T-2 Days

I fully believe we are all capable of more than what we think:)


Wow my students were squirrelly today! We had workout Wednesday, watched grade two reader’s theatre performances, emptied all of our desks and extra supplies and then watched the movie form of Charlotte’s Web as we finished the book yesterday. I actually had to stop the movie twice to talk about behavior!!! Grrrr😖

Even with all of this, I had a better day than the kindergarten teacher who had a student fall on the playground and break her arm. We learned the teacher is squeamish. Thankfully there’s always chocolate around!

I did get another gift today that I loved! The mom was telling me that her son insisted on this gift!

It really is perfect as I say this to the children often! I’ll be keeping this mug🤪


I had boot camp with Lyndsay today and boy was it a good workout! We did one minute of cardio- frog jumps and hops, then moved onto our tabata.

Medicine ball single leg deadlift with hop

Banded plank in/outs- banded iso squat with lateral raises

Bench single leg lunges

Banded iso squat with tiptoe abductor squeeze- banded jump squat

Iso v sit with rows- mountain climbers

Stability ball hamstring curls- stability ball hip bridges

Burpees -swings

Overhead tricep extension – reverse fly

Galway through we stopped for another minute to do more cardio, but I got mine running back and forth to my classroom twice. I had forgotten the gift we had gotten Lyndsay for doing this for us- pedicure, wine and baileys.

When I got home, I got an alert that my mission today was 6km for 200 points! I figured I would walk it, but then figured out I had to run a bit because I had Knit night. I told myself I just had to run ten minutes, but amazingly I ended up running the whole thing. The human body really is capable of so much more than we allow it!

I stretched and rolled lots in the hopes of not being sore tomorrow!


I just took the yellow baby tee project to work on. I once again got halfway through and realized I had a hole where there shouldn’t be one. I am now on my third tome starting this project:(

Brenda was showing me the projects she has finished lately and they are gorgeous!!! I also got to see her stash which I have been very curious about! It’s a nice, reasonable size, not overwhelming and she could put a good dent in it by knit city in September:)

I am absolutely exhausted and so am off to bed!

Have fun!