Travel is Tiring

I remember thinking my parents and grandparents were odd for being tired when we had done nothing but travel to a new place. I so get it now! I’m exhausted from a day of traveling.

We got up and moving quickly this morning and made the drive to Gibsons. We grabbed coffee and a sweet and then wandered the streets. Unfortunately we learned that lots of stores and restaurants are closed on Wednesdays in this town, including our favourite ones:(

A cool rooftop in this seaside town.

We ended up grabbing lunch at the same place we went to last year. I had a Mediterranean tuna sandwich. While I have not gotten outright sick, my stomach is definitely not happy with all this eating out. I’ll be happy to get back to my more normal eating tomorrow.

It took us no time to get to the ferry terminal, but unfortunately the ferry was a half hour late. We did finally get on and I was happy to discover they had oat milk so I could have a cup of tea.

The drive home was interminable as traffic was barely moving:(. We did finally make it.

I was very happy to see my house. I checked the mail, but there was no happy mail. I got the heel done on the sock I have been working on and then re-did the start of the brioche cowl I was working on before I left. I didn’t realize that I had twisted the cast on:(

It has been a quiet afternoon in front of the fan, but that was quite enjoyable.

I did make myself do a workout as I feel like all we’ve done is eat for the past four days and I must be at least ten pounds heavier than when I left on Sunday! The workout was a NourishMoveLove and I was dripping with sweat so we will call it a success!

I’m off to sleep in my own bed, oh so happily!

Have fun!


Boxing Day

Definitely not my typical Boxing Day- no parties and no shopping.


The day came early at 4:30am and I was at the airport for 6:10am. I had quite the wait, but spent it catching up on the reader and making my photos smaller in the hopes of freeing up space for more photos.

I did finally arrive in Phoenix this afternoon. All was good until I discovered that I’ve lost my storage case and charging cord for my Aftershockz headphones☹️😫😥😢. I have emailed the airline but I don’t hold out much hope. I also emailed the company in the hopes I can purchase a cord and case. Next step will be try to contact Visa. I really hate when I do this type of thing:(


I got a very nice hug from my mom and I plan to get many more in the next week. Have to build up my stores to get through another 2.5 months! We managed to get out of the airport without yelling which is quite amazing!


We stopped in at Fry’s in Maricopa on the way home and I was amazed at the selection of Free From products. I tried to be good as I’d like to go home weighing less!


I had sent yarn and needles down with my mom and brought a free Ravelry pattern called “Waiting for Spring”. I got the ribbing done and made do with yarn for a stitch marker, but I may be in trouble as it now calls for changing to a larger circular needle and I only sent one set of circular needles down. Do you think I can just go on in the same size needle?


I have already made myself at home and taken over my dad’s Netflix. I was super excited to see The Great British Baking Show as I’ve read about it on so many blogs. I loved it!! I liked how I could just listen and the fact that they were nice to each other and helped each other out. I will definitely be trying to watch more of this series before I go home!

Now I’m onto a Hallmark Christmas movie- Christmas Inheritence. So far it’s cute!

Well, that’s it for me:)

Have fun!



It has been such a cold day!!


I met up with Lyndsay at 6am for a workout. We did three speed circuits on the treadmill. We then did two circuits on the floor that we had to repeat three times each. I was sweaty by the end, but it felt good to get it done. I really hadn’t wanted to go and I probably would have just walked if I’d been by myself, but I managed to do everything Lyndsay told me to do. It’s amazing what the human body can do!


I only had fourteen children today! Most of the day was spent just finishing up tasks and cleaning up. The afternoon I got a little bit of time to prep while the school was watching The Polar Express in the gym.


I left immediately after school and had my nails done for my trip. I also got my eyebrows and eyelashes died so I’m back to having some🤣. I am so blonde that this is something I do regularly!


I grabbed four bottles of beer for my co-workers husband to say thank you and I’ll make him some lemon bars in the morning:)


Tonight I got my republic hat and Cowl that I made a long time ago but rarely wore, remade into just a republic hat for my co-worker. Another of my little jobs done.

I also decided to rip out my purple handwarmers and beanie and make a toque holding two strands of the yarn so it will be thicker and warmer. I am hoping to work on this on the plane, but we’ll see if the knitting needles get taken away:(


Today’s tea in the advent calendar wascandy cane crush and I loved it!! It was so good!

Well that’s the short recap of my day as I just got home and I’m exhausted, so I’m off to bed:)

Have fun!