Plan, Prep, Prep

It was a busy day, but pretty good overall.


Today got off on a weird start as I had a note in a student planner from one of my previous students. It just seems so weird, she is now old enough to be taking the mom role on the house as I remember her in grade one!

This morning we had some fun with story elements. After reviewing characters, setting, problem and solution. We wrote stories with a beginning, middle and end. However, we did these stories how my Nan used to play a game. Each student wrote on a piece of paper, “Once there was a —- who lived in —-“. They then folded the paper back and I redistributed the papers to a new person. Each student then wrote, “one day (and a problem)” on their new sheet. The papers were folded and changed hands again and the students wrote, “suddenly (and a solution”. We collected the papers up and read them out. They were certainly entertained by the zany stories. Some examples:

Once upon a time there was an army man who lived in a tent. One day he got lost in the deep sea. Suddenly the ball went into the net.

Once upon a time there was a penguin who lived on a rainbow. One day he got lost. Suddenly they found Santa Claus.

Once upon a time there was a princess who lived in a castle. One day they forgot to go shopping. Suddenly everything went back to normal.

All of the stories were crazy and made no sense, but they just made the children laugh harder. I don’t think they’ll forget the parts of a story any time soon!

We also did some storytelling for math. I have found my students are much more engaged when the addition story problems feature themselves, so we did a few more practice stories before our worksheet. We had skateboarding, hockey, beyblades and one little girl requested it be about her family. Awwww!

This afternoon we tackled the penguin research again and it went well again. Telling the students that their work can’t be marked unless they come up with their partner really seems to have helped the partner work in the room. That is one of our goals this term.


Finally after work, I went to the kids Bookclub. I was super excited about this one as it was on Artemis Fowl and I picked that book. We had a really good mix of people who loved it, liked it and didn’t like it. There were 18 students there today and we had good discussion!

It was back to prep for next week once Bookclub was over, though it did make for a nice break!

At home, I have started the book, One Plus One by Jojo Moyes. I’ll let you know what I think when I get further along. It’s difficult to tell how far I am as it’s a large print edition.


I knew there was no way I would be doing 9km tonight which was the Squad Runner mission, so I just went out for my usual around the park run. It was a nice run and I’m definitely happy with my times! 6:48, 6:51, 6:46,6:29, 6:58. It really seems to be helping that I start running before pressing start on my app. I can’t wait to see if I can push myself to be faster once the ice is gone!

This is where I ran in daylight, though today I ran in the dark:( There were still lots of people out though!

I also got my 200 banded squats, 50 bicycles and 50 leg drops done this evening:). I feel like this may be contributing to my faster speeds so want to keep it up!


I am working on some kid hand warmers to fulfill a class in HPKCHC. I’m hoping to see some cute hearts into them.

Well I’m going to go crawl into bed!

Have fun!