Not Quiet As Planned

I had thought to have a quiet day at home, but it definitely didn’t end up being that!


For the first time this entire holiday, I slept in! Of course, this meant I had to hit the ground running to get my 6km in before all the obligations of the day started. My run was slightly better than yesterday and I came in just under a 7min/km average. I definitely need to be doing some longer runs though so my body doesn’t get used to just doing 3-4km!!!

I also got my 200 squats and 100 crunches done this afternoon:)


I spent the day socializing! I headed out to Costco for gas this morning, but once again the lineup was too long so I went straight to meet my colleague for coffee (and to give her the kids Bookclub book). It was a lovely catch-up as she’s been off recovering from surgery for 7 weeks. We tried our best not to talk about work!


From there I grabbed gas and then hit the knitting store. The owner was back from the Edinburgh Fibre Festival and was super helpful. I had been trying to avoid a solid colour for the tank because the front and back are quite plain, but she pointed out that the lace on the bottom and back would show up much better in a solid. I went with Cascade Heritage in the colour Anis. I tried to break out of my comfort zone with lavender, but just couldn’t do it. I have spent the evening restarting with the blue and it’s going well, except I just got to a mistake, so have to wait for an answer back before moving on.


From the yarn store I headed up to visit my friend Anna and her two little boys. I am so happy to have Anna back in town as she is definitely the friend I see the most! I try to get their regularly so she gets some adult interaction! Her boys are so adorable- 2.5 and 1.2 and so smart! Sammy, the younger was obsessed with the skid steer that was fixing the field by the playground. I don’t think he said anything but the word “digger” for over an hour.

He is also quite good about helping to clean up🤣 Of course he made the mess in the first place with his big brother!

After coming home, I met up with my friend Corianne at the library because she had a copy of the kids Bookclub book. I had to return my colleague’s copy even though I hadn’t finished it, though I have managed to finish it this evening.

The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street by Karina Yan Glaser was a lovely read. It’s about a family that is being evicted at the end of the year, which is in just a few days. The five children come up with ways to try and convince their landlord to let them stay. While most of these are failures, they learn a lot about friendship and human nature along the way. I loved the camaraderie in this book. It paints the picture of a lovely neighborhood with amazing social relationships. I think that boys and girls of age 9-11 would enjoy this book. It could also be a fun read aloud for a class.

Well that’s it for me. Being a social butterfly has worn me out so I’m off to bed!

Have fun!