A Bump

Has my life been going too smoothly?


My day with the children went fine. We wrote about the Christmas concert, glued all our art work into the scrapbooks and cleaned our desks. We then got rewarded by watching a Santa Claus movie.

Unfortunately while my students were doing so well I got an email from my strata saying my truck would be towed and I owe $200. This type of thing always stresses me out! It seems having a truck and trailer in a long spot is fine, but having a truck and car is not, someone complained. I called and of course strata manager is on holidays, so I texted my mom. She told my dad to deal with it and my uncle and cousin are coming this morning. Ugh it was still enough to wreck my day yesterday though:(


I left school quickly ( just like all the memes going around show) and met up with my co- teacher. We went to Edible Canada and I had fish and chips and vegan crane brûlée. I really wanted to order more crane brûlée but I managed to resist:) I also tried truffle salt for the first time and it was really good!


We went to see Miss Bennett’s Christmas at Pemberley and it was wonderful! The actors were great! I had never thought about it before but my friend pointed out there are some similarities between Mary Bennett and myself- reader, blunt, etc. I had to laugh:). If you’re a fan of Pride and Prejudice, you would enjoy this spinoff:)

I got home super late and now have to get up and going on dessert for tonight!

Have fun!