Walking, Walking, Walking

Sorry about no post yesterday. I actually fell asleep sideways across my bed and didn’t wake up until this morning!


I finished Lady Sophie’s Christmas Wish by Grace Burrowes yesterday morning.

What a great read! Lady Sophia Wyndham has schemed to have some time alone before joining all of her family for Christmas. Of course this alone time flies out the window when she finds herself with a baby and a man as houseguests.

I love how Lady Sophia is a strong, capable and sensible character who also has honest emotions. She’s a complicated character who is realistic. Com Charpentier, our hero, is also multifaceted and who can resist a man who is capable with a baby?!?!

The background characters are also wonderful! I’ve always loved the Wyndham family with their scheming. They seem so high and mighty until one of their own needs a nudge to have a happy ending:)

Vim’s family is just as sweet in this book though. His aunt and uncle have schemed to get him back to the family seat and they are determined to help him have a happy ending.

The characters take centre stage in this book and make it a wonderful adventure to read.

Thank you to Grace Burrowes, the publisher and NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I met up with two friends and we walked the seawall from downtown to Granville Island. This is just over 5km. We had lunch at a new spot on Granville Island called Poppino. It was good, but the only thing I was allowed was a cheeseburger without the cheese. Oh well, it was yummy and I was in a beautiful spot with great friends.

We looked around the market and the netloft but none of us bought anything.

As we were starting our walk home, we went by the water park and one of the ice cream places I follow on Instagram was there! I finally got to try Hello Sweets! I had really wanted to try their ice cream sandwich, but they were sold out so I had their most popular flavour of ice cream which is marshmallow. T was super yummy, but also super rich!!!! It’s definitely worth a tasting if you come across them.

After walking back, enjoying the sunshine I came home and fell asleep. Lol a nice day, but obviously not exciting enough to keep me awake!

Have fun!


Epic Walk?

I knocked something off my bucket list:)


Last night I had to run out for ginger ale and I also picked up guacamole and chips, thinking I could enjoy them if I burned some calories.

When I woke up this morning and realized I had nothing on my to-do list for today (well there’s lots there, but no one to meet), I thought I would tackle the long walk I’ve been wanting to do for the past two years.

Every summer I walk part of the Stanley Lark Seawall with my friend Emily. We usually do the same part and it’s lovely, but since last year I’ve been wanting to do the whole thing. I tried to do it last year with my friend Lyndsay, but commitments got into the way. Today there was nothing but a free day! It was funny though that as soon as I realized I could do it, I wasn’t sure I wanted to.😂. I told myself I could stop anytime, but in my head I wanted to walk at least for more than an hour as it was going to take that long to get there!

I skytrained downtown and started out. I took pictures, but they may be blurry as I didn’t stop once.

These are all on the coal Harbour side. I started at the Vancouver Convention centre where the seawall starts, went by Coal Harbour, the Vancouver Rowing Club, and the Royal Vancouver Yacht Club. This side of the seawall is the warmer side. I was in a long sleeved shirt and was warm, but knew I’d need it once I got out past the point.

These are all from the outside part of the Seawall- the lighthouse, below the LionsGate Bridge, Siawash Rock, 3rd Beach, 2nd Beach, English Bay and then False Creek.

It was very interesting to walk this the opposite way as I did earlier in the week. There were already lots of people out getting their places for the Honda celebration of Light tonight (fireworks).

When I look online I see it says the seawall is 28km long. In my head I had decided that I would end at Athletes Village (created for the 2010 Winter Olympics), visit my parents and then hope the skytrain as this is the nearest skytrain station to the seawall.

I ended up walking 17.5km in 3 hours and am quite happy with that. The plan is next time I will walk from Science World to Granville Island and the Burrard Street Bridge and then skytrain home from there.


Of course when I got to my parent’s boat, I got a quick hug and then put up work going to Costco with my mom and Anne to get food for tonight. They decided to take advantage of having a third person to carry grocery bags 🤣

Since being home, I have eaten way too many chips and guacamole and think I may have cured that craving! I have gone to another Costco and bought new summer towels ( and been o recharged by $2, but it would cost more in gas to go back to complain!), and read my book.

Now I’m going to enjoy another Hallmark movie and finish my rug square. I should probably be cleaning and packing to go out on the boat, but oh well😏

Have fun!


Relaxing in the summertime:)

Today was quite a relaxing day. I started with a massage, which always hurts but is necessary if I want to walk since being knocked over by an SUV. I wish it was the relaxing kind, but it’s good for me.

I then ran a couple of errands,  picked up oil for my parents and drove downtown to meet my parents in False Creek. We had lunch at the Craft Beer Market, walked through Chinatown and had a really good look in Ming Wo, always a dangerous stop for me, shopped at Urban Fare, and then relaxed on the boat.

I have been to Craft Beer Market before on a date so I was kind of hoping to go to Tap and Barrell instead, but I’ll get there one day! IMG_7393.JPGMy parents and I split an order of shrimp tacos and an order of fish tacos and I have to say, I wasn’t impressed. The tortillas and cabbage were nice and fresh but there was literally one little shrimp or piece of fish on top of each and that was it! Better to call them cabbage tacos! My parents both liked their beers so I would stick to going here just for beer!

Urban Fare was fun to walk through. I should go back when I’m not leaving the next day!

It was incredibly relaxing on the boat and the entertainment is built in as we can sit and watch all the people on the Seawall.  It was a lovely relaxing day and great to see my parents!IMG_7397.JPG

I have finished labelling all the photos I had printed and only have 433 photos on my phone now. That’s the best it’s going to be for now!

I seem to be a little nervous about my trip tomorrow, but I’m sure I’ll be fine once I’m sitting at the gate. I never have anything to hide, but always am nervous going through security and customs. No good reason and I’ve done it enough now, or maybe I’m nervous about my ride to the airport showing up on time! I think that’s it!

Well, fingers crossed…

Have fun!


Active, Active, Tired…

For months I’ve been saying that I want to walk the entire Vancouver seawall from the convention centre to Granville Island. Most people laughed when I mentioned this in conversation, but one friend decided to join me. Today was the day. Lol unfortunately events derailed the plan, but we got three hours in which took us from the Convention Centre to English Bay, not bad.  The smoke from the wildfires kept the temperature down and it wasn’t crazy busy, so all in all, a good first effort. I now know that I need to schedule about six hours to do it all. Maybe I’ll get to that after I get back from Boston:)

Unfortunately, I let myself get hungry which meant that I couldn’t decide on where we should eat and I ended up just coming home and inhaling everything I had planned for the rest of the day:( Grrr so mad at myself because I was a lovely 97.6 this morning and I actually liked a picture I took of myself when I was trying to decide what to wear. Positive self image isn’t my strong suit so this is a very rare occurrence!IMG_7319

After inhaling my veggies and hummus, fruit salad and dried fruit I decided I’d better actually accomplish something. The first was that I scored a new cowl knitting pattern for free on Ravelry! After visiting Beehive Knitting in Victoria I had followed them on Instagram and tonight it paid off when they offered a coupon code for getting a pattern free. Score! Someone would probably think I’d won a million dollars for how excited I was! I now highly recommend following them on Instagram (@beehivewoolshop). Though I’d also recommend visiting the shop as it is truly full of yummy yarn:)

I also managed to pick up my pictures from Costco along with a rotisserie chicken ( I truly think theirs are the best), grab blueberries from Ankars farm in Port Coquitlam, and get a couple photo albums from the dollar store.

This evening I decided that I should at least see the Port Moody Friday Night Market at least once this summer since it’s new this year. My friend and her son were willing to join me so we walked over and had a look. It was small but there were some neat booths, like custom mugs, jewellery that disperses essential oils, books, clothing, beer soap(made with our local Port Moody brews), candles, and food trucks. The best part was that it was just a fifteen minute walk away.

I caved and had a vegan vanilla ice cream and cola sorbet one scoop ice cream with B on our way back at Rocky Point Ice Cream. The cola flavour was so good! Next time, I’ll just get that! Hopefully my three hour walk will counteract this;) I took the long way home to help with this😉

On arriving home I realized, I just didn’t have it in me to work out tonight. I figure everyone is entitled to a night off. In all I managed a three hour walk and my regular walk today. It will just have to do!

I did manage to get all the clothes laid out that I’m getting rid of. I have a friend coming to see if she wants anything tomorrow so I needed to at least be organized as I changed the time on her.

Im going to give in to the sleep fairy now as six am is going to come early:(

Have fun!