Super Wired or Super Tired

The students were quite something to see today- either super wired or super tired!


Well at least I knew enough to plan a low key day for the day after Halloween. My students were firmly split between these two states- tired or wired!

We wrote about our Halloween, we began learning about skip counting and we finished our movie from yesterday. It seems like so little when I write it out☹️


As promised, here is a picture of my 22.5 Degrees scarf by Martina Behm.

It has not been blocked yet so I’m sure I could make the scallop look even better!


This evening, our usual Athletic Yoga teacher was away and the sub teacher did a more traditional yoga class. It felt so great to have a good stretch. I’m just feeling guilty because it didn’t really feel like exercise.


I’m trying a lemon lavender tea today from Tea Forte. It is not bad, though I do like the fact that the lemon is stronger than the lavender. It is a very light tea so refreshing more than fortifying.


I live a pretty healthy lifestyle, but a couple of pounds have krept on and my exercise isn’t as regular as I would like, so I have joined a friend in her Clean November Challenge. For me this challenge is going to include exercising every day in November, eating only what I plan to eat (yes at times this will include restaurant meals- but it will be a salad or an appetizer), and no alcohol. It’s funny because my friend says the no alcohol will be the most difficult for her as she likes her glass of wine at night. For me, no alcohol will be the easiest as I don’t drink that often, but eating only what I plan to will be the most difficult. I eat very healthy, but often more than what I need to.

Day one is done and I was almost perfect. Three chips entered my mouth at kids book club before I remembered myself. I’m not going to beat myself up over three chips as I managed to resist all the chocolate and candy in the staffroom at both recess and lunch, and am going to call today a success.

1 down, 29 to go:)

Well, I’m off to read my book.

Have fun!


T-1 Day!

I am almost there. I am almost there. I am almost there. My mantra for the day!


I came into the office this morning to see the most amazing sight!

One of our on-site daycares has made this sign for our retiring secretary. Some people are just so creative!!!

I started the day by putting report cards into backpacks. It was my one job that I had to accomplish today and so I decided to make sure it got done first!

We then put all the grade one students together to create yearbooks. They really seemed to love going around and getting everyone’s “signature”. It was pretty cute to see a few of them try to handwrite!

We had our farewell assembly where we said goodbye to students and teachers leaving. Which was followed up by lunch where we gave gifts to the staff leaving. It’s at moments like this that I appreciate not crying easily as otherwise I would have been a wreck!!!! Sometimes I do wish I got to decide who goes and who stays😜😜

This afternoon we put the grade 1-3 students together in the library for a movie and we all started to tackle our classrooms! I don’t feel like I got much done, so tomorrow better be more productive!! I think the problem was that I was dressed nicely!

I did get spoiled with a gift from my class today.

This all came in a gorgeous tote bag along with a Visa gift card. I love visa gift cards as I have fun “spending” them before I spend them while I try to figure out what to buy:). I have to admit I love the shirt that Lyndsay included in my gift!!! I love her style- her peanut butter might be safe from me, but her wardrobe isn’t! I can see me getting a lot of use out of this shirt!!!

A few weeks ago I gave my co teacher a new water bottle that I saw that screamed her name to me. She reciprocated with a lovely gift!

This also came with handcream that smells divine and that I have been enjoying since I got. I just have to decide if I’m going to leave it at work or bring it home for the summer.


I ran home after school and went quickly over to city hall. I dropped off my library books and my taxes stuff! It’s not due untitled July 4th, but I so dislike having that type of thing hanging over my head. It was like a quarter of my brain was being used constantly to try and remember not to forget to do that errand. Easier to just do it!


I had organized a dinner with five of the women from work that I enjoy spending time with. (I found out organizing events is not my strength!!!). We decided on the patio of a local pub as it would not be as loud as inside and shared a ton of appetizers and some pitchers of sangria. It was the perfect ending to the day!! I’m not sure I’ve laughed that hard in a long time. It really does make a difference going to work with friends!!

We were so cold after our patio time that we had to stop three doors down at the coffee shop to get tea to warm up!!

I just want to know why my chai latte with almond milk ( my favorite milk substitute as it really seems to suit chai) is so plain compared to their fancy coffees??? Is tea being discriminated against at this coffee shop? 😜🤪🤣

Two of the ladies made a stop to pick up some dessert to go with the hot beverages and this was the perfect ending to a fun evening!


I came home and got busy again on my baby tee. I am finally past the chest and onto the body! I guess the third time really is the charm:). Hopefully I will finish tomorrow because I am going to be so productive all day tomorrow!!!

On that note, I better get some sleep so that comes true!

Have fun!


A Good Plan

Just a normal day!


I finally had to ask my students today what would make them realize their behavior was inappropriate. We have come to the conclusion that three ticks after your name on the board and you have a detention. I’m hoping we don’t get to that as it’s also a detention for the teacher!!

We wrapped our Father’s Day gifts today. It was neat to teach the children such a simple, but necessary skill as wrapping a present. Most of them did well:)

We also practiced identifying the problem and solution in “The Three Bears”. They liked the puppet and storybook from my childhood better than the activity🤣

We also wrote about meeting our penpals yesterday.

All in all, an okay day:)

Oh and it ended with a lovely present of a box of tea from my student who’s last day is tomorrow. It was a lovely gesture and it has Lady Gray tea in it which I’ve been wanting to try!


We had our last school Bookclub for the year after school. It was all boys! I’m thinking I should go around and talk to the grade two, three and four students and if they still remember in September, we can assume they’re interested in more than just the chips.


We can’t work out after school tomorrow so Lyndsay and I went over and did the stairs on the crunch four times. I have never done that before and I just realized that 437 times four means I did 1748 stairs, and then ran back to school up the hill! No wonder my legs were shakey!!! Lol I do a lot more with a buddy:)


I have to admit I caved and watched a Hallmark movie before I came home tonight.

It was a nice movie. The girl left the boy to follow her dreams in LA. She comes home and they meet again. It’s the usual story, but I really liked the main actor and the secondary story was cute too. Definitely a happy movie and worth watching if you like Hallmark movies.


I’m almost done

But I think I’ll go finish it off in a hot bath.

Have fun!


Rain, Rain, Go Away!

I swear I had better grow webbed feet to survive around here lately, and the rain is supposed to be here all weekend:(


The mission is for 21km this weekend so I figured I’d better get out there this morning. Physically I was fine, but mentally I had decided to just go to the tree turnaround and I didn’t make it very far past that:( I’m a little disappointed that I let myself do that😖.

Hopefully I made up for it this afternoon at my workout with Lyndsay. I added a little mileage on our treadmill run (5.3km done so far) and then we headed to the floor. For some reason both of us found the floor work long and not fun today. One set of weights felt too light but the next set up felt way too heavy. Just call me Goldilocks😂. We did shoulder press, hip dips, squat & press, reverse crunches, reverse flies and push ups. See mom- lots for my arms! The steam was the best part of the workout today, and the guy at the start who said we looked like we knew what we were doing😂. Lyndsay does, I just do what I’m told!


My students got lucky and got screen time today, more than I had planned. I had found the Jolly Postman read online and wanted to show them that as part of our letter writing unit. They got to do three Go Noodle exercises and they got a video on how to measure with non standard units and the requirements for them. They were super happy, but I felt like it was a teacher fail day:(. We did at least do some silent reading, planners, tennis, McCracken spelling practice and a sheet about Earth Day!

I had one little guy who just couldn’t settle this morning! When I finally sent him to the hall to take some deep breaths and calm down and got to ask him why, “I just can’t wait to run my laps and get my 10km ribbon after school Miss B! It’s all I can think of and my body can’t stay still!” Lol well at least he’s starting with a healthy lifestyle😂


I finished off the Apple Cider tea today and happily got another package out of the tea cupboard!!!


I finished my square for the week 48 hours early:)


I should have two reviews for you this week as I’m making good progress on both my classic and my Bookclub book. Too bad, I still have quite the stack and list of books I need to get read! So much pressure!!!


I wasn’t allowed to touch it until my rug square was done and even then I need to fix the afghan before I can work on my tabard. Does anyone else make rules for or deals with themself???? Maybe I’m just weird in one more way😂


I don’t know how I got so far behind. I’ve been busy reading posts, but haven’t commented much as I just need to get caught up! Just know I’ve read it even if I didn’t comment:)


I got a text today, “How you been? Still single?” Who sends that???? Maybe I took it wrong, but it seems rude! It doesn’t help that I’ve obviously deleted this guy from my contacts as I have no idea who sent it!

Well I have nothing more to say and am going back to my rug.

Have fun!


Two For the Price of One

Knit night must do me in as I came straight home to bed last night. I’ll try to tell you all about yesterday and today in one post:)


Yesterday I skipped running so my legs could rest, but still got Lyndsay’s boot camp in. It didn’t seem bad as I was doing it, though I seemed to lose energy the last three stations:(

We did:

wall balls/ wall sits

Band plank leg lifts/ run

Burpees/ pulse squats

Banded v sits/ push-ups

Toe reaches/ plank

Speed skaters/ walking lunges

Banded squat&walk/ band lay pulldowns

Dips/ skipping

I definitely felt this workout this morning when I got up for my run!!! My mission today was just a thirty minute run and I’ve learned the hard way that I can’t put it off until after school! It was just my regular route and pretty close to my regular speed, but I got to go on the path and through the park which was a nice change from the loud sidewalk!!!

Tonight I also got to a power yoga class. I’ve been wanting to get back into the habit of taking a yoga class regularly as I used to do it three times a week. This class wasn’t exactly what I was looking for, but it at least broke the ice for me. I have found my rec pass, have gone through the system once to review how it’s all done so hopefully I’m good to go for a hatha yoga class on Monday!


It’s been a busy two days. We had tennis both days. I don’t think it has improved, but the children aren’t complaining. I guess I’ll find out what they think on Monday when we write about it. We also got outside today to pick up trash. However, we also sorted the trash into recycling, garbage and compost so we could see what kind of trash was being left on the ground at school. My co teacher also managed to tie in our helping the earth and the earth helping us🤣

I have been pretty productive on my other jobs at work too- the assembly script has been written and distributed to the MCs to learn, the relay teams have been made, medical claim has been submitted, and now I’ll start on the Track Attack schedule and package. Sometimes I really don’t love this time of year! It’s just too busy or else I need to learn how to say no!


Both days I have had the David’s Tea Apple Cider. It is quite nice, though I might try it with a hint of sweetener in it:)


Last night I had knit night at Brenda’s. I managed to roll two skeins of yarn and started on my tabard. I’ve ended up just making the pattern up as I go along, but hopefully it will work out!

Movie Review:

Brenda had recorded the movie Pan (2015 version), is we decided to watch that. I have to say that that has to be the weirdest version of Peter Pan I have ever seen! We kept watching it as we expected it to get better, but it is definitely not one I would recommend. The only positive thing I can say is that he actors have amazing eyes and it has a happy ending.


I am staying up to date on the rug and am over halfway through my square for this week! Good thing as I probably won’t have time to work on it this weekend:(


I’m about halfway through The Keeper of Lost Things now and am still enjoying it, but I better speed up as Bookclub is Sunday!😳

I’ve also been working my way through my LibriVox read while working on my rug. I’ve been enjoying the story and the narrator, just not the recording:(


I have a few tags to catch up on and a fantastic bake along post to do so I will attempt to get those done in my spare moments tomorrow or the tags may need to wait until next week.

Unfortunately, I don’t think I have anything else to report so I’ll go back to my rug.

Have fun!


What is that in the sky?

Today we finally got sunshine and boy was it lovely to enjoy and definitely brightened up the day!


I got up this morning and had to hustle out for my run as I was triple boosted, but only for another 29 minutes. That sure got me out the door! It was the first day where I saw three other runners out, I guess Spring really is here! My run was okay, but I got downright slow by the end so nothing like yesterday’s. It’s done though 😄

This evening I got off the couch to do a workout. I was going to do an L workout, but I just came across a Kayla Itsine’s workout on Facebook right as I was starting. I have read a few bloggers who are following her so decided to try it out. I had to do weighted step ups, curl and press, reverse curls with leg raises, scissor legs, rows, and prone jack-knives. It was 20 reps and three rounds of each. It was okay, but I think I would have liked more exercises and fewer reps as it got a little boring. My abs did feel like they got a workout though which was good:)

With all the extra running I’ve been doing and the workouts, I really depend on rolling, stretching and Epsom salts baths to help keep me moving. Without these things and biweekly massages, I quickly become the tin man before the oil or as I call myself, a rusty robot!

My brother and sister in law bought me a new roller for my birthday last year and I have to admit that I am loving it! I have had several different rollers and have to admit that with many of them, the rolling stopped because I disliked them so much! Not so with this one! I roll all the time now:). This roller is called “The Stick” and it feels great, is easy to use, and really seems to help!

I have this red one, though I see on their website that there are others available too.

I like this so much I’m going to go buy my brother one for his birthday before I visit them:)


Well we had tears today:( The little girl spent a half hour after our tennis lesson in the coat room crying and refusing to talk to anyone. A student who speaks the same language as her said all she was saying was “I forgot cat”. 🤔🤔. It wasn’t until two hours later when I walked by a cat headband on the bench in the hallway that I realized she was crying because she forgot her cat headband in the gym. We practiced this afternoon how to ask to go to the gym, and also how to play charades!

We had our first tennis lesson today and I have to say I wasn’t impressed. The instructor is very difficult to understand and it wasn’t that exciting- all they got to do was try to hold the foam tennis ball on the sweet spot of the racket. Hmmm, I guess we’ll see how tomorrow goes.

We finished up our social studies early today so we could go outside and play because it was so beautiful!


I had David’s Tea Organic Gogi Green today and have to say it’s not my favorite. It was much more exciting to actually finish a container of tea today and get to discard one container out of the tea cupboard🎊🎉. Pretty soon maybe the glasses and mugs will fit back in😂


I got my half hour done this morning, but have also been working on this project this evening because I have a busy weekend and won’t have extra time to finish a square then:(


I am avoiding the Afghan right now- it’s in detention as I messed up on the Right twists and left twists and so need to rip out a few rows and redo them, again:(.

I finally found a picture of the tabard I want (at least the upper portion). Of course, the website didn’t seem to have the pattern:(

I guess I’m going to have to just make it up as I go along:(


As I work on the rug I have been listening to Around the World in 80 Days by Jules Verne. The narrator I’m listening to is good, but the buzz of his recording device is driving me crazy!!! I’ve gotten to chapter 17 though so I’m almost halfway:)

I have also managed to make it to chapter 14 of my book club book, The Keeper of Lost Things. It has 51 chapters that I need to finish by Sunday, but it seems to read fast so far and I have been enjoying it:)

Back to reading for me!

Have fun!AJ

What a Day!

I woke up this morning and as I thought of what was planned, all I wanted to do was go back to bed!


I started the day with running club at school. It wasn’t exercise for me, but a lot of encouraging exercise in students. We are training for a relay race that will happen on the 19th of this month. It went okay, but I knew it would be tough as they got their teams today and not everyone was on the team they would want to be.

I got to my exercise later this evening. I admit I was a little worried by the sore knee as my knees are trashed from being hit by the SUV so I thought I would try today, but any problems I would just stop. Unfortunately, I missed the Monday mission as I forgot about the time difference again:(.

I headed out in capris and a fleece!!! It’s the first time this year I’ve gotten to wear that little and between not being bundled up, running in daylight and sunshine, and having new shoes, I had an amazing run!!! I came home to see that it was my fastest 5km time ever and I felt like I could have kept going!


Another great day with my students! I wonder if they have truly grown up or if they’re just happy Spring is here too? Don’t get me wrong, I still have my little guy who acts like he’s four, but overall I’m enjoying my days with my class more.

We did a poem in our journal today about what students like to do in rain and don’t like to do. It was hilarious! One little girl started with, “In the rain I like to sit by the fireplace and sip hot chocolate.” Well at least I know I’ve had some influence on them😂

I did manage to grab a picture of or cherry blossom art from Friday after I got it put up in a spare moment this morning🤣

Nothing all that exciting today, through we were busy and I was even busier as I had running club before school, supervision at recess, an assembly meeting at lunch and then a staff meeting after school. Ugh😞


A few days ago I had seen Swell water bottles at Costco and have been thinking about them. I talked to some colleagues who said their water was still cold at the end of the day! That sold me as I seem to drink yucky lukewarm water every day:(. I decided to head to Costco after work and grab one for me and one for my sister in law who just had a birthday. My mom always told me to buy people the fancy version of simple things as you never spend the money on those yourself. I hope she’ll like it and I’ll definitely be trying mine out tomorrow!


I had to get busy in the kitchen for a baking project that was on a timeline. It was so funny! I was missing coconut milk for the recipe and it took me about an hour and a half to get up and go to the grocery store and it only took me 11 minutes to walk over, get the milk, and walk home. I wonder how much time I waste every day procrastinating?


I had David’s Tea: Live Wire Lemon today and I have to say, I really didn’t like it!! I tried a few different sips throughout the day, but yuck! I did however find this tea in the cupboard at work and it was amazing!!! This is the second Trader Joe’s tea I’ve liked. I’m definitely going to need to visit that store one day!


I did the requisite 30 minutes this morning:)


I am being good and am reading my book club book. It’s going well so far, but I’d better go read as I have to do another four chapters tonight before bed.

Have fun!


Seems Long:)

I always love it when I get to stay home on a weekend day as it makes the day feel so much longer:)


I got up for my usual Sunday morning run. I knew that since we were going for a birthday breakfast afterwards, I wouldn’t get away with doing anything more than just one loop, however, I did manage to extend that loop slightly 😂. I had forgotten my headphones so had a peaceful and quite nice 5.75km run around the river. I didn’t worry about pace, timing or anything else and it was lovely. My knee was talking though:(. It might be all the mileage I put on it this weekend, but I’m going to blame it on being overdue for new shoes instead😂


It was nice to actually sit down with my running buddies and have a conversation. I learned lots of what was happening in everyone’s life and enjoyed this yummy meal!

Thankfully I don’t eat like this everyday!


After stretching and rolling I took care of getting myself some new running shoes. This is a quick process for me as I’ve been wearing the same shoes for several years now, all that changes is the coloring:)


I had forgotten to tell you about the Tazo Glazed Lemon Loaf tea I’ve been enjoying. I have been loving this tea and so has my company. If you get the chance, this is a tea I would buy:)


I had an interesting list for today and the first item was to finish my book. I have been reading Too Scot To Handle by Grace Burrowes.

I had chosen this book in my quest to finish some of the series that I have already started. This book tells the story of Anwen Wyndham and Colin MacHugh. Anwen was a sickly child and her family continues to treat her with kid gloves and restrict her life. She appears to be a quiet, abiding lady. Colin is an upstart Scot who has just become heir to a dukedom. He, thankfully sees beyond Anwen’s outward appearance to her steel core. The two of them take on the task of saving her pet charity.

I really liked the characterization in this book. The characters are fully developed, funny and realistic. They do things you like and things you don’t. The supporting characters of the Wyndham family are as wonderful as ever. I also liked how the problem in this book isn’t a typical romance problem of does he love me, or a misunderstanding, but rather something outside of the couple. Grace Burrowes has done an awesome job on her characters as I disliked one of the characters so much from the start that I almost stopped reading, though I’m glad I didn’t!

The next item on my list was finishing my rug square for the week so I listened to some more of Around the World in 80 Days on LibriVox as I did that:)


I can’t say I got much done around the house this weekend- laundry, sinks bleached, a couple of cabinet doors wiped down, etc. However, I did manage to do some cooking. My fridge is way too full so I’m trying not to grocery shop this week. I try this about once a month to clear out my fridge and cupboards a bit, plus I eat healthier when I have less choice!

I somehow managed to end up with two open jars of pesto. When I mentioned this to Lyndsay she said she had the perfect recipe for me. I have it a shot today and it is very yummy! (Sorry I don’t have a picture but I’m not great at making food look pretty). It was super easy! I spiralized two small zucchini and cooked it up with some garlic and cherry tomatoes . At the same time I cooked up some chicken. At the end, I cut up the chicken and put it in with the tomatoes and chicken and then stirred in two tablespoons (about, as I just finished the jar off) of pesto. It was wonderful and took about ten minutes to make:)


I finished my square for the week!🎊🎉. It took longer than expected, but at least it means I am still on schedule two weeks in:) We’ll see if I can keep it up for a third week as I often don’t have as quiet of weekends as I have had this weekend. This finished square does make me 1/3 done the rug though:)


I’ve been intrigued for a while by Chris who keeps a running total of her yarn skeins and fabric yards. Thankfully my mom and I already downsized the fabric stash, but today I decided to start counting skeins. It was scary!!! In my living room, not the principal storage spot for my yarn, I have 126 skeins! This includes partial skeins too which were counted as one just for simplicity’s sake. I’m almost afraid to go into my spare room or under my bed where the majority of my yarn is stored! I did finally get through the entire place counting my skeins, but it’s an incredibly scary number! All I can console myself with is the fact that many balls are very small and most of it has been given to me. I feel like I need to knit really fast and use up some of this yarn!!!

I spent most of tonight looking for a pattern for a tabard. My aunt had given me yarn and buttons for boot socks, but they will be way too big for me, so I’ve decided on a tabard instead. Of course, in my head it looks like the one I had as a girl- but toned shoulders, open sides, but that seems to be difficult to find:(


Well I’m off to bed to read:)

Have fun!AJ


The sunshine came out and brightened everything:)


I had an awesome day at work today and I’m surprised I can say that! My student who cried for the first two months of school and then left for five months, returned today. I was braced for the worst, but excepting a couple of minutes at the start of math, there were no problems. Now knock on wood that that continues!

We started the day with art which is out of the ordinary but we were making cherry blossoms and needed the branches to dry. I’ve done cherry blossom art most years, but this was a new way for me. A similar approach can be found Here. I was really worried as I was pouring a puddle of paint on my student’s papers and having them blow the branches through straws, but amazingly there was not one mess made and they were totally engaged. Later this afternoon we did tissue paper blossoms. The branches went better than the blossoms, but oh well😂

We also measured parts of our bodies to make a mini book today. Students used cubes to measure their hands, feet, legs, arms, head and smile. I let the students choose their partners and they were so well behaved. Another great surprise!


I was planning to run before my workout with Lyndsay today to do my mission of 50 minutes, but I learned that missions change at 3pm here on the West Coast:( I was hoping my treadmill time would work for the weekend mission but it didn’t:(. Not great surprises, but at least now I know.

Lyndsay and I alternated intervals on the rowing machine and the treadmill and the person who wasn’t doing those things had to do strength moves on the floor. I really noticed that my leg muscles seemed much weaker today than they were two weeks ago! We had to do sumo squats, chest flies, sit ups, jump squats, Russian twists, and punches. I am definitely going to feel that tomorrow. It was nice to get back to routine though!!!

Grrrr! My running buddy just cancelled on me for the morning:( If I had known earlier I would have gone out and got a start on my 20km in the sunshine! Now I’ll have to do extra mileage in the rain tomorrow😏😣


I’m sorry I forgot to mention my tea yesterday. It was another good one. I am working my way through a Valentines Set I was given and I’m wondering if the teas are sweeter? Yesterday I had Organic Buchu Superfruit by David’s Tea. I have no idea what it is, but surprisingly, I enjoyed it all day:)

Today I had Goji Pop. I have to say this one was okay, but I’m not sure I would actually buy it for myself.


A taco really hit the spot tonight. I love the fact that I found this Soya cheddar cheese that will grate and melt. I also splurged on Tostitos Mango Salsa which is just so yummy!


I have redone my afghan rows and am now back to where I was without mistakes. I’d better leave off while I’m ahead!


I did my full half hour this morning, but might tackle a bit more tonight:). Someone had suggested a picture but because the design is a grid of alphabet I can tell you I was at the square before I when I began this concentrated effort.


I am enjoying another Wyndham family story by Grace Burrowes, though I really need to get to my book club book as that is next week. Oh well, maybe I’ll start alternating chapters in each book.

Have fun!


Another Day

It seemed to be just another day- nothing bad, nothing amazing:). I won’t complain as you all know what happens when you complain about normal days😂


After a night of tossing and turning (for no good reason) I was not super happy to hear my alarm going at 6am for my run. It was the last run I needed for my mission, so I knew I had to get up. I got it done, but yet again, not the best run of my life.  I spent the whole time thinking about how I was running. My RMT said yesterday to try my best to run with my butt and not let myself become a hip flexor reliant runner.  Of course, now I can’t take a step without being worried that I’m leading with my hip flexor:(    Who knew running could be so comlicated????

After school, it was back to routine, so I did Lyndsay’s bootcamp:) We did:

glider leg curls/ glider push-up and knee tucks

kneeling roll outs/ skipping/ high knees

bridge tricep extensions/ bridge chest fly

goblet side squat

pulse hops/ inchworm push-ups and squats

bench hop overs/ front band raises

v ups/ leopard walks

squat and walk/ squat and side leg raise

I am going to feel each and everyone of those tomorrow. I think the front band raise was the most difficult even though it sounds the simplest. Put a band around your wrists (small band) spread arms until there is tension and then raise and lower to shoulder height. Ouch!


I got 23 minutes done on my rug before I headed off to school. It didn’t seem to make much progress, but I just keep telling myself that anything is better than nothing!


Today was a busy day. We had workout Wednesday this morning and a different teacher was leading it and it was a killer workout! My abs will need a day to recover!!!

We started talking about letter writing, but the book I showed them online was too long so we didn’t get to any actual writing. Dear Mrs. LaRue by Mark Teague is a super cute introduction to letter writing though!!!  We need to et going on this because we will be having penpals for this term:)

We started measurement as well which the children were all over trying to find objects that were shorter, the same height and longer than a popsicle stick!  It’s amazing what engages the children.

Definitely the neatest thing for me today was the sharing. For the month of April, we ask students to share a book that they can read to the class. Today we had two students share. They did so well!  It always makes me so happy to see their reading progress:)


Today’s tea was David’s Tea Organic Blueberry Jam. When I walked into my classroom and took the lid off, it definitely smelled like blueberry jam. I have enjoyed the tea all day and the second thermos full was even better. This is definitely a winner in my book:)


I had a date tonight. He seemed like a nice guy. I don’t know if I’ll hear from him again, but I’d be willing to have a second date if I do. He paid for tea without hesitating and had a sense of humor:)

Well, I’m off to bed so I can be patient and kind tomorrow😂

Have fun!