Dark and Rainy Must Be My Thing

I seem to do everything in the dark and the rain lately! I can’t wait for that extra minute of daylight to start on Saturday!


I can’t say that we accomplished much today, other than we did get the card made for our parent present. Once again, I was impressed. We gave examples and talked about what was easier and what would be the harder option.

This is one little guy who is always super creative and artistic and he put his own spin on it:)

We also learned about Christmas in Japan. It was our most successful learning yet as it had the simplest video, but the children seemed to pick up more. It was neat to learn that Christmas is completely non-religious there. They decorate with trees, lights and Santa’s. They celebrate in Christmas Eve and actually go to work on Christmas Day! Every family has their own story of how Santa gets into the house and it is often a romantic night for couples, like Valentines Day.

I just had to leap across the classroom to stop the video before they showed the single people partying.

This afternoon was what my students have been waiting for all week! We decorated gingerbread men! It was absolute chaos as there were five classes in the gym doing this at the same time and half of my parent volunteers didn’t show up:(. We all survived and the children still seemed to have a good time:)


I once again came home as quickly as possible to try and get to run in daylight, but it didn’t happen. I ran about 6.7km and had to walk the last few hundred feet as the sidewalk was teeming with people going to the CP Holiday Train. I was supposed to go with friends but it was pouring so we decided not to.


Still working on the green vest. At least it makes progress quickly because of the bulky yarn!


I finished Flare Up by Shannon Stacey late last night. It is the latest book in her series Boston Fire.

I loved this book as much as the rest in the series! Grant Cutter and Wren Everett dated and got quite serious before she disappeared into thin air. When Grant rescues her, they have no choice but to deal with their emotions.

I loved how the characters and situations were so real and yet there was no drama for the sake of drama. When Wren is scared, she talks:) When Grant is worried, he talks to friends. Wow these characters actually communicate!!!

I also loved the background cast of all the other characters and how strong a role they played in the book. Friends play a role in our lives daily whether we see them or not so I love that that was reflected in this book.

The pacing of the book is great as the action obviously takes place over a bit of time and yet the reader doesn’t have to read about every go hum day or get whiplash from insta-love. It was actually really interesting to read a book where the characters were dealing with that weird situation of dating someone you’ve already dated.

Finally, the ending was lovely, though I wish it hadn’t come!


I have been worried lately that my advent calendar from Twinings was just going to repeat after Day 15, but today I had another new tea. It’s called Pure Rooibus Red Tea. I found that it got strong very quickly, but that it also had a slight green tea flavor to me. It is definitely a Tea I would have again.

Product Review:

Last night when I was supposed to be buying a hamburger patty, I bought a new brand of egggnog instead: Earth’s Own So Fresh Almond Nog. This may just beat So Delicious Coconut Nog as my new favourite eggnog as it has a stronger flavor:) Yum!!!


I also watched A Very Very Valentine tonight. I guess I really should be watching Christmas movies, but this was the next one I had taped. It was a cute movie, but I think my favourite part was identifying all the places I know. I’ve had tea at that bakery! I’ve ran that part of the sea wall! Maybe I am just too easily entertained🤣


When I was a child the only Christmas Eve tradition I remember is that we got to rent a movie and have pizza on this night. This was the only time all year that these two events occurred so it was a big deal!!! Nowadays I don’t really have any Christmas Eve traditions. I admit my mom and I have spent many Christmas eves finishing last minute crafty gifts, but these days I’m usually just sitting quietly at home reading. I hope you all have more exciting Christmas Eve plans than I do!

Well I’m off to bed early because I can😜

Have fun!



Today was amazingly better than yesterday.


We changed up Calendar a bit and had the special helper write the daily equations instead of me. It worked great so we’ll continue with it!

We also started a directed drawing activity of Santa, but didn’t manage to finish it because we had to go do a run through of our Christmas concert song. The music teacher is happy, but my co teacher and I think there’s still some work to do on this.

We also had the children tackle making their own pictograph today and they loved it! Except for starting to glue pictures from the top of the graph instead of the bottom they did pretty good. I realize that mistake is all me as I’m not sure I ever mentioned that!

The boys in my class were better today, even with another inside lunchtime. I realized as I talked with a parent that they are in such a hurry at all times and so wound up, that their bodies aren’t calm which is causing accidents. Today I provided many reminders to have a calm body and we actually got through the day with no accidents and a calmer classroom. I loved it!

Today was an early dismissal so I also had some time in my classroom to putter without children as I had no interviews.


I met up with Lyndsay for a tough workout tonight. I am still a little sore from my Tuesday workout so it was probably good to warm up and use my muscles again. I did the bike and then we did a ladder workout that included lunge hops, weighted jumping jacks, burpees, crunches and weighted squats. We went up the ladder and back down with cardio in between each. My legs felt like jelly on my run home so I guess it was a success🤣


My Twinings Tea Advent Calendar today had Earl Grey Tea in it which is a favourite of mine. I love this tea weak with nothing in it or strong with almond milk in it. It’s always a safe choice I think:)


I finished the school Bookclub book tonight which was The Losers Club by Andrew Clements. I have read a lot of this author’s books so I had high expectations for this book, and thankfully it didn’t disappoint:). The story is of a boy who is reads his way through life (yup I can relate😀), until he is told by his principal that he has to change his ways. This discussion coincides with him having to go to an after school program. He decides to start his own club where he can just read, and the story is of what he discovers about life from starting this club.

The characters were very realistic and interesting. I could totally picture them and being a teacher, they seemed very familiar. I liked how the fact that people aren’t just one way was emphasized.

I loved the message of the story- that words are words and every word you use labels in some way.

I also liked that the whole book concentrated on books and reading. Many books are mentioned and in fact, a book list is included. I recognized many of the books, and many of the reading habits and it made me want to read some of these books again.

I would highly recommend this book, both as a teacher read aloud, a class novel study or for boys and girls aged 8-11. It would inspire great discussions I think:)


The topic for Blogmas today is gift exchanges. My family actually don’t exchange gifts. This was difficult for me to get used to, but now I love it because I’m not running around like crazy trying to find something to give everyone. I always found that I was really just excited to give one or two gifts and the rest were just something for the person to open. I also love that I don’t start the new year in debt like a lot of my friends do. In addition, not having to spend all that time shopping also leaves me with more time to do actual Christmas events and projects with friends and family. This year I have actually done two Christmas events this year already and have plans for at leas twice more with friends, plus the Gingerbread house competition and light looking with my family. I love how not doing gifts had put the emphasis back on spending time together and enjoying the season!

Well, I’m up late and I’m pretty sure the children will be crazy again, so I’d better get to bed!

Have fun!



All day I felt like I was just dragging. It must be the time of the year as lots of other teachers were complaining of feeling this way too.


We made Christmas cards for seniors this morning and did a little bit more about pictographs for math. This afternoon we tackled a directed drawing of a poinsettia. My students are doing really well in the mornings but the afternoons are tough. Today was especially tough because we had an inside lunch:(

My day didn’t end great as one of my tough boys didn’t want to put on his boots because they were wet, so I left him in the classroom as I took the rest of the class out. I sent my co-teacher in to check on him as he hadn’t come out and he had hit his head:( ugh the first time in sixteen years I’ve left a kid alone and he hits his head☹️😫


I got invited by my co-teacher this morning to go shopping with her after school. I knew I should be heading home to run and clean the house, but I said yes. She got the gifts for her boys that she needed and I picked up some tea and chocolates to go with some friend gifts. It was nice to wander and have some non-work time!


It’s a good thing Knit night is at my house every other week as it forces me to tidy my place up. It doesn’t get super dirty, just cluttered.


The wind sounded horrible outside and I definitely didn’t want to go out in it! I texted Lyndsay and she had just started an at home workout so she sent it to me and that got me up and moving! I don’t know if I’ve just really been slacking or if these workouts were tough, but my legs were shaking by the end! I first did this sock workout and then I tackled this bosu workout. I definitely feel like I worked!


I have dug out three balls of horrible blue acrylic that has been in my stash forever and I have casted on for the Mosaic Coverlet which is a free pattern on Ravelry. I’m hoping this pattern will use them all up and then I will be able to delete them from my stash number. I didn’t want to make anything that would be against someone’s skin. I had never actually heard yarn squeak until I started with this stuff!


I watched Stranded in Paradise tonight. It is about an HR woman who ends up losing her job and going to a conference in Puerto Rico anyways. The conference is a flop and lots of tough stuff happens, but of course she finds the love of her life. It was a cute movie and has a good message about thinking of whether you are actually happy.


My tea today was cinnamon and orange spice. I really liked this tea and think it was perfect for Christmas time. It was reminiscent of those orange clove balls you can make and hang at Christmas time!

Well I’m off to bed in the hopes of not dragging tomorrow!

Have fun!


Quick Turn

After an amazingly wonderful morning, my students became different people in the afternoon:(


This morning we did a free choice journal that my students did awesome at! I was impressed with how much they were writing and how well they were writing. It was great to see them doing so well!

We started graphing after recess and then tackled Christmas in Mexico this afternoon. We learned that Christmas goes from December 12th to January 15th and that Santa brings presents on Christmas Eve, but the three wise men bring presents on January 6th. We learned that there are posadas leading up to Christmas where the front of houses are decorated and people move from house to house. They also break a piñata at the last house of the posada in Christmas Eve. I sure hope I got all the details right. I should write notes like my students do!


After leaving school quickly for a massage, I have spent the evening knitting. I did a new to me TinCan Knits pattern called Northward which is free on Ravelry. I love the fact that TinCan Knits include so many sizes in their patterns!

These are the two hats I have finished lately. I had planned on the teal one for me, but I think I’m going to put it in the Holiday Market pile for next year. It was an easy knit though and only took a couple of hours:)

I used Titan Bulky yarn by Mary Maxim. This was given to me and was quite bulky and I think the hat will be super warm with it:). It also got another skein out of my stash:) Unfortunately, I also broke my 6mm DPN needle. I think I now have a good excuse to hit Michael’s or maybe the LYS:)


I was hesitant about my advent tea today as Honeybush, Mandarin and Orange sounded quite exotic to me! It turned out to taste mainly of orange and was quite delicious. It wasn’t a really strong flavor, but was enjoyable:)


I have spent the evening watching Hallmark movies as I knitted. I watched Autumn Dreams which was very cute, except I was extremely distracted by the lead male’s unintentionally!

I also watched Walking the Dog which is set around Valentines Day. It was a cute movie with an interesting premise and characters.

Well, I’m off to bed!

Have fun!


Quality Time

It was a day filled with quality time:)


I started the day by finishing a toque in the three colours I had run into trouble with last night. I’m super happy with how it looks and it can either go to my niece or be ready for the holiday market next year. I’m sorry I don’t have a picture of it:(


I met up with my friend Sarah and Kula for a trail run.

We tried a new trail but ended up bushwhacking, so it was back to our usual trail but going the opposite direction. Thankfully I can rely on Kula’s sense of direction.

I got out later in the day for a fast 2.3km to finish off my Squad Runner mission. It felt great and I managed to avoid the huge puddles!


I grabbed some groceries in my way home and roasted some veggies. I did a whole tray of broccoli, onion, carrots, celery, and green pepper. It cooled down to lots less, but with the smoked tofu, it was enough to make four lunches for the week:)

Family Time:

This evening I have spent time with my nephew Gus and fur-nephew Banks. This is always a great for me! We went bowling and I beat him big time! I guess I’ve found the activity we will do every time🤣

He made up for it though because when we played Monopoly on his gaming system- he beat me badly!


I guess my birthday continues as my brother, sister in law and nephew got me a cute present. It definitely shows they know me!


I have watched a lot of movies today and it’s been great. I watched For Better or For Worse and really wasn’t impressed! I watched a bit of A few other ones, but haven’t finished them yet so I won’t talk about them.


My Twinings Tea Advent Calendar was Lady Gray tea. I really enjoyed the orange flavor of this and I’m wondering if it was the tea my grandma had regularly. I’ve been thinking about that tea lately and would love to have it more often. I’ll definitely be buying some Lady Gray Tea:)


Homemade Presents:

Each year I have made presents for my friends and colleagues. They are usually Christmas themed so that their apartments and houses can be filled with Christmas joy. I have made things such as cross-stitch ornaments, tree garlands, fingertip towels for their bathroom, dish towels and dishcloths and the mug cozies from last year. I have always loved spending time making the gifts and giving them! This year I didn’t manage to do that and it definitely feels weird. I plan to start in next year’s gifts when I’m visiting my parents so this doesn’t happen again!

Go check out the other Blogmas posts at Abbey’s, Mischenko, Teacher Turned Mommy, and Amber.

Well I’m going to keep enjoying my Hallmark movies:)

Have fun!


Change of Plans

Today didn’t go according to plan as I got into my jammies much earlier than I should have!


I got up early so that I’d have some time to knit. It was a lovely way to start the day- knitting and a Hallmark movie. It definitely made me want to stay home today!

I’ve been back to the knitting this evening and am coming close to running out of one colour if yarn. I just have to decide if I’m going to change colors or just end it and make it a kids cowl.


My students were just off today, especially my little autistic boy. I think I’d better just get used to this until the end of December.

We did some printing of the letter o, made our group points posters for the month and tackled Santa in Great Britain. My students were able to tell me at the end of the day that Santa is called Father Christmas. They hang stockings on their bed, go shopping on Boxing Day, stir the Christmas pudding clockwise while making a wish, and leave mince pies for Santa instead of cookies.

My students were definitely the best behaved during this time and worked well on creating a December wish list.

Tomorrow we are tackling Denmark and if anyone knows anything about Santa in Denmark, I’d love to hear it as we haven’t found much information on it.


I got out of work at a decent hour and figured I’d better get started on the 9km mission for tonight. I hedged my bets and used my walk home to start it off and then completed another 6.5km to finish it off. It did feel really great to get two good runs in on back to back days! I felt so active again:)


My Twinings Advent Calendar Tea today was a green tea with pomegranate, raspberry and strawberry in it. There are no artificial sweeteners listed on the package. The tea smelled wonderful, but was very light in taste. I steeped the second cup for longer, but it was still light. I also tried it with honey, but it didn’t make much difference. This was still a nice green tea, but not a strong tasting one. It might be good for people who don’t love green tea.


The topic today is annual ornaments. I was lucky as a little girl that every year my mom bought me a craft project that created a Christmas decoration for my future home. I think I had more decorations when I moved out that anyone else I know! It was a great gift as I was prepared in the future, but also had the fun of a craft on Christmas Day and often a new one to me at that too!

In my role as a teacher, I’ve had many students bring in their annual ornament for sharing. It seems that each year they are gifted an ornament that they keep in a bag labeled with the year, if the ornament doesn’t have the year on it. It seems like an awesome idea!

The final experience I have with annual ornaments is from work. Each of the past three years, the PAC at my school has put up a tree in the staffroom and created ornaments for the teachers. On the last day of school we get to take the ornament home. It is a very sweet present and I see they have already set up the tree this year:)

I was supposed to go to Chapters tonight for some final gifts, but after my run I put on my jammies and haven’t left my fireplace yet!🤣

Well my students wore me out and I’m super tired!

Have fun!



Ugh meetings at both ends of my day didn’t make great bookends for my day!


After trying to walk the dog and defrosting my vehicle, I made my way to work. I’m so glad that I don’t normally drive to work!

I had a meeting first thing this morning where I got to describe the strengths and stretches of my class. Meetings that don’t seem to have any real benefit drive me nuts. At least I said what I wanted to say so I have a clear conscience:)

We wrote about Santa this morning and then this afternoon we started our Santa Around the World journey. We learned about Brazil today and now know that:

Brazilian Santa is called Papai Noel. He wears a suit of silk and fills children’s shoes with small gifts and hides gifts around the house. It was super neat to see how interested and engaged the children were. Maybe it helped that I was also interested:)

After school I had a quick parent meeting and then a staff meeting that was incredibly boring! We had a speaker tell us about the district’s technology plan. Technology has its place for sure, but sometimes I think I’m providing the balance to my student’s world by concentrating on books!


Since I had my car I headed out after the meeting to Winners to see if I could find a certain gift I’m looking for. It was a bust, but maybe tomorrow will be better!


I headed out with the idea of getting 6.5km so that I could finish the Squad Runner mission in the morning, but I found a great route that let me do the full 8km. I found it I went a certain direction around a local complex, it was relatively flat. I might need to try doing five loops and see if I can get a PR for a 5km.


Today’s Twinings Tea Advent Calendar was French Vanilla Chai. The tea bag smelled great when I was taking it out of the package. It had a hint of sweetness that was great but not overpowering. I think it would be awesome with milk, but I forgot mine at my brother’s house:(


I have started another cowl using the leftovers from the last one. I hope it turns out as nice as the last one!


Hmm my winter must haves are mostly centered around trying to stay warm! Over the past few years I have been building my warm clothing and tonight I was just thinking how happy I am that I’ve stepped up and paid for some warm clothes. Many, many years ago I spent a few hundred dollars on a winter ski jacket. I had just started as a teacher and it was a lot of money! However that jacket has kept me warm for many years now and is still going strong. It has been joined by two down jackets, a down vest, and a big fluffy jacket for casual wear. I also invested in some silk long underwear that has saved me many times! My sub zero Sugoi running tights are a great addition as well for my outdoor pursuits.

I suppose the last of my winter essentials are my scarves, toques and mittens in multiple colours. I like to match so I just keep adding to the collection. In fact I just decided yesterday that I definitely need a toque in my favourite colour added to the collection!

I’m sure that there are probably a zillion other things I consider essentials, but this is what I could think of tonight. Please let me know what your essentials are and remind me of what I should have said!🤣

Check out Abbey, Mischenko, Teacher Turned Mommy, and Amber’s blogs for their ideas about Winter Must Haves!

Well I’m looking forward to my own bed tonight so that’s where I’m headed.

Have fun!


Couch Potato Status

My day was awesome, but I felt guilty for most of it🤣


My run this morning turned into a walk as no one else was running. This was a lovely walk because it was a gorgeous, sunny, cold morning, but it definitely didn’t balance my brunch out!

At least I finally got a bit of a run in this evening with the dog. I wasn’t sure if it was going to record as being fast enough to count with all the stopping and sniffing he was doing. Then at the end when I needed just two more minutes, he refused to budge. I ended up letting him into the house and doing the street one more time to finish up.


After letting the dog out, I ran home and finished my knitting project.

I am super happy with how it turned out! It’s the Everyone Likes Stripes Cowl, free on Ravelry.

I have a little bit of each of the colours left, plus a bit of a fourth colour, so I think I’ll try to make another scarf out of it.


I’ve spent the afternoon with a puppy dog on my lap watching Hallmark movies. All I can say is that it’s a really good thing that I don’t normally have cable!

The first movie I saw was Christmas in Graceland. It had Kellie Pickler in it and you could tell that the movie had been completely designed around allowing her to sing. The best part of this movie was the fact the lead actor was super cute!

The second movie was Christmas Joy. I enjoyed his movie and thought it was well done as I even cringed at the awkward moments🤣. I have to admit it was also very cool to see Hycroft house as the place where the “gala” was held when I was just there a couple of weeks ago.

Third up was the “Angel of Christmas”. The female lead seemed a little awkward, but the male lead is one of my Hallmark favorites:). The story was also quite unique- no widow with a single son in this one!

Ice Sculpture Christmas was back to a widower with a single daughter. It was neat to watch this movie as it takes place at Swan-e-Set golf course which is local to me and where my cousin got married. I always enjoy an opposites attract story and this one definitely was that! I just think they could have done a better job on the ending!


Today the Twinings Advent calendar had The Goodnight Blend which contains camomile and spearmint. When I opened the package it smelled very peppermint to me, but I suppose that’s the spearmint. I had my first cup early in the day and t was perhaps a little early as it was nice, but not what I needed at the time. I think it would be perfect just before bed though. It was quite refreshing and fresh.


The brunch was awesome as usual. We went to the Coquitlam Grill and I had my usual Sunriser Jumpstart.

I laughed when I was on the way out of the restaurant complaining of being way too stuffed and the owner said that that is the smallest dish on the menu 🤣

I also tried out Skip the Dishes tonight. It’s a popular program where I live where you can order from a local restaurant and someone brings it to you. I ordered from Freshii and it came right to my door. It worked great and I now have a healthy recess and lunch for tomorrow:)


Ugly Christmas Sweaters is the topic today. I have to admit that I’ve never worn an ugly Christmas sweater, however, I did get close! When I was young my grandma made me an outfit the included pants, shirt and bonnet that was in red, white and green stripes. I actually wore that outfit all day!!! That must count! These days I stick with wearing red and green clothes as much as possible at work during December and wearing my massive collection of Christmas earrings.

Well I have to go console a heartbroken puppy!

Have fun!



I started the week thinking I had a very quiet weekend, but today ended up being full.


I did manage to sleep in this morning and awoke to gorgeous sunshine, which was perfect for the hike I had planned with Sarah. It was slightly delayed as I got the chance to talk with my mom on the phone which immeasurably lifted my spirits:)

Sarah had said she had a new route for us to try today. I think it was a stream bed as we spent the entire hour walk in water!

This one at least had a plank walk over it!It actually became funny after a while! The hour spent in nature with a friend and cute pups was an awesome start to my day, though I am having a difficult time counting this as exercise.


I pulled out my little tree, but I really don’t want to have to pull out all my boxes of ornaments. They fit really tight under my bed, so it makes it tough to get them out!

I left this project and went to Brenda’s to knit. I am over 2/3 of the way through my current cowl, Everyone Likes Stripes Cowl on Ravelry. I am disappointed that it didn’t use up the entire ball of one colour:) I guess I’ll have to do a headband out of it too.


While we were knitting we watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I remember wanting to see this movie when I saw the trailer, but hadn’t. Well today I did and I loved it. The animals were adorable, the characters were interesting, and I loved how it was set in the 1940s . I think JK Rowling has such an amazing imagination! I can’t wait to see the next one in the series and I’m definitely going to need to find these books to read!

Blogmas/ Christmas Event:)

I am linking up with Abbey, Mischenko, and Amber for Blogmas this year. So please go check out their interesting insights as well:)

Today’s topic is Christmas Lights which is one I am very torn about. I really love houses that have all warm, white lights. They glow in the snow and are just so inviting and classy, however, the other side of me also loves those old multicolored lights! My grandma had them along the roof edge of her house and it is always so cheerful. I find I take a lot of pictures of both of these types of lights.

Christmas lights used to signal a fun night for me too! When I was in my late teens and early twenties there was a group of five girls who hung out together. To celebrate my birthday at the start of December, we would pick up Starbucks drinks and then drive around looking at Christmas lights. I remember these nights as a lot of fun, filled with oohs and ahhhs and a whole lot of giggling!

This evening I got to see Christmas lights in another way as I headed out with my friend Lyndsay and her son and nephew for a local Christmas event called Cheer at the Pier. IT WAS LIKE I WAS IN A HALLMARK MOVIE! You had the young cute mayor, train ride, hot chocolate and cookies for the kids, we counted down and then they turned the lights on along the pier. It was pretty cool. Not a huge event, but still nice to go see what it was all about. Lyndsay and I checked out the food trucks and Lyndsay had bulgagi steak fries which smelled amazing and I had arancino which is supposedly a Sicilian rice ball. I had it mixed with salmon, one with beef and one with vegetable medley. They tasted great but I don’t eat a lot of fried food so my tummy isn’t particularly happy with me. The first Christmas even was a success:)


Today I also got to start my Twinings Christmas Tea Advent Calendar. I have to admit I am biased as Twinings is one of my favourite tea companies. Today’s tea was English Breakfast and it was great. The tea bag was fresh and didn’t smell at all musty (I sometimes wonder how old tea bags are), and it brewed up two great cups of tea. This is the tea I always think of when I think of a “good cuppa”. The first cup was lightly brewed and yet still had a robust flavor and was greatly enjoyed. The second cup was stronger and I added soy milk and honey to it. I love that this tea is strong enough to handle having add-ins and yet you still get a tea flavor. This first day was great!

Well, I’m going to go enjoy my bed and tv along with knitting.

Have fun!


They’re Done!

I worked every extra second today and managed to submit my report cards this afternoon🎉🎊


My students were wired and crazy today and then I found out this afternoon that all the classes were like that! I thought we were done with the full moon!

We got through writing to Santa this morning. The children got to ask for one present and then ask Santa a question. They had some very interesting questions! Which makes your sleigh fly- the sleigh or the reindeer? Do you have children? How naughty are the elves? Etc.

We also started counting by 2s. It was a bit of a challenge for a lot of the kids, but we’ll get there.

This afternoon was a little crazy! While my class was at computers an EA came and got me as my friend Lyndsay’s class was without a teacher so I hung out with them for my prep. It turned out Lyndsay had to take her sick son home and called for a TOC, but at the same time our sub secretary went home sick and a new one came so no one knew Lyndsay had left and that no TOC had shown up.

See it was just one of those days!

After school I read report cards until my eyes were crossing and then finished up the prep to be able to start Santa Around the World next week. It was a late night, but hopefully it will help next week!

I do have to say that I have the most amazing co-teacher! I came into my classroom to plan to see a package sitting on my desk.

Last year we both had the David’s Tea advent calendar and weren’t really impressed for the price. I can’t wait to try this one out as Twinnings is one of my favourite brands. I had just been thinking today that I need to figure out an advent calendar for myself this year.


I got home and realized exactly how late it was when I immediately had to head out to Athletic Yoga. I swear that class was trying to kill me today. It probably didn’t help that all I could think was that I was hungry!


I still hadn’t had confirmation of my tickets to visit my parents so I called tonight and the lady said it was confirmed. I like confirmations!

I have to admit I’ve crawled into bed and turned on a Hallmark movie on. It will be lovely way to end the night!

Have fun!