Weekend Wrap Up

Well here it is Sunday evening and tomorrow is back to reality.


I spent the morning tidying my house in case I had guests later in the day. I realized why I prefer reading and knitting over cleaning. If you read a book, it stays read. If you knit a sweater, it stays knit, but when you clean, you just end up having to clean again. Already my place could use some straightening🙄


I did a short interval workout yesterday and then hiked for a couple of hours with some friends. It was really nice to be out in nature with company!


We spent some time on the patios of a couple of local restaurants. I was super cold so I ordered blueberry tea and my friends were teasing me until it came and they tried it. This is definitely my winter drink of choice- regular tea mixed with Amaretto and Grand Marnier. It is very yummy as you drink it through a cinnamon stick:)

I was home early, but it was still really nice to have some time with friends as that doesn’t happen a lot right now.



Today started with my regular 10km run. Sarah was back with me today as her soccer is cancelled with the further restrictions we were put under yesterday. It was an absolutely gorgeous morning for a run, but super cold! I wore two wool shirts and wool vest!

This afternoon I did another short workout with the weights. Figured I might as well get it in as I won’t be doing anything tomorrow.


After a quick tea with the group, I stopped at the store for fruits, veggies and meat. I spent this afternoon roasting all of the veggies.


I’ve had a lot of people raving about this Veg Out Food Truck lately. They specialize in vegan burgers and milkshakes. I had heard really good things about the chicken burger. Well they were across the street from my house so I decided this was probably the best time to try them. I waited forty-five minutes only to find out I wasn’t allowed the chicken burger because it’s not gluten free. I could only have their classic burger. It was good, but really nothing spectacular and I am now kicking myself for wasting those calories!


I have decided on the October hat from Kelbourne Woolens as I have made the June hat and it appeals to me to have a different hat for each month. I got the brim done and wrote out the pattern (as I hate working from charts), but then screwed up on the fourth row of the pattern. Since I have to rip out I think I’m going to decrease the amount of brim down to 2.5″. Right now it’s about 4″(supposed to be 5), but since I’m holding the yarn doubled it’s thick and squishy and I don’t think I’ll need to fold over the brim.


I am starting early with the Christmas movies as I just watched the Hallmark, A Royal Christmas. It was very cute. My favourite moment was when the royals all come up with a reason to delay leaving. It doesn’t hurt that it has not one, but two gorgeous guys in it😜

Well I’m going back to my book for a bit.

Have fun!