Trivia Tuesday

Sorry for no post yesterday- I went to bed at 8🤣


It was quite the day because we had an inside recess and lunch! We got through printing, two lessons on rights and responsibilities and a math game. At the end of the day we had a dance party. It was fun to see the kids boogie- some of them have some great moves!

We were just about to dismiss when a code yellow was declared (hold and secure) because there was a bear up the street. I ended up having the kids for an extra half hour🙄


I had had enough by then and decided I needed a run whether I had a running buddy available or not. I didn’t do the hills I was supposed to but got a decent 5km in.


We were back to the five of us and general trivia.

Put the Harry Potter movies in order.

Prisoner of Azkaban, Order of yhe the Phoenix, Half Blood Prince

Finish the quote…

You drive for show, putt for dough

What do men brag is hot?


Where is Skip the Dishes headquartered?


What two states border Manitoba?

North Dakota, Minnesota

Who was president during 9-11?

George W Bush

The music round all featured “one”.

We came second in the Kahoot round but got the drinks as the first team had already won.

How many soldiers are in a Roman legion?


How many children did Jill and Tim have on Home Improvement?


What type of food is a Kennebeck?


What three countries in the world start with Ch?

China, Chile, chad

What was the name of the Russian space shuttle?


Well that’s it for me!

Have fun!


Trivia Tuesday

Well it appears I’m wearing a target.


We worked on the parts of a pumpkin this morning and then went on to putting our pumpkins in order from smallest to biggest.

After recess the kids were super excited to roll virtual dice on the smartboard and tell me whether the number was even or odd. We managed to do this by having each child use their own personal whiteboard marker to touch the smartboard. So simple and yet they loved it.

This afternoon we did a mini book about the life cycle of a pumpkin. The kids got to see me make another mistake as originally I had the flower before the vine. I swear…I meant to do that.

While I was on my prep in the staffroom, where we have been told we have to prep, I was sitting with my lunch to my right, my tea to my left and my phone on my lap as I uploaded Terry Fox run pictures to FreshGrade for the parents. My principal goes by the window, knocks on it and motions for me to put on a mask. I am in the room alone and am eating and drinking…🙄😖


After a quick stop at the dollar store I met up with Dennis for my run at the track. We were supposed to do fifteen repeats of 40 seconds hard, then 20 seconds easy, but Dennis was having real trouble with his breathing so we did nine repeats with more rest. It’s another 2.4km in the run bank.


It was a Seinfeld theme night. I have never watched Seinfeld, but did read up on Elaine in advance.

We actually won the second round!

We came in third overall for the night which is decent when there were only three people on the team who have seen Seinfeld. Sometimes I think a team of four is the best.

Have fun!


Trivia Tuesday

It was a good day, but I was seriously tired, even after sleeping since 8:30pm last night.


It was a good day. I started with a prep which I didn’t have a ton to do. We got through some writing about Thanksgiving and it was nice that I had the opportunity to work with some kids individually and get them writing sentences, rather than words. we tackled even and odd again today and everyone seems to have it now. We had a deer sighting at lunch so the kids had to come in early. It did let us start the afternoon sooner.

In the afternoon I actually got to take a group of three and review alphabet sounds with them and I sent the booklet home and an email to encourage parents to practice. I hope they don’t get upset. Finally we did a collage of needs and wants. It seemed to be understood so we are moving on.


Despite feeling really tired I met up with Dennis and Sarah for a twenty minute tempo run. It finished up with 4.3km, but it’s the only exercise I got today.


The first round was really hard!

Thanks to my dad I got:

What did Archie Bunker call his son in law?


We also knew:

Which US states have the Rockies in them?

Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, And Utah. (There is one more but he gave it to us)

How do you spell?


Where is Gorgonzola from?


In the music round there were day songs, night songs, David Bowie, songs of 1994, and Band with Brothers.

I definitely knew Hanson and Mmm Bop🤣

What is the Venus de Milo?


What team was first before the NHL season was suspended?


How do you do a lotus in yoga?


What was Dr. House’s first name?


What two states have three NHL teams?

California, New York

Where is the Burgundy wine region?


What perfumery has a perfume called number 5?


What state is Niagara Falls in?

New York

Who played Joey in Dawson’s Creek?

Katie Holmes

What war did Muhammad Ali refuse to fight in?


Trivia Tuesday

It was a good day though my students were definitely more restless!


I started the day with my prep and couldn’t find anywhere to work so it was a bit of a waste. We then tackled calendar and a class book about being thankful. I said I was thankful for my running buddies.

We tackled odd and even for math and I think the kids got it, but the activity I planned took longer than I expected.

In the afternoon we had silent reading and then we went outside to do a lead graph, but there weren’t enough leaves on the ground so we played on the playground instead.


I met up with both Dennis and Sarah for our workout which was a combo workout. We did four intervals of four minutes with a minute of rest and then four thirty second intervals with a minute rest. It felt good as it was a gorgeous Fall day and we were out on the dykes which was gorgeous too.


We were back to normal trivia this week.

Who was the wife in the movie True Lies?

Jamie Lee Curtis

What was Sully’s name one Monsters Inc?

James P Sullivan

What state has three NFL teams?


One hundred men were asked what they hope women are wearing in Heaven?


What was the previous name of Beijing?


What seven letters are on the bottom row of a keyboard?


In the music round I knew Van Morrison Brown Eyed Girl as that was my brother’s wedding song.

We did horribly at Kahoot:(

Put the bears in order from largest to smallest.

Polar, Grizzly, Black

Where was the NBA bubble this year?


What country gives Greenland money?


Who played the gigolo in the movie Gigolo?

Richard Gere

Well that’s it for me!

Have fun!


Trivia Tuesday

It was an okay day today.


We got through a lesson on emotions, some work on number words, and a mini book about Fall colours.

I am amazed at how slow my students are sometimes and how fast they can be at other times.


I had a workout after school. It was a pyramid run- 1 min, 1:30, 2:30, 4 and 5 mins. And then back down with a minute of rest between each.

I was tight to start, loosened up and then really had it clamp down at the end. When I went to roll, I was rolling my IT Band when a ball popped out on the inside of my calf. Needless to say I won’t be running tomorrow but will instead be rolling.


Tonight there were only four of us.

In the first round we knews

Who was the famous train toy?

Thomas the Tank Engine

What is the headdress worn by Jewish people?


What is the first M in M&M?


The music round was tough! Bands with Brothers, song titles with big, song titles with little, Janet Jackson songs, and 1992 songs I really wasn’t much help.

In the Kahoot! round we knew:

Which was not an adjective? Quick, quicker, quickly, quickest


What colour is not in The Wiggles?


What is 9 and 3/4 as an improper fraction?


Which is not an Olympic Sport?

Artistic swimming

Who is the little girl in The Grinch Who Stole Christmas?

Cindy Lou Who

Which company has a gecko as a mascot?


WHere is Mount Rushmore?

South Dakota

Where did the characters go in Romancing the stone?


Well that’s it for me, time for bed!

Have fun!


Trivia Tuesday

Well not a bad day, except my feet hurt all day!


We did some work on the class rules. I decided this year just to write out my rules and have a discussion around them. Normally I brainstorm, but because I have in mind what I want, it never feels authentic. This process seemed to work well.

We also did our first piece of hallway writing. The students write about all major events and I display it in the hallway and at the end of the year, I make a book out of it. The coolest thing is seeing how far they have come! Today we wrote about what we think grade one will be and what we want to learn about.

This afternoon we read Officer Buckle and Gloria and we drew pictures of safety rules. These guys weren’t as creative, but that’s okay.


After school I walked home in actual sunshine, though we had another inside day due to air quality again. I got my dusting done and all of my plants watered. I also got the sewing machine oil cleaned up. It’s a good thing my brother called me this morning g looking for elastic!


Tonight there were five of us and it was definitely our worst trivia night so far. We just couldn’t pull it together. Some of the things we knew:

Where was the Twilight series set?


Who has played the most games for the Vancouver Canucks?

Hebron Sedin

Who is the CEO of Tesla?

Elon Musk

Which letter is the most common bigram?


Who wrote Of Mice and Men?

John Steinbeck

Who are the three Scooby Doo characters?

Daphne, Velma, Fres

Where did the Utah Jazz move from?

New Orleans

Where is Jackson Triggs wine from?


What is the second full moon in a month called?

Blue Moon

In the music round we knew:

Michael Jackson- Black and White

Trooper- Raise a Little Hell

Three Dog Night- Joy to the World

Miley Cyrus- Party in the USA

Outkast- Hey Ya

Well that’s it for me!

Have fun!


Trivia Tuesday

It was a nice day!

Still no exercise! I was supposed to run with Sarah but she wasn’t feeling well so I decided that that must be a sign that I should have two days off. My hip is feeling better, but we’ll see how it does when I start running on it!


I spent a lot of the morning working on the Weekender and am finally onto the sleeves. Let’s hope I have something to show you soon!


I was knitting when Dennis called telling me to come across the street for coffee. It was a nice way to break up the day at home and we made a plan to run in the morning so now I have something to look forward to.


I got my dusting done and it only takes ten minutes! I also got a picture hung up on my wall:)


I made another batch of the lemon zucchini muffins as I am meeting up with some friends at the playground tomorrow. I did check to see if they were comfortable accepting baked goods from me and they were. I will need to maybe do some zucchini slices with cheese and tomato sauce as I have a little bit of my zucchini left.

I also made a white cake from my new cookbook and managed to get it dark brown. It’s supposed to be a poke cake with strawberry jello, vanilla pudding and coco whip. Do you think it’s saveable or should I make another?

Actually the dark brown just rolled off it and it looks better underneath.


It was just four of us tonight. We started in fourth place and tonight was the final of the tournament.

In the first round:

Who played Goose’s love interest in Top Gun?

Meg Ryan

What body part did Van Gogh cut off?


What is the capital of Hungary?


The music round was horrible, full of New Punk music. We did notice the host’s girlfriend seemed to be singing along to every song. Ugh I hate it when people aren’t on the up and up!

What was the most popular tv finale of all time?


And then I had to go home early as I started to not feel well. Wonder what got me this time? I only had veggies and chicken wings- guess it was the chicken wings:(

Have fun!


Trivia Tuesday

Sorry I had a busy day yesterday and just collapsed when I got in.


I started the day with a hot, miserable 8.6km run with Dennis. We were on a well shaded path, but my heart rate was super high and my legs were sore and tired. I’ve decided to blame it on biking the day before🤣


After a coffee, a massage, and some household chores I met up with my friend Emily for some more furniture shopping. We managed to finish off the other side of the street. I did notice that you don’t really know how uncomfortable the couches are until you sit in a really comfortable one. I didn’t buy one, but think I know what store I would go back to now.

There is also an awesome fabric store on this street that my friend wanted to grab some stuff at. I had no needs, but came out with sale fabric for making myself a new tank top. It really drives me crazy how racerback tanks all have super big arm holes right now so you end up having to wear a layer underneath them (totally defeats the keep cool purpose), so o think I’m going to try to make one. I found a pattern online at Sew Much Ado. I hope it turns out! It’s been forever since I sewed clothes rather than quilts or mending.


I had to stop in and grab my parents’ mail for them so I took the opportunity to print the tank pattern on their printer and visit my aunt and uncle.

I do worry about being an asymptomatic carrier of Covid now when I visit with people, even outside. I don’t want to make anyone sick!


I finally did make it to trivia. There were only three of us and we finished the night in third so I think we did pretty good. Here are some of the questions. Usually I write them down, but now I can’t find them so there will be way less than we actually knew.

Where the did the male characters on Big Bang Theory work?

Cal Tech Univeristy

Spell Gandhi’s first name.


Which planet is sixth from the sun?


What show is about advertising company in the 1960s?

Mad Men

What was the first Nancy Drew book called?

The Secret of the Old Clock

Well I had better get going on my day. Have fun!


Getting More Active

It was probably the most out I’ve been lately.


I met up with Dennis for a run at the river this morning. We went early to avoid the heat. It should have been a great run as I had a rest day and a massage yesterday and yet I struggled the whole way. It was the most painful 7.5km of the last while! I hope tomorrow is better as I need to get 20km done before the end of the month.


I met up with Brenda at the local yarn shop but managed to not buy anything.

I then went back on the hunt for donuts and found some two towns over. I delivered them to Dennis amidst his complaining. I had to do something though as he fixed up my bike for me.


I had a very long nap this afternoon partly because my ear is absolutely killing me, but the rest of the afternoon was spent knitting on my shawl. I don’t know if I should keep going on it as I’m not sure I’ll ever wear it. I did feel guilty working on the sweater yesterday though when I know that the shawl isn’t finished. I guess I’m just not one of those people who can have multiple projects going at once.


This evening I headed over for trivia. It was a good night, though I screwed up and hit the wrong button for the last question in Kahoot which could have given us the win, again. We won the first round too.

Some of the questions:

Who are the parents in the Brady Bunch?

Mike and Carol

What instrument does Steinway make?


What does NSFW stand for?

Not suitable for work

Put these people in order?

Betsy Ross, Charles Darwin, Adolfo Hitler

What was the name of the tool?

Crescent wrench

Who was the neighbour of Dennis the Menace?

Mr. Wilson

Which American actress became a princess?

Grace Kelly

Where is Yale located?

New Haven, Connecticut

What does the J in Donald J Trump stand for?


What is the name of a plant or animal that is both male and female?


What are the boroughs of New York?

Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Staten Island, Brooklyn

What acronym is Lou Gehrig’s disease known by?


Well, I need sleep?

Have fun!


Trivia Tuesday

Not a bad day:)


Dennis picked me up for what I thought was an 8km run on the dykes, but he had other plans. I finally arrived back to the car after 9.5km. I had told him I wanted to go back to running like we were during the shelter in place time. Unfortunately my body didn’t go-operate today. This hip flexor is getting more and more sore and is starting to limit my range of motion. I can’t wait for my massage on Thursday!


After an Epsom salts bath, I checked in and headed to the lab for my standing iron tests. It was horrible! They are now taking 10 vials as they have to do the test a different way because my blood keeps clotting during the test. The needles, nor the procedure bother me, but my arm sure is sore afterwards! It didn’t help that this took over an hour!


I am reading Get a Life Chloe Brown by Talia Hibbert, though I admit I fell asleep for about two hours while reading.


I did get some cross stitch done as I want to make sure there is a noticeable difference for this Sunday’s update!


It was out of my comfort zone going today as the friend I know wasn’t going to be there.

Oh n the first round I knew:

Where do the Golden State Warriors play?

San Francisco (I knew this because of the Yarniacs podcast).

What are the seventy five numbers that aren’t prime numbers called?


Who was the golfer known as the great white shark?

Greg Norman

What was Angelina Jolie’s character in Tomb Raider?

Lara Croft

What was the smallest boy’s name in the Brady Bunch?


What was this actor’s name?

George Burns

What was the score of a particular crib hand?

8 points

Put these women in order of who was born first?

Lady Godiva, Joan of Arc, and Florence Nightingale

We actually won the first round and got a free drink!

The music round was not our friend. I only knew Alan Jackson with Chattahoochie.

Kahoot wasn’t our friend tonight but in the last round I knew:

What was the name of the boat in Gilligan’s Island?

SS Minnow

What is it called when two words are put together?

Compound words

Who was Tony Parker divorces from?

Eva Longoria

What are the three most expensive teams in the NHL?

NY Rangers, Toronto, Montreal

What two suits have one eyed jacks?

Spades and hearts

Who wrote Phantom of the Opera music?

Andrew Lloyd Webber

What is Pink’s name?

Alicia Moore

Which Queen album has Bohemian Rhapsody?

A Night at the Opera

Well that’s it for me.

Have fun!