I actually didn’t realize I hadn’t posted yesterday until I got on here.

I set off with L andSon a road trip that lasted two hours. We aren’t really going all that far from home, though boy is it nice to see new scenery.

We stopped in the drive for coffee because we were extremely early for the ferry. ( you just never know about traffic as there is a bridge involved). The wait and the ferry ride were uneventful. Getting back to the highway we had to follow a loaded dump truck up a huge hill. My car started to rattle really bad:(

Once done with the crossing to the coast, not an island, we stopped at the Black Bean Cafe for lunch. I had a gluten free bread with egg, avocado and smoked salmon. It was amazing!

I was so hungry though that I ate it in about a minute.

We then made the hour drive and thankfully my car was fine.

We arrived to a very cute three bedroom cottage. It is nothing fancy, except for the view.

Even better, it has a pool with glass fencing so you can be in the pool looking at this amazing view. Needless to say, we did nothing but this for the rest of the day.

Thankfully we had brought chicken wings and salads for dinner so we didn’t have to go out again!

The sunset was just as spectacular.

The only downfall I have found so far is that it is the worst year in twenty years for mosquitoes, so guess who is getting eaten alive?:(

I am so lucky that when I was forced back to work, and I had the other teachers become my bubble, that these people are friends I like doing things with.

Well I’m going to go enjoy my first cup of tea on that deck.

Have fun!


Weekend Getaway

I just got home from my weekend getaway to the Sunshine Coast and it was great! If you have running buddies- I highly recommend you travel with them! They’ve already seen you at your worst and know all your weird quirks:)

We left incredibly early Saturday morning as even a month out we couldn’t get a ferry reservation on Friday. It made for a long day, but we made it work!

We stopped for breakfast at Gourmet Girl in Davis Bay. I made that executive decision because they had lots of gf listed on their website. It wasn’t quite as clear when we got there and the cook wasn’t very pleasant, but it worked out in the end. Brenda had a green eggs and yam wrap, Dennis had buckwheat waffles and I had a breakup bun and a chai latte. The food was really good, but the chai latte didn’t taste like any I had ever had before! Definitely a good stop for breakfast!

We arrived and hung out for a bit seeing all the changes they had made to the house and yard in the past year and then headed out to the craft fair.

The Hackett Park Summer Arts and Crafts Fair is a juried fair with about 50 different booths. It costs $2 or $3 to get into the park where it is located and it took us about an hour to go through it all. Keep in mind that two people in our party talk to everyone! There was a wide variety of crafts displayed and some were amazing, others were just weird! 🤣. I ended up buying two skeins of tweed yarn and a kid’s book for my classroom. It was a lovely way to spend the afternoon and I think everyone would find something interesting here.

We walked down by the water and visited some more before heading back to the house. Dinner was quick as we had tickets to a concert in Pender Harbour that was part of the Chamber Music Festival that was going on this weekend. It was a very interesting evening and while we all agree that the musicians performing were amazing- we were definitely surprised by the selections they played. When you’re trying to see how many more pages are on the music stand- it’s not a good sign!🤣 The first piece was the one we all liked:)

Sunday morning we got up to a lovely breakfast of an omelette, fruit salad, toast, etc.

we then headed out to Smuggler’s Cove for a walk/run. Dennis had gotten permission to run so we planned to walk out and run back while everyone else was doing a walk of differing lengths. The area was beautiful, but the trail is quite technical with a lot of rocks and roots! We were kind of surprised when we arrived at the end, it just kind of stopped and we were left wondering if we were where we were supposed to be. It was a gorgeous view and so nice to have Dennis back running.

I laughed that after this we ended up in spender Harbour. I haven’t been many places on the Sunshine Coast, but I’ve been to Pender Harbour about five times and there isn’t a lot there! We walked down to the government wharf and then stopped for lunch in a cafe. I was amazed that they had a gluten free dairy free morning glory muffin that I got to have. It was very yummy and moist!

Sunday afternoon and evening we just hung out visiting in the backyard. I always love low key holidays like this where you spend time relaxing with friends:). We enjoyed a lovely dinner of President’s Choice ribs- the bbq ones were great, corn on the cob and a baked potato:)😋

This morning, I got up to Dennis saying we were going for another run. We ran the pink trail at Kinnickinick Park. This trail was only 2.75km so perfect for Dennis when he hadn’t run in a month. We had a pretty good pace and it was a lovely, wide, groomed trail that would be good for everyone. I have to admit that at 7am it was a little dark and tough to see true roots that were there.

We had yet another awesome breakfast of pancakes, eggs and bacon. We were all saying that we don’t need to eat for at least a week!

We then headed for the ferry. I finished my latest book, The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillary. It was a great book about two people who are trapped in a hotel elevator and a relationship ensures. It was neat that the cute meet wasn’t the typical and that the problems weren’t exaggerated drama, but stuff that could happen to everyone. I liked that the characters grew emotionally during the book and the ending was cute! A nice, easy read:)

Well, I am so close to finishing my latest knitting project that I’m going to go work on that, though maybe a nap first!

Have fun!


Last Hurrah

I’m so sorry you haven’t heard from me! For some very strange reason I wasn’t getting service suddenly while I was away and there was no WiFi at my friend’s place.

I had a lovely few days visiting the Sunshine Coast and visiting the couple who taught me how to run and then we’re my running buddies for many years.

Wednesday was a very busy day! I awoke to G making me a tea and everyone else very fancy lattes. He had one of those big machines and I have to say his drinks are more beautiful than anything I’ve seen before!!


We wanted to take them for a meal and they chose the Basted Baker. I had a better experience here this time. It took about ten minutes to get our food and the egg bennies looked great. They did mess up and put butter on my gluten free dairy free biscuit but quickly fixed it. I loved my biscuit with avocado and egg!!!


After sustenance we checked out the balsamic vinegar shop next door. I learned a lot- there is white balsamic vinegar and also there is infused and fused balsamic. The infused flavor will last during cooking while the fused won’t. I ended up buying a bottle of cilantro garlic balsamic vinegar for my salads. It was neat though that the shop owner was actually from my town and we recognized each other, but couldn’t figure out from where.

We then proceeded to look at the sports store and a bead shop. We also stopped into the Cheeky Monkey for treats. I’m becoming a regular at some of these places!

We made our way to this very cute little gift shop!

It so reminded me of my grandma as everything was painted. I looked out the back window of the shop and saw her Adirondack chairs were painted as was her watering can:). We used to say that if you stayed still too long at my grandma’s house you’d end up painted🤣

We ended up buying my friend a tea pot here that she fell in love with:)


We had a look around Robert’s Creek and amazingly they managed to show me things I hadn’t seen in my previous two visits.

The first stop was the mandala that an artist outlines each year and then people of the town get to fill in one square. There were some beautiful pieces and some fun ones.

The scenery around the area of the mandala was gorgeous as well and was originally an 800meter pier for the steamship to moor at which is how people originally got to this area.


Of course after this strenuous morning we stopped for more food and ended up eating at the Gibson’s Market. It is quite new and very bright and beautiful. I think it would be a great place for a wedding. I had a half order of a curry and it was delicious. I hear the BLT and the classic Mac and cheese were also good.

I found this awesome beeswax wrap which is reuseable Saran Wrap, but my mom got it cheaper elsewhere so I’ll pick it up there. They were also filming a movie outside so the gorgeous gate was covered in wreaths. I’ll have to keep my eye out though because it definitely had a Hallmark movie feel to it!😀


The last stop of the day was to grab this ginger brew that was amazing!

I don’t normally like ginger all that much, but I would definitely recommend this!


We hung out back at the house talking and finished the night with dessert and three games of Yahtzee. I managed to win the last game, though all three were super fun! My friends all had lemon curd cupcakes from the Cheeky Monkey and raved about them. I had the oat fudge bar and it was good too, but I really wanted something lemony!

Today was a little quieter. My friends had made an amazing breakfast of fruit salad, yogurt (not for me), hard boiled eggs, cinnamon raisin bread with peanut butter and Holy Crap cereal, which is made in their town. It was all so yummy along with many many cups of tea:)


We finally moved our bodies again on a little walk around Kinnikinnick Park. There are many easy trails in here but we did the main one that was just 3km.


I finished a scarf I was working on for a friend after breakfast, but it turned out to be too short. It will go into the charity basket and I’ll have to start over for my friend. I’ll share pictures of it tomorrow:)


On today’s agenda was a cidery that was just up the road from my friend’s place. The cider ended up being way too dry for my tastes, but the property was super cute as are all of their signs as they feature bears. For example, I think this is the true meaning of a growler.


The cidery has a good trick at it, but we decided to go for lunch at the local pub.

It’s hilarious that I really have spent my summer on the water as here again, I ended up.

I had the special of a seafood curry along with salad. This restaurant unfortunately didn’t understand gluten free, dairy free though as they left off the rice but put butter in the sauce.

I knew I was in trouble right away, but thankfully my body waited until I got home to be spectacularly sick many many times!!☹️

I suppose the silver lining is that feeling this way definitely makes me not want to eat which will help me get back to normal!

I’m now back home and in bed and at the end of my holidays almost. Hopefully I can pack a few more fun things into my last week off!

Have fun!


Hurry Up and Wait

Today didn’t go exactly as planned.


Like anything good, my girls weekend had to come to an end. I ate the rest of my ice cream for breakfast, cleaned up the cabin and then we had to sit around waiting for the towels to dry! 😖😝. I got a lot of new songs added to my running playlist on Spotify🤣

Finally, about 12:30 we had to say goodbye to our lovely cabin and head for the ferry.

They obviously knew I was coming with this towel!

The trip in the car was fine, and the ferry terminal had some kiosks for us to peruse. I had seen this photographer’s work in Gibson’s and I’m going to need to look him up as some of his images were amazing!, I finished off my unhealthy food on the ferry ride, but then I got onto the skytrain and it was like playing sardines. It was absolutely stuffed!!! I did finally manage to get home, but it seemed to take forever and I was super tired!

I quickly got the laundry in and my bag unpacked.


The Squad Runner mission was a forty five minute run today, but we have an extreme air quality warning, supposedly we have the worst air quality in the world right now due to the wildfires:( Between this and being tired, I decided a brisk walk would have to do! I got that done and picked up a bottle of wine for my friends on the way home. I thought afterwards I should have put the wine in a bag before I walked down the street with it🤣

I have been eating junk all weekend and without much exercise so I wanted to make sure I got right back to clean living, so a workout had to occur tonight!

I had a picture on my phone of a Simply Susan HIIT workout. I’m not sure from where, but I’m guessing a blog, so thank you to whoever posted it! It was quick and easy and a good way to ease back into working out.

Do 5 rounds of:

15 push-ups

15 jump squats

15 squat thrusts

I was a little breathless by the final round!


Oh last night we ended up watching a second movie, a new one called “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before”. It is based on a YA novel and was a very cute rom com movie. I enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone who has Netflix and wants just a sweet, feel good movie. I’m sorry I don’t know how it compares to the book as I haven’t read the book.

Well I’m in bed with my book:)

Have fun!


Another Day of Fun

I am so glad we didn’t have to rush home today as it gave us another awesome day of fun!


We went for another walk today. This time we hit Cliff Gilker Park which we had read online had a better waterfall than the one we missed yesterday. Well we walked every path in the park, which were much more technical than yesterday’s

And this is the only waterfall we saw!

Maybe I should give up on waterfalls for this holiday!

This was my only exercise for the day and I feel like I’m going to have to go home and run all day every day!!!


We hit another new restaurant today. Unfortunately we were hungry. I really wanted the avocado breakfast bowl with chorizo sausage, but they were sold out so I ended up with a beef burrito bowl with an egg on top. Along with this I had a glass of red sangria, which I had to doctor with simple syrup as it just wasn’t sweet enough!

The food was good, but I’m not sure it was worth the forty five minute wait nor the obnoxious guys sitting behind us.

The view was awesome though!


I spent most of the afternoon knitting on my scarf for my friend.  It was an awesome place to do some knitting, though I was under a blanket because the wine was cool!


I read a couple of short novellas last night so I could finish off a series I have been reading.

Rock With You was insta-love but for some reason it didn’t bother me. Maybe because it was set in a bakery or because how else could it be with a rock star. It was a short but enjoyable read.

I also finished this short story, All I Want For Christmas Is You which was like a little extra scene after the book ended. I loved a peek at life after the book ends and I wish more authors did this!

Product Review:

I found some Ben and Jerry’s dairy free Cherry Garcia almond milk ice cream today and I loved it!

It was incredibly yummy!!!! I got this because there wasn’t much non dairy voice where my friends got ice cream.


We’ve been watching Something Borrowed as we ate dinner. I had forgotten all about this movie/book since it’s been years since I’ve read or seen it.

I’m off to finish the movie and maybe another one.

Have fun!



Today I learned that I am not a particularly friendly morning person. I need a few minutes of quiet to get my brain going.


We headed out first thing this morning for a hike that my friend’s sister recommended. She would be a great Airbnb hostess! We parked at the end of a road with the expectation that we would walk in to see a waterfall. I texted my mom the details and then realized that it was going to be less than 5km round trip! Obviously my definition of exercise is different🤣. It was a lovely walk.

I have to admit we were a little underwhelmed by the falls.

It turns out we didn’t see the “real” Falls. 🤣. Oh well, it was still a nice walk.


We headed into Sechelt after this to a bakery. It was super cute and had a good menu, but the wait to order was about fifteen minutes and then we had a forty-five minute wait for our food. Good thing it was good, though there was a hair in mine:(

I also had a treat from the Cheeky Monkey bakery.

This was just a few doors down from the bakery. It’s a very small space and I have to admit I am a little confused about exactly how many stores are in the space as there was also Seafoam smoothies and talk of salads. I ended up choosing the chocolate caramel shortbread bar. Only their bars were gluten free and dairy free and they all had chocolate in them.

This was not as sweet as I like as the chocolate was dark chocolate. My friends both chose the earl grey cupcake and said it had a good earl grey taste but the texture of a muffin more than a cupcake.


I finally finished another book for NetGalley.

One More Moment is the story of Charlotte Clark, an overworked social worker and Julian Grayson, the drummer for the band Shaughnessy.

I loved lots of things about this book. There are laugh-out-loud moments, especially the first meeting of these characters.

I loved the band members and how they stood by each other and provided a support network.

I loved how it highlighted charities and simple ways everyone could volunteer and help out.

I loved the pacing of the book as it doesn’t lag or rush. There is a whiff of insta-love but it’s not overpowering. I liked how the characters dealt with this.

I loved how realistic the characters were. They had their problems and had to work through them in their own way. They stayed true to their characters, even the parts of their personalities that drive me crazy!

I would recommend this book for anyone who has enjoyed Samantha Chase in the past or the Shaughnessy family series as they make an appearance. Anyone who likes music romances or those that start with a hilarious misunderstanding would enjoy this one.

Thank you to NetGalley, Samantha Chase and the publisher for the free copy in exchange for the honest review.


I spent some time this afternoon working on a scarf for a friend. She requested a long, purple scarf. I had started an entrelac scarf, but didn’t like how it had a good side and a bad side. It seemed like you’d be forever adjusting to try and hide the “bad” side. I found a new pattern “Speed bumps” on Ravelry and have just finished the first pattern repeat. So far so good!


This evening we are watching Like Father, a Netflix original movie. So far, I have to admit it’s slow, but maybe it will pick up:)

Edit: the movie got way better with some very cute scenes!

Well I’ll leave you now.

Have fun!


On the Road Again

I was up with the sun this morning to get things done! A friend of mine has a sister with a cabin on the beach. No one was using it this weekend so we get to enjoy it:)


I had to head downtown to meet up M and E. It was going well until a guy stumbled and grabbed my left arm hard. I was in absolute agony as that’s the arm with the pulled ligament. Thank goodness my friend had Advil! The trip over was easy otherwise, though we were really happy to have a ferry reservation as the sailing was full!


Today was a lot of eating! We are in the ferry and thankfully they had an Asian salmon salad I could eat. It was quite yummy but they should have used mandarin oranges rather than navel ones!

We stopped at the grocery store and picked up essentials, like rice chips and cookies 🤣😜

Dinner was awesome as we did homemade pizza.

I will definitely be doing these at home too!


Other than making dinner we hung out on the deck, hung out on the sand and walked the beach. Here are some shots to show you the lovely scenery!

Have fun:)


Off Again

I got up early this morning to shower and take the skytrain down to the boat. I wasn’t positive I’d be going anywhere as they were having trouble with the generator, but I went anyways.

We did manage to finally leave at about 10:30 and spent most of the day put-putting up the coast. It was a gorgeous day and other than the wake from a few big boats, the water was wonderful and calm!

I used the time to get caught up on blog reading and I had a nap (unfortunately I rolled over onto my arm so it’s unhappy), I knitted, and I enjoyed the sunshine.

This is how I boat!

We arrived and have anchored in Pender Harbour which is actually made up of the unincorporated Madeira Bay, Irvine’s Landing and Garden Bay.


This evening we went for a walk with the dog and it looks like if I’m going to be running, I’ll be doing hill training around here😫😳

Well all that fresh air and sunshine has worn me out. Here’s my view and now I’ll close my eyes!

Have fun!