Grateful Sunday #2

We had to Fall back in our time today. I am really hoping they decide not to continue this practice as it seriously messes me up!


We had a short run today at Mundy Park. It was really neat that a friend we haven’t seen in a while came out too. She walked with Brenda, while Dennis and I did the usual route. We had a 6:35 average and I had to giggle at runkeeper sending me a message saying it was my fastest average in a month- it’s my first run of the month🤣 Dennis did tell me he’s proud of me for having a steady pace and running continuously. What a great guy!

I’m thankful for my running buddies as they accept who I am and what I’m capable of doing.

I definitely earned that tea with my 26 minute run as it used to take me 44 minutes. I also enjoyed the view at tea as we sat beside a group of firemen:)🤣


I finally finished Meant to Be Yours by Susan Mallery which is the fifth book in the Happily Inc series.

What a wonderful book! This book takes us back to Happily Inc, a wedding town that has seen the pairing up of four wonderful couples before this. Renee is a wedding planner and Jasper is a writer.

I was actually surprised by the pairing as I was expecting the book to be about Jasper and Wynn, whom he was with before. I quickly figured out that this was a much better pairing!

The character growth in this book is huge and very satisfying. It was down realistically as we all do or say stupid things and have to learn from them. Both of these characters experience this emotional growth and it was great to see.

The supporting characters are also wonderful as usual. They aren’t perfect, friends show up at the wrong time and others say what is right, not what is popular, but they definitely add a wonderful element to the book.

The pacing was different as Renee and Drew hop into bed together quite quickly, but then it slows right down.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys small town romance!

Thank you to Susan Maller, the publishers and to NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for an honest opinion.

After listening to a podcast of Not Your Mom’s Romance Bookclub I have spent a lot of today reading Melt For You. I’m really enjoying and thinking I may be up until I finish it. I’d better read quick.

I’m thankful that I’m a reader. I think being a reader makes life easier and it allows me to experience things I never would be able to otherwise.


I met up with Brenda for ice cream as I had to get a pair of knitting needles to her. I had the peach caramel ice cream and it was so good!!

I’m thankful for having such amazing ice cream, that doesn’t make me sick, available so close to home!


I have had a better eating day today than I usually do on Sundays. I’ve had a mini kind bar, a steak, veggies and dip, ice cream.


I have also been spending some time knitting another market bag. This time the pattern is from Purl Soho and I’ll share when I’m done:)

I’m thankful I have a hobby that allows me to be productive while relaxing and also allows me to make things for friends that will hopefully show them how much I appreciate them in my life.

Oh and I have bought three skeins of Shi Bui Pebble in a gold colour that I’d like to use to make a shawl for my friend. I have about 600 yards and would appreciate any pattern suggestions anyone can give!

Well that’s it for me!

Have fun!


Not Enough For Lace

It was a lovely day filled with some of my favourite things.


I have to admit I laid in bed this morning, but did eventually get up and make it to my book on the couch.

I finished The Summer of Sunshine and Margot by Susan Mallery today. Thank you to Susan Mallery, Harlequin and NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for an honest review.

This book follows fraternal twin sisters Margot and Sunshine as they both attempt to turn over a new leaf in their life. Margot is getting over a mistake of a man and going to concentrate on her work which is an bold actress who needs to learn to fit into the political world. Sunshine is going to go back to college and quite running off with the wrong men. She’s also going to be the best nanny she can be. Of course, things never go as planned.

I liked how the book constantly went back and forth between the two characters and there was lots of interaction between them. They had a fun and great relationship and it added to the book!

I also liked how the relationships surprised me. Margot’s was the one I expected to be tame, however it developed much quicker than Sunshine’s.

This book had great pacing in that it didn’t feel rushed and there was enough time passing to make the relationships believable.

I enjoyed the book and think people who enjoy reading about second chances and overcoming your own mental obstacles would enjoy this book.


Well I’ve sat in the couch for two weeks and my cold still hasn’t gone away. I decided that f not exercising wasn’t making me healthy, I might as well exercise and be happy. My running buddy Sarah wanted to do a lap of Buntzen Lake for her birthday so today we headed out. It was a gorgeous day and the run definitely improved my mood! We didn’t go fast, but for the first time in my life I ran the loop. Usually I just go to North beach and back.

This picture is from a cloudier day. It was gorgeous today, but none of my pictures turned out well.


I thought I was healthy enough to tackle my April Tank again, but I guess I’m not quit healthy enough to do lace. I made it to row 15 before I screwed up, but unfortunately I didn’t have a life line in. I’ve taken the row out, but will have to look tomorrow to see if I need to take more rows out. I’m supposed to be done by tomorrow:(

Well that’s it for me!

Have fun!


Friday in Disguise

It was so lovely to have a Thursday that was really Friday:)


I don’t feel like we got much done but we completed a fact sheet about the Yukon Territory. It has the highest Canadian mountain- Mount Logan. It’s largest city and capital is Whitehorse which also happens to be the third largest city in Canada in actual size. It has the most northern botanical garden. The gold rush hit Alaska in 1896 and it became part of Canada in 1897.

We also got a class book made about comparing measurements. It was super cute as the book goes, ” I am smaller than a *, but bigger than a *”. The children came up with some neat ideas!

The best part of the day May have been my lunch! On Thursdays I have lunch delivered from lunch lady and today it was tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich. The ultimate comfort food on a wet, rainy day:)

This afternoon my co teacher and I got really ambitious and dyed eggs with 40 children. We only had five broken eggs and one tipped dye pot. Not bad! I like doing these things as I’m sure those are the events the children will actually remember:)


I have been alternating between knitting and reading and have gotten 1/4 of the way through the lace band at the bottom of my tank top. I’m hoping to finish tomorrow, but we’ll see.


I am reading The summer of Sunshine and Margot by Susan Mallory and am really enjoying it so far!


Still not really energetic so nothing but walking to and from work and 50 squats for me today. I’m hoping tomorrow to go back to normal!

That’s it for me tonight and I’m looking forward to lounging in bed tomorrow morning!

Have fun!


Maximizing the Day Off

I got an extra day off and I put it to good use:)


I had arranged to meet Lyndsay for a workout this morning and I’m glad I did so that it got done! I liked how this morning the floor work was interspersed with the treadmill workout so the whole thing seemed to go fast. It also helped that we threw some biking and the body in there as well! Of course, I got three quarters of the way through the treadmill workout and found out I had done the whole thing at an incline of four! No wonder it seemed so much more difficult today, of course I did it too so perhaps I should be upping the speed again.

Workouts with Lyndsay are awesome because it combines both running and weights so I don’t feel as though I need to do a second workout. Good thing as I wouldn’t have had time today!

Oh and just to let you know I did do my regular Thursday morning hill run yesterday, but I was feeling my legs so I didn’t add the loops on the way home and just kept it a short run. I’m hating the new headphones I bought, so if anyone has a suggestion for headphones, I’d love to hear it!


Last night I had knit night with my friend Brenda (at the end of a long and crazy work day). I started a toque with the pretty purple variegated yarn and got quite a ways in it before I tried to put it on my head and found out it was too small🙁 I ripped it out, came home and crashed into bed. Well today, I started the toque over again, with more stitches. I guess my usual toque pattern was written for heavier weight yarn.  It’s going well, but not done yet. I’m almost to the point where I should be trying it on again, so wish me luck! I also need to decide if I want to put a ponytail hole in it.

This morning Brenda and I headed out to buy the materials we needed for the My Year in Temperatures scarf that we will be starting on January first.  We had heard about this project about a month ago on the news and decided to do it next year. Each day you add one row to the scarf based on what the temperature high was for the day. When I thought about this project I realized it was the perfect excuse to buy the Prismatic Mini Mini Skein set by Sweet Georgia Yarns that I had seen at Knit City, but couldn’t come up with a reason to buy.  The shop is only open from Monday to Friday and is closed weekends and holidays so with the extra week day off, today was definitely the day to go! It was a little difficult to find and I realize from the store and hours that they seem to focus mostly on online sales. It turned out to be a small, bright and welcoming store!  The yarns were all gorgeous and the samples were inspiring! They had many samples on display and I just wanted to do them all!

They say they are all about colour and they definitely are!

They also had a wall of “seconds” as they do hand dyeing.  The “seconds” weren’t as much of a sale as I would have liked. The best was the red dots at $9 off, but I didn’t see any of them, most were a $1.50 off.  I think next time I would just order online. Brenda looked and saw you get 10% off your first online order which would cover the shipping so that’s a little bonus.

I decided on a gray to use as the division between the months in my scarf while Brenda chose saffron. Her scarf is going to be different as she is going to incorporate the date and the names of the months, while I am not.  I am going to get the header of the scarf done and then I have to put it away until January:(

My mom laughed when I told her about this project. She thinks it will be funny to watch me try to keep a project for a whole year. What can I say? I really like finishing things🤣

When I was little my mom was knitting a sweater for my dad. It never got finished and at some point she frogged it and gave me the yarn. I asked her today if she would want me to make up the sweater for dad or if she would prefer I use the yarn to make an afghan for the boat. She chose the afghan, as I figured she would, so I made her choose the pattern today as I probably won’t see her until March.   Thankfully she chose one I haven’t done before:)

It is from the “Big Book of Quick Knit Afghans” by Leisure Arts.

I love this book because all of the afghans are done in one piece. I have made almost all of the blankets in the book!

I also got two threads on the rued rug done today to make up for missing yesterday. I really need to figure out what I’m going to do with this so that I’ll be more inspired to work on it!


I finished the book, Marry Me at Christmas by Susan Mallery today.

I have enjoyed most of the books in Susan’s Fools Gold series and this didn’t disappoint.

This book tells the story of Madeline who grew up in Fools Gold and now is part owner of the Paper Moon Bridal Boutique and Jonny Blaze, a Hollywood actor. The two are brought together through Madeline being asked to help organize Jonny’s sister’s wedding.  Madeline has had a celebrity crush on Jonny but learns a lot about the actual man through the process of planning the wedding.

I liked this book for several reasons. First, both Madeline and Jonny felt well developed and real to me. They had flaws and quirks and as the reader you really get to know them. I also liked how when, Madeline freaked at various times as the relationship developed, she realized it and dealt with it in a realistic manner. The drama was minimal which I appreciated.  As the reader you get a nice update on some of your favourite Fools Gold characters as well. I love he extended cast in these books, though I may need to start keeping a list, a challenghe of the book- keeping everyone straight!

I think that readers who enjoy a sweet romance, small town romance or a celebrity crush would enjoy this book.

What’s even better was that there was a bonus novella included in the book! A Kiss in the Snow was a satisfying short story about Shep and Nancee.  It was a neat story because it also gave some background about a Fools Gold legend- Gladys. It was nice to finally get to know a bit more about her. The story is a second, actually fourth chance at love for these two,and is again, a very sweet, romantic story.

I would recommend this story and you don’t have to read the whole series first, unless you’re me🤣

I am super excited that I can now watch the movie that is based on this book!!


I made chicken Caesar salad for lunch for my mom and I and chai tea (you can find the instructionhere.). It is my favourite so far! for out me tea later in the afternoon. Neither of which are an amazing thing, but I did use some new products.

I had bought a new Caesar salad dressing and both my mom and I thought it was good today. It tasted like Cesar dressing to me, though it was a little thicker than I am used to. 

It was almost double the price of the Daisy Caesar dressing, but it was nice to have Caesar salad for the first time in five years!

I also picked up some eggnog while I was at the store today because I saw it and it was my favourite last year!

It most reminds me of light eggnog because it isn’t as thick as regular eggnog, but it’s definitely yummy!

Organizing/ Life:

I got a lot of little things done today, but not what I was actually expecting to get done!

I got my truck taken in for a tune up (which it ended up not needing so it didn’t cost me anything😀).

I also got a new lamp dropped off into my classroom and my new schedule cards cut out and magnetized while I was there.

I got the new sweater hanger put up in my closet and my running gear transferred to it. They fit much better and I’m using the small one for my underwear.

I got one picture labelled in my friend’s wedding photo album. Hopefully this is enough to get me moving on this project.

I got my flu shot with my mom and some groceries bought, including a veggie platter for tomorrow’s family dinner.

I got two games cut out for my students as well.

Only about a million left to do, but it makes a good excuse to watch a. Movie and I decided on Sweet Home Alabama.

What was I supposed to be doing today?? Sewing my Christmas presents for my friends and colleagues! I have to get these done while my mom is in town to help if I need it!!!!! Well, I guess tomorrow is another day, but there is just still so much I want to do with her and so few days left:(

Well I’m going to do some yoga and continue on with my projects so…

Have fun!