick shower I met my colleague Liane and her friend Cam at a local pub for trivia night. It was a lot of fun and we plan to go back again next week. It was 2.5 hours of four rounds of just plain guessing and good times. We plan to double the size of our team for next week!

Well I need sleep now!

Have fun!


Quite a day!

It’s amazing how quickly your life can be put into perspective!


I tackled the crunch again this morning after missing the past two weeks.  I turned off my audio cues and just went. 

I was slower than I have been, but it’s not my worst time so I’ll take it!  I think it might be my last crunch run for the season. The trail is a wreck when it’s wet and I couldn’t go until later as you need light to run this path so there were already a ton of people on it. As well, it’s tough to run up a hill when your legs are stiff from cold. I just didn’t love this run today and I think I should at least get to enjoy my runs! I’ll keep up my Thursday morning hill work and I’ll walk the crunch regularly but no more running it until April I think.  Saturday morning will be filled by a longer run, I think, but we shall see:)

I also redid my workout from yesterday. It’s funny how a workout can feel so horrible and tough one day and be so enjoyable the next. I happily did two full sets of the four circuits. If you’re interested:

25 squats, 15 push-ups, 50 jumping jacks

25 plié squats, 15 tricep pushups, 50 high knees

25 single leg squats, 15 pike pushups, 50 scissor jacks

15 curtsy lunges each leg, 15 mountain climbers each leg, 50 second wall sit

Just in case anyone wants to join me in my madness🤣

I really do like doing a workout at night. I feel like it kind of atones for any misdemeanour eating during the day😂

I’ve been asked often how I manage to workout and run each day. I just love how it makes me feel and look! I spent a long time hating how I looked and felt and now spending an hour a day exercising is a small cost to pay for the other twenty three hours that I feel great:)


I had my mom to myself for the day so of course we Started with the most important thing- shopping!! I have to admit I love a good look through Value village. When I was a kid it was a necessity to buy clothes second hand, but now I’m just addicted to finding a great bargain! I apologize to anyone who is grossed out by this and you may want to skip this section! My rule is that it needs to be a good name brand because if I want to buy Joe Fresh, H&M, George or anything like that- I’ll go buy it new!

I was aiming for cords and warm sweaters for teaching in and being warm! My mom is amazing at finding the warmest sweaters, though after today, we both agree I had better just Knit faster 🤣

So I looked at sweaters and cords but didn’t really come home with either lol.

I headed to the kids department. This always makes me giggle because I spent most of my childhood shopping in the women’s department and now I shop in kids. I’m secretly pleased though when I find that even kids is too big:) I ended up with a very full buggy and three and a half hours later we left. Yes my mom has the patience of a saint! But I also know she thinks of me as her life size Barbie doll🤣

I’ll provide pictures of what I bought tomorrow once I’m organized, though maybe not as that could be boring!!! Hmm I’ll think about that 😀

After lunch my mom and I managed to et over to Winners so that I could return the skull baking pan. I didn’t want to put this off as I knew then it wouldn’t get done and I’d be stuck with a skull baking pan that I would never use! It took forever to return it and they only gave me a gift card so I decided to wander around and spend it before I left the store because I never shop there! I found a new sports bra! Yay! It was even something that was on my list:) I had $1.11 leftover on the gift card so I went and gave it to another woman in line. It’s not much, but better it et used than the huge corporation gets to keep it! It also means I talked so someone I didn’t know- another huge win!  😀I think a sports bra will get a lot more use than a baking pan and it’s black and white, like a skull, so it will remind me of that little bit every time I use it:)


We definitely needed sustenance after that shopping trip so we headed to the St. James Well pub. It was super busy and noisy but we scored the best seat by the fireplace. I had my usual fish and chips. I could have had bangers and mash, but I couldn’t have the potatoes:( Who wants that?? My mom had what I would have loved- half a corned beef sandwich. I miss being able to have a sandwich when I’m out!

Our food: it was as good as ever!

This evening I finally got around to trying out a new gluten free, dairy free product I had bought on sale last week when I mistakenly went to the grocery store hungry.

These cookies actually come already formed even!

Talk about easy! Open the bag, put them on the baking pan and put them in the oven for 12-15 minutes depending on how crispy you want them! They come out looking like this:

So what did I think of them!

They would be perfect if you’re not into baking and want something quick and easy! Personally I think they tasted better straight from the freezer when they were still frozen. I expect a cookie to be mmm mmm delicious if I’m going to indulge and these were meh ok. They just didn’t taste decadent and rich. I can’t really say they had any real taste to them, not even a strong chocolate taste:( I wouldn’t recommend them unless you’re desperate.


I thought I might finish The Cottage on Pumpkin and Vine in time to review it for you, but I haven’t:(   Hopefully by tomorrow!


I did three strands on the rued rug today, unfortunately I did the first one going the wrong way so I only have two to show for my hard work. I’m happy that I picked it up today even though I had finished my goal block for the month. I’ve been asked for a picture of this rued rug so here it is: 

I’ve also worked a bit on my New Hampshire handwarmers, but I’m starting to worry that they’re going to be too big. Now I have to decide if I’m going to keep going and see at the end if they’re too big or rip them out now and start a smaller size???


I got some bad news tonight that unfortunately I’m not allowed to share yet ( sorry I don’t mean to tease you- we just don’t have police confirmation or parental consent yet). Me and mine are all ok! It put all my petty little concerns into perspective really quickly! It’s amazing and horrible how quickly life can change! All I can say is give your loved ones an extra squeeze! I plan on enjoying every moment with friends and family tomorrow!

Have fun!


How many timers are too many???

It didn’t go as planned, but it definitely had its high points:)


For some reason I find it easier to get out of bed to run up a hill than to go for a normal run. Part of it is that I feel perfectly safe in that area and the other part is probably that I know it will be a shorter than normal run. I did the hill in 13.5 minutes which isn’t my best, but considering my lack of movement this week and diminished lung capacity, I’ll take it, though I am starting to think about how I can add on to make this run longer.

I walked to and from work today, (not the best picture, but all the red trees on the corner looked so cool!) but missed out on any other workout:(


Today my students were for the most part lovely! We had hip hop first thing and instead of helping we told them we were assessing their participation and focus. I should have said that at the start of the week as the first thirty minutes were amazing! I hope they’re that good tomorrow!!!

My class also worked amazingly quietly until lunch time! Wow! I could hear myself think:)

I learned my dance at lunch, or maybe I should say I attempted to learn a dance at lunch. I figured out I can either move my feet or my arms, but seem to be unable to do both at the same time. Tomorrow should be interesting as I felt incredibly stiff and uncomfortable-ordinates with no one watching,  never mind with 250 people watching me😫

It was a spectacular afternoon so we took the children outside at the end of the day. They definitely deserved some playtime after all their hard work today! 

(Couldn’t resist going outside when this is the view from my window).

I spent some time rearranging the furniture in my classroom after school. I like one area better, but seem to have just moved the problems to another area:( I’ll have to see how it works with the children present and maybe a solution will present itself!


Last night after I finished my post, I decided that I needed to step up and use my slow cooker. I keep saying I’ll use it more but I never do. Part of the problem has been the timing, but I found a solution thanks to a friend of mine. I love oatmeal, but the last time I tried to make it in the crockpot it burned because I obviously sleep more than the recipe author does. A friend of mine suggested a light timer, and… it worked awesome! I threw the ingredients for Slow cooker oatmeal in last night, and set it to cook from 2am to 7am. When I came home from my run, I had delicious, hot oatmeal waiting for me. Now if I could just have a timer on the teakettle too, life would be great! I wonder what else I could put a timer on and how many timers are too many???🤣

I also was offered the opportunity to go out for dinner tonight at the last minute.  My co-teacher realized she was on her own tonight so we decided to go out together. We stayed local and went to St. James Well.  I had sangria and the fish and chips and it was as yummy as ever, but it definitely didn’t help with the eating healthy plan for the day:(. I don’t think I want to face the scale in the morning!


Last night I also finished my book What it Takes after I finished my blog post. I finished reading the tenth book in the Kowalski series by Shannon Stacey.

I have really enjoyed this series, and this one didn’t disappoint either! It is the story of Laney who comes to work for the Kowalskis after a bitter divorce and Ben who has returned to the area and was a childhood friend of the family.  Ben and Laney obviously end up together, but what wa super great was that this book was set during a Kowalski family camping trip so, as a reader, you got an update on everyone in the family. From the description of the camping trip, I think I’d like to join their family! It was a very sweet read and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys family, medical, series or post divorce romances. It was definitely another winner from Shannon Stacey!


Well knit night was fun but not super successful! I started a lace weight sweater and after completing twenty four rows of complicated lace pattern, had four extra stitches:(. I frogged it and I am thinking I might start the every way wrap instead as it is something I could wear right now! I’ll let you know what I decide.

I’m sure I’ll probably think of a zillion other things that happened today that I wanted to tell you about, but my eyes keep wanting to shut so I’m off to bed!

Have fun!



The saying if it rains it pours was true for me today.


My run this morning was awful:( I felt nauseous the whole time and then the route I picked turned out to only take 24 minutes and had too many stop lights. Both of these were good today, but wouldn’t be usually! I sure hope tomorrow’s run is better!

I walked to and from work and then also walked up the crunch after work with a friend. We needed it after our day. Fresh air and exercise seems to solve all manner of problems:)

I didn’t get the chance to stretch though:( Since I got knocked over by an SUV several years ago, recovery has become a big part of my life. I was always battling stretching and rolling because it seemed to take so much time! Lately I have been stopping at a picnic bench on my way home and doing four simple stretches and it’s been working amazingly well! I’ve noticed that not only do I stretch further, but I’m not in as much pain or becoming a “rusty robot” as often:)

I wish I had gotten an actual workout in, but maybe it’s a good thing I didn’t.


I’ve been so discouraged lately as my scale hasn’t been as nice a number as I want it to be, but then I realized tonight that I’ve been eating way too much. The school ordered in Indian food for lunch. I got lamb curry with no naan bread. Paying $12 and then being sick didn’t seem like the best value:( I was stuffed all afternoon and I didn’t even eat all the rice, but when I ate all the lamb, I realized at one point that would have been three meals for me. I need to go back to that! I wasn’t planning on having anything more, but then my parents called and invited me to meet them at St. James Well for dinner. It’s always great food there and I try to see my parents as much as possible when they’re in town ( so I’m tired of them and don’t miss them as much when they leave again), so I met up with them. I shared the nachos ( with no cheese or sour cream for me) and had a glass of sangria. Both were excellent as the chips were homemade and were like potato chips, but I still feel stuffed and sick:( I just seem to do better when I stick to homemade food.

I did stop at the grocery store to get food in case my brother gets hungry. He’s staying here tonight as he’s at his 20 year high school reunion. It wasn’t the healthiest food, but hopefully it will give me the chance to eat less!


It was a ProD day today and while it’s great to learn new things, I prefer having students over having ProD! Both presenters overwhelmed me as they gave too much detail and didn’t really give it in small, easy to digest steps. I think ProD would be more successful for me if a presenter was incredibly explicit about their lessons and timing and then gave the materials so I’d be able to implement it immediately. I need some spoon feeding, but while these ladies were doing amazing things, by the time I figure out how to apply it to my age group and gather all the materials, the year will be over and it will be forgotten:(   We did some very cool activities in both seminars, but none were really appropriate for my grade ones:( A friend I work with probably gave me the best ProD today when she was telling me about and showed me these STEM (it’s called ADST here) boxes the children use. I want to make them immediately as they are just using dollar store materials and she has all the components necessary to get started!  Even if my ProD had just been one presenter and then getting the afternoon to implement what I had learned, it probably would have been more valuable. Instead I come home overwhelmed and discouraged:(


I made up a packaged brownie mix this evening. Mostly just to make my place smell good for my brother, but of course this time it turned out well! I’ll need to find somewhere to take it so that I don’t eat it! The mix was from Xena’s Gluten Free Bakery in Maple Ridge. It was incredibly easy to make up and it turned out great! I’m not even sure I can call it baking as all I had to do was add fake butter and warm water, stir and put it in the pan to bake.  I’ll distribute it among the family tomorrow or maybe take it to the family gathering on Sunday.


I have spent this evening looking at patterns. I had bought Madeline Tosh Merino light in Granite State when I was in New Hampshire this summer along with two deer horn buttons and I had thought I would make slippers out of it, but it turns out I have way too much yarn for slippers. I will need to come up with a different plan for this yarn so instead I am using some random stash wool to try a pair of slippers, called Rapunzel by Drops.  I’ve never made slippers before so  we’ll see how it goes:)

Well I’m exhausted and am still hoping to run tomorrow even with my brother here so I’m heading to bed ( at a completely pathetic time for a Friday night)!

Have fun!



Where did the day go?


About ten years ago I did a kickboxing class and then did an eight hour hike with my mom and brother and since then that has become my loose criteria for being fit. I feel good when I can have days like that. Well today, I almost made it! I went for my run this morning ( decided to do the hilly side of the inlet trail and go out towards Old Orchard Park since I seemed to be running slow anyways) and then I went and hiked around Buntzen Lake in Anmore. Granted this was just a half hour run followed by a two and a half hour hike, but it’s more the concept of doing multiple active things in a day that defines fitness for me. I felt great! The Buntzen Lake trail is an undulating track that circumnavigates Buntzen Lake. It is not a trail I would attempt with a stroller or wheelchair as it is super technical, but it is a lot of fun to run or walk. I like to do the North side first as it is longer and harder and then come back along the more wooded south side. It has gorgeous trees and water views. Definitely worth attempting!

On top of these two, I managed to get in a 100s workout late this evening. It was three sets of 100 jumping jacks, squats, crunches and push-ups. Ugh, but also 😀.


Mom to the rescue! My mom is amazing and she showed up in town today. Supposedly to get my dad’s pills, but I think also to help me set up my room. She immediately resolved three of the problem areas in my classroom!  She is amazing at looking at things in different ways, plus she gives wonderful hugs!!!! It was a great day once mom arrived:)


My mom and Dad and went to St. James Well in Newport Village for dinner tonight on the way to visit my brother and his family.  I had an awesome glass of sangria there and an entree of fish and chips that was gluten free and dairy free. I’m sorry I ate it before thinking of taking a picture it was so good!


I casted on and did the bottom border of the afghan I am making for my parents. It looks like it’s going to be a much more interesting knit than the sweater I just finished, but more on it, next time.

It’s  been a great day, but I’m exhausted so it’s off to bed with me!

Have fun!