My day was going along just fine until I finished lunch!


This was the big excitement at work today- a new floor in the staff room. $6,000 for a new floor that no one particularly wanted, but there’s no library budget this year:( It’s tough to work with people who don’t have the same priorities as you do!

We did journals this morning. The children had the choice between writing about their weekend and writing about what they would do if they were a penguin. It was pretty cute and showed that some of them have learned a lot!

We did a review of expanded form in math as during the assessment a few of them had problems. It appears only when I’m assessing them as they did wonderfully well today. Maybe being able to write on the board was the magic they needed.

My soup blew up in the microwave at lunch so after cleaning the microwave I only had about a half cup left. My friend Lyndsay came to my rescue with celery and hummus. It was the same hummus I had yesterday so I don’t know why I got so sick after lunch. I couldn’t even draw a full breath because of the pain and I considered coming home early. I just can’t figure it out which drives me crazy!!! I’ve been living on ginger ale all evening.

This afternoon we did a penguin science experiment. We are learning about the three layers penguins have- skin/feathers, trapped air and blubber. Today we coated one of the hands of each child and then they put both hands in cold water. They discovered the hand with petroleum jelly was warmer and the water beaded on that hand. The kids loved it and for such a simple experiment, they will remember it:)


I came home right away after school and stared on my ginger ale diet! I read at the same time and finished my newest book, The Ingredients Of Love. It was a very interesting book because of the premise. This woman reads a books that features her and her restaurant in it. She of course wants to meet the author as she has questions, but there’s a mystery there. It’s chick lit, but very enjoyable!


My running buddy was up for a run tonight so I went out with her, but kept it short. We did an easy warm up, then one big hill and three short hills. It wasn’t much, but at least something.

I am on to my newest book from the library, The Hating Game. I’m liking it so far! Oh and if you haven’t heard of it, I highly recommend the Libby app as anyone in Canada or the US can take books out of libraries on this app! It’s awesome!

Have fun!