Friday Fun Day

It was nice to wake up with actual plans today.


I got out for a short run this morning-3.25km. It wasn’t a great run but I can’t put my finger on why. I think I’m going to blame it on my being tired from the trail run last night. The good news is that I only have 6.7km to go until I am completely caught up on my yearly mileage goal. I should have that done this weekend:)

I did get a workout in this afternoon. I did 45 seconds of each of the following:

right leg bench squat,

side shuffle x2,

left leg bench squat,

right wood chop,

weighted cross country skier x2,

left wood chop,

weighted jog x2,

left knee pull,

right knee pull,

squat with left shoulder press, dumbbell row to deadlift x2,

squat with right shoulder press,

frog crunches x2,

left oblique crunches,

right oblique crunches,

left lunges, right lunges, squat with alternating leg lift x2,

left fire hydrant,

right fire hydrant,

left leg lift,

right leg lift

I also got a walk in this evening because it was such a nice night:)


I had arranged to meet up with one of my work friends to go explore Fort Langley. It was a lovely day. We started with lunch at Wendell’s Books and Cafe. I had the roasted turkey sandwich on gluten free bread. They messed up the dressing for the salad, but quickly and efficiently fixed the problem:). The bread wasn’t great as the crusts were falling off, but the filling of turkey and cranberry was great! This would be a great stop if you’re looking for gluten free in the area.

We then proceeded to look in every single store. It was neat to just wander and take our time. There is a good mix of clothing, new home and self care stores and vintage and antique shops. It was a relaxed day in a beautiful location.

I love all the old houses in this area. The one above is called The Little White House and it serves high tea and has lots of cute clothing and jewelry. I checked and they don’t do a tea that is both gluten free and dairy free:(


Besides the yummy turkey and cranberry sandwich and side greens I had for lunch.

I had a rice cake with peanut butter and jam for breakfast

I had a pepper with hummus, cucumber with cheese, grape tomatoes and blueberries for dinner ( I love a charcuterie meal!)


I have been knitting like crazy, but the blanket doesn’t seem bigger. I did count though and it is 48 squares wide by 37 squares right now. I guess I’ll concentrate just on getting to 48 by 48!

That’s it for me!

Have fun!