If All Else Fails, Call Mom

It was a nice bonus day:)


I didn’t crawl out of bed early and actually woke up naturally. I always try to run my fastest when I go out and have been disappointed lately that I haven’t been going fast. I decided to try out this “easy run” thing where you go slow. I went out with the intention of running slow and most of the time, I did. I enjoyed my run! It was a beautiful morning and I wasn’t trying to push myself to go faster and just loped along. I’ll have to try to do this on the two runs I do alone or with Sarah each week.

I also did a short workout this evening. It was another BeFitDavis, though not the one I was supposed to do. I was feeling tired and the idea of 120 burpees was just too much so I did one that had four sets of: 25 squats, 15 deadlifts, 15 chest press, 15 pullovers and I added 15 sit-ups. I did each move with 10 pounds in each hand and did a minute of jogging between each set. Not super long, but better than nothing.


I finished up the second set of baby booties today. They are meant to be cleats as mom is a rugby player.

Sorry it’s really tough to get a good photo of them:(. I did bobbles on the bottom, following a cleat pattern I found online. I was planning to do the Adidas stripes, but found the Nike swish to be easier to do. I used a basic running shoe bootie pattern and then made up the rest.

I hadn’t been able to figure out how to block these as I don’t want black showing from the top but didn’t want to squish the bobbles. I ended up calling my mom who, of course, had a great idea. I have wrapped cardboard in plastic wrap and inserted them inside.

I wanted to finish all three pairs of booties this weekend, but I’m just too tired now.


Lyndsay called me mid- afternoon and I went for a walk with her nd Brady. We just did 3.5km up in Burke mountain which is a new area for me. It was super nice and I’d like to go back there.

Though does anyone else experience traffic jams getting to trails? We ended up having to park 3/4 of a kilometer away from the trail. We had tried a local park first but there was not a parking spot anywhere!


I grocery shopped this morning after my run so there were just too many yummy things in my house and I’ve eaten too much today:(

Well I’m going to find myself a new book to read, or maybe I’ll just close my eyes.

Have fun!


Happy Long Weekend

The best part of this weekend so far is knowing I have tomorrow off too:)


Yesterday morning I did a 9.5km bike ride out on the dykes. It was calling for rain, but thankfully it didn’t get really heavy until I got back into the car.

This morning I didn’t get as lucky. I met Dennis at another part of the dyke and it rained heavily the whole time we were out there. It was definitely trial by fire for my new hydration pack, but I’m not chafed at all🎊🎉.

Dennis commented 3/4 of the way through our run that it sounded like I was running flat footed. I told him I have no idea how I land when I’m running, but I tried to pay attention from that point on. I seemed to get faster but that might have been the “smelling the barn” syndrome and not have anything to do with my trying to land midfoot and push off.

I was actually so wet by the end that I changed my entire outfit behind the car door🤣

This evening I did another BeFitDavis workout. I was supposed to do five rounds of eight reps each, but I changed it to a minute of jogging between forty reps of each move. I was only using ten pound weights so thought higher reps might be better. I did: weighted sit ups, deadlifts, plié squats, squat thruster, and dumbbell swings. I really liked this workout:)


I finished a book last night called, Rules of Engagement by JT Geissinger. It was a great read. The grumpy hero who is actually a softie. The girl who can’t see what’s right in front of her and the meddling aunt and agent. Nothing new, but good banter and some laugh out loud moments. If you’re looking for something light I would recommend this one.


I have spent a lot of the past two days knitting as my secretary has commissioned some baby booties as she is becoming an auntie. Yesterday I did the ice skates as her brother plays hockey.

I think they might be the cutest thing I’ve ever knitted! The pattern is by Paisley and is simply called ice skates. I had to buy the pattern on Ravelry, but now that I know how she does these, I think I could do her roller skates without buying the pattern. The yarn is just worsted weight scraps from my stash.

I thought they’d be super hard for me as it’s been a long time since I’ve crocheted, but it came back pretty quickly and easily. It also helps that these are so small that they go quickly.

Today I tackled cleats as the mommy to be is a rugby player. You’ll have to wait until I finish the second one tomorrow to see them though.


I have been really good the past two days for my eating and I’m really hoping I will be rewarded soon!🤣

Well, I’m going to go start a new book:)

Have fun!


Solitary Sunday

It was supposed to pour down rain all weekend, so I was prepared with a plan, but then it was sunny all weekend🤷🏼‍♀️


Dennis dragged me out to do another part of the PoCo trail. I really hadn’t thought there were any parts left that I hadn’t done! We ran out from a new spot, but once again I was super surprised how close we really were to a part we run all the time. I always think there’s at least 8km between these sections, when it turns out there’s only about 3-4.

The morning was gorgeous and I once again ran in a t shirt, capris and gloves. I really like this combo as my hands stay warmer.

My right knee was niggling at me, but otherwise I was surprised there weren’t more problems.

I was so happy when we got to 5km at the bottom of the hill, but Dennis made me go up the hill because, “it’s good for me”.😖😖

Another ten kilometers closer to South Dakota:)

This evening I did some weights. It was a little different as I didn’t have much floor space, but I did:

High knees, bicep curls, front kicks, tricep kickbacks, side kicks, shoulder press, jog, front raises, toe taps, upright rows/ bent over rows, fast feet, reverse flies, jumping jacks, crunches, skipping, full sit ups, high knees, Russian twists, front kicks, bicycle crunches, side kicks, reverse crunches, jog, plank, toe taps, standing ab crunches, and fast feet.

I stopped there as I figured my legs had done enough for the day!


I spent the time after coffee finishing the cowl for my secretary. It was easy to do and she really likes the looks of it.

The pattern is a free pattern on Ravelry called Floridian by Cascade yarns. I did this in Sirdar DK baby cotton. It took two skeins.

It feels great and will be machine washable so a good knit to give away.

Now I just have to wait for it to finish blocking.


I finished the Great Canadian BakingShow this evening. It was such a great show I hated to see it come to an end. I’m even more disappointed that Netflix doesn’t seem to have any other shows like this:(

Well I’m back to my newest book. I hope you had s lovely Sunday!

Have fun!


Grateful Sunday #1

I put number one because I’d really like this to become a regular thing! I have so much to be thankful for and yet it’s so easy to concentrate on the negative- but that’s not who I want to be, so I’ll make the effort!


It was just Dennis and I this morning because Brenda was delayed out of town. I left the choice of run up to him and boy did he pick a doozy! We ran from my place out to the marina where my parents used to have their boat and back. It turned out to be a great run and I definitely felt like I earned my tea!

This evening I decided I should try to work off a few nibbles so I did a combo workout. Started with a minute of cardio and then did 36 reps of a weight exercise, and kept repeating this using different cardio and different weight moves. I ended up doing:

Bicep curls, jog, deadlift, Skip, squats, high knees, plie squats, moguls, reverse lunges, toe taps, rows, jog, bridges, Skip, sit ups, high knees, shoulder press, moguls, lateral lunges, toe taps.

As I write this I realize I could have done jumping jacks and criss cross jacks. I should really have a list of weight moves and cardio so I can just choose as I go and don’t have to try and remember them!

Grateful for the fact that I have an awesome running buddy who believes in my abilities when I don’t and is incredibly encouraging!

Grateful to have a body that can run 10km with no prior notice!


I was about to go pick up some dried fruits, but saw my helpless girl student going into the store with her dad, and so turned around and came home. I spent a good three hours cleaning my house. It’s as good as it’s going to get!

Grateful to have a nice, bright, warm and cosy place to live:)


I didn’t really cook, but got the nuts put out, the meat trays done and the roast beef wrapped pickled asparagus ready. Tomorrow I will just have to put out the crackers and the cheese. I am supposed to be doing charcuterie, but with my allergies I decided to do the different elements separately as it always drives me crazy when I go to a party and they ruin it for me by putting stuff together. Plus I only have one small board:(

Grateful for the fact that I have so many food options these days! While it would have been nice not to spend my childhood sick, it sure wouldn’t have been easy to deal with dairy and gluten allergies back then!

Grateful also to have friends who put up with my quirks and are fun to be around!


I finally texted my friends and said I was done with cleaning because I wanted to do some knitting today. I finally found a bag pattern in my book, sock Yarn One Skein Wonders. I am just about to start the bag body, so I’ll be sure to let you know how it goes.

I really need to get going on knitting cause I am only on project thirty and my goal for this year was forty!😳

Grateful to have a hobby that allows me to sit on the couch and still be productive.

Grateful to have had my mom and my grandmas who taught me all these needle arts!

Grateful to enjoy this beautiful view while I am knitting. I think I’m pretty lucky to not even have to leave the house to enjoy the Fall colours.


It started out really well as I had a bag of running chews on my run, a slice of apple bread, leftover Cambodian curry, and two peppers with cream cheese. Unfortunately this afternoon while I was prepping food, I nibbled:( I’m noticing that I often fall down on my eating on Sundays. Maybe I need to have a definite plan and food made for Sunday, like I do during the week. This week is going to be interesting food wise as I bought food for my get together tomorrow rather than my usual weekly groceries, so I’ll be eating out of my cupboards and freezer. We’ll see how it goes.

Grateful that I love to cook and bake so I can have interesting, healthy food!

Grateful I have a mom who helps me to work towards my goals, even if she thinks they’re silly.

Well that’s my day in a nutshell.

Have fun!


The First Day

I realize school started a week ago, but today was my first day with my class for the year. I was super nervous about it.


I got out this morning for my morning run and managed to be out the door at 6:30 so I’m happy with that as I didn’t want to have to get up any earlier! I got 3.47km in. I really want to make sure that on non-work days I get more mileage in so my body doesn’t get used to only doing 3km. At least this 3km ensures I am still on track this week:)

This evening I got a little bit of weight work done, 3 sets of 12 of the following:

Bicep curls, squats, front raises, calf raises, tricep kickbacks, bridge, shoulder press, deadlifts, sit ups, and Russian twists.


It was a truly exhausting day because I had to teach absolutely everything! We came in and sat down and I taught how to use the coatroom. We did a talking circle and everyone introduced themselves. 8/21 children challenged themselves to come up with something they liked that starts with the same letter as their name. Not bad for a straight grade one. I taught the bathroom routine, the recess routine, we read a story called First Day Jitters which I always love. We also read No David and brainstormed our rules. I always post the rules and have the children sign them and I had one little girl who didn’t plan on signing them because she didn’t plan on following them. Can you guess that this was the same girl who drove me nuts all day with her attitude and learned helplessness!!!

The children finally went home and I got to sit through a very painful staff meeting where nothing seemed to be decided and then did some more prep for tomorrow. I got home extremely late:(


I got a few rows done on my sweater:)


A hard boiled egg, a mini kind bar, salad with chorizo sausage, grapes, cherry tomatoes and crackers.

Well I’m off to bed!

Have fun!


Goodbye Holiday

I can’t say goodbye summer because summer doesn’t actually end until September 23rd.

After a frustrating final walk with Mr. Banks and a good belly rub, I headed home to meet up with my mom.

She spent the day hemming more of my pants (wow it’s like I have a whole new wardrobe) while I tidied my spare room so we could actually get into it. The room is only partially done, but even that made me happier. And yes I know how to hem pants, but my mom does a way better job of it and I prefer to quilt.


I finished the yoke on my test knit- Not a Boring Sweater! I’m so happy I got the yoke done before school started. Now I can do stockinette in the round forever more when I get home at night.


I finally got back to weights after a month away from them. It was sad to see how much strength I’ve lost😢. I also didn’t want to push too hard as I’ve definitely noticed that I don’t recover well right now and seem to stay sore for a long time. Another thing to ask the doctor about, I guess.

I did 3 sets of 12 reps of the following:

Shoulder press- 7 lbs

Front raises- 4 lbs

Overhead tricep extension- 7 lbs

Bicep curls- 5 lbs

Bent over rows- 7 lbs

Flies- 5lbs

Chest press – 7lbs

Dead bugs-2lbs

Stability ball sit ups

Deadlift- 7lbs

Squats- 7lbs

Inner thigh squeeze with stability ball

Well my lunch is ready for tomorrow as our my clothes, so I guess all I have to do now is go to bed.

Have fun!


Get Up and Get Moving

There was just no time for laying around this morning. I had to hit the ground running.


I got out for a 5km run this morning and it felt really good! There were a couple of times in the middle where I had to repeat, “I feel good” to keep going, but I did and hit some nice times too:)

After a quick stretch I had to do my weights routine right away as I probably won’t have time later.

I did three sets of 12 with no rest between of the following:

Calf raises-10,8,7

Hamstring curls-10,8,7

Reverse lunges- 10,8,7

Squats- 10,8,7

Deadlift- 10,8,10

Bridge- 10s

Full sit up- 10s

Dead bugs-4s

Chest press- 10,8,7

Flies- 7,5,4

Bent over row- 10,8,7

Bicep curls-7,5,4

Overhead tricep extension-10,8,7

Front raise-7,5,4

Shoulder press-10,8,7

At least I got rid of all the two pounds out of this routine. Now I just need to track down my 12 pound weights before next week.


I had arranged to spend the day with a bunch of friends at a friend’s lake house. It was an awesome afternoon with friends. We walked around the area looking at all the houses, had an awesome barbecue, spent some time in the water and on the dock, and did lots of talking.

Well I need sleep as I’ve gotten none of the things done that I was supposed to so tomorrow morning is going to be busy!

Have fun!


Monday Monday

How many more Mondays do I have before the holiday???


We started the day with a talking circle about our weekend and then the students wrote about it in their journals. While they were writing I was walking around selecting people to choose their jobs for the week based on how much they had accomplished (and of course helping). I have to remember this as even my reluctant writers got into it once they figured out what I was doing!

During my music prep we got our field trip notice ready and started on our report card template.

I spent a large part of the day dealing with track and getting the forms out to kids.

We also moved along in our run across Canada today and made it to Regina, Saskatchewan. Regina is the capital of this province. It is the fifth largest province. A third of the province is used for farming. It has the largest potash mine in the world and the largest jet pilot training base. Saskatoon is the largest city but then entire province has just under 2 million people and most live in the Southern part of the province. There you go- now you know something about Saskatchewan:)


Thankfully Sarah has texted me for a run tonight as I don’t think I would have gotten out by myself! We did a loop of Bert Flynn Park again and once again the run and nature did a great job of calming me down. I also managed to run a little more of the hill that is in the centre of the run.

This evening I also made myself do something as I had the scone I hadn’t planned on. I did 50 banded squats, 50 plié squats, 50 banded iso monster walking, 25 backward lunges, 25 curtsy lunges, 25 front lunges, 25 lateral lunges, 25 front kicks, 25 roundhouse kicks, 25 back kicks, 50 pushups, 50 dips, 25 upright rows, 25 bicep curls, 25 lateral raises, 25 front raises, 25 back raises, 25 dumbbell double crunch, 25 Russian twists, 25 crunches, 25 reverse crunches, and 25 bicycle crunches.


After a quick trip to Costco for gas, I finally managed to complete the Sally’s Baking Addiction Monthly Challenge this month for scones. They were relatively easy, but I have to admit they took me almost an hour start to finish. These do have fifteen minutes of refrigeration in the centre and while they took longer than my usual scones- they also look like they taste better:)

I have to admit I tried one- the recipe made 16 mini ones for me, and it was delicious! It was light inside but crispy outside and I used turbinado sugar on top which has a nice crunch. This may be my new go to scone recipe!


I did pretty good considering I had a staff appreciation luncheon today.

Breakfast: hard boiled egg

Recess: yogurt- today I had Trader Joe’s cultured coconut milk blueberry yogurt.

It had a good amount in it, but also was more calories than most yogurts I eat. This one was also thicker than yesterday’s and had a bit of a jelly texture. I did notice a strong taste that didn’t seem natural though. I don’t think I would buy this one again.

Lunch- veggie and hummus sandwich – they had lunch meat and cheese but I can’t eat cheese and the meat wasn’t labeled so I didn’t know if it was gf, tortilla chips and salsa, pickles and olives, and some vegan berry ice cream.

Snack: the smallest scone


I have started a new book today called, 99 Percent Mine by Sally Thorne. So far it seems slightly confusing, but hopefully it will get better quickly:)

Have fun!


A Mixed Up Day

It wasn’t bad, but I felt like I was continually changing things at work. Here’s a picture though to prove we actually had blue sky and sunshine and most of the snow is gone:)🎊🎉


I was in charge today and with our secretary away, it meant getting to school early and making sure that everything was alright. It appeared to be. My co teacher and I planned and then once the children came in, the day went sideways. We had a parent talk this morning for which we had tech problems and then the kids weren’t understanding her big words like analysis so they were squirmy! My volunteer came in and was reading with the children so I had to change around my math lesson, but then I thought we were starting the box project with the other grade ones so I stopped doing math, but then it turned out we weren’t. So we did our planners at that point as we were still missing some children. Then I ended up having a meeting that took up my entire prep:(. We then had another parent talk with more tech problems and the parent gave out pens during the presentation so the children just played with those and broke them and then they all wanted new ones:(. At this point it was the end of the day and we hadn’t even done our monthly jobs such as the home reading draw, changing desks, counting group points, making new group posters, so we did that instead of starting the box project. I guess we’ll start that tomorrow. Oh and let’s not forget the fact that I had toys from a parent to hand out. Don’t even get me started on that!!!! Grrrr😖

It was just a nutty day!

Book club:

I was glad to escape at three o’clock and go to the school book club:). We didn’t so much discuss the book, Miss Bixby’s Last Day, so much as we just discussed what genre of books the children enjoyed. It was such a neat discussion and I love being able to have those conversations with the older children.

I had to prep for next week so do didn’t get home until I had just enough time to change:(


It was athletic yoga tonight and wouldn’t you know it- she emphasized abs. Almost every single exercise was ab centred. I don’t think I’ve ever felt that sick in a class before:(

I know that my colleague has signed up for the class again, but at this point I am thinking I might just get a pass to the rec centre and go to regular yoga classes as I feel like I need more stretching than anything. I already do weights at least twice a week, if not more! Maybe I’ll see if Lyndsay wants to do it too:)


I am drinking the Celestial Seasonings Candy Cane Lane Green Tea tonight. I got it to try for helping with my stomach and so far I’m really enjoying it. The peppermint actually nicely compliments the green tea base.


I forgot to pack my knitting for work today so I am on the couch now and ready to power through these last 33 rows so I can wear these socks tomorrow!

I’m off to knit as fast as possible🤣

Have fun!


Fantastic Bake Along- Ode to Chocolate

It was not the day I was expecting, but still quite nice:)


I wasn’t expecting to, but have spent much of the day reading Longbourne by Jo Baker. I think I’ll be done by tomorrow. It is a great read so far. I’m loving the different perspective on the characters from Pride and Prejudice!


I usually get up and run first thing Saturday morning, but there was a skiff of snow and it was pouring so I delayed. I was feeling quite guilty by 11am when I was still in my jammies. I did get out for a run at lunchtime when the sun came out for a bit. A beautiful run was spoiled by Runkeeper malfunctioning again. It kept losing the GPS signal and said I was doing a kilometre in 2:44, yeah right! I ended up deleting the run when I got back and just manually entered the distance. Thankfully I had done my usual park run!

The funniest thing about this run was when this song about the constitution came on. Obviously Spotify is celebrating President’s Day. I’m Canadian, I don’t need to hear this!

My Polar Loop activity tracker forced me out on a walk this afternoon. It was enjoyable until I got my phone out to take a photo to share with you all and my phone died. I had to walk home with no music:(. It was funny though to see a guy in a tux out walking a dog. My mind immediately questioned whether he had taken the dog to the wedding with him or rushed home between the ceremony and reception? He definitely lent some class to the inlet trail 🤣. I was hoping to run across him, but we walked parallel the whole time.

I also got a Lyndsay workout done this evening. It was an integrated abs workout and it almost killed me! A warm up, two sets of twelve exercises with each performed for 50 seconds, then a cardio blast of five exercises for 30 seconds, repeated twice and finally an overload of eight exercises performed for 30 seconds each. Amazingly with all of this, my activity timer still says I haven’t made my goal. Maybe it has to fit tight to my wrist to work properly?


I had asked for a fish tacos recipe and Regina Mary came through with one for me. Of course, being me, I messed up and only printed the first page, the ingredients so I somewhat had to make it up as I went along, but it was yummy and had a kick to it:) In fact it was so yummy that there is no pictorial evidence as I had eaten all before I thought to take a picture🤣


I have only managed two more rows on my sweater today and I ended up having to redo one of them. I’m a little disappointed to see that the bottom edge rolls because it’s just stockinette stitch. I checked and there doesn’t seem to be an edging applied to this area:( Hmmm maybe tomorrow I’ll do more.


The only other thing I have accomplished today, well other than laundry, is baking. I’m participating in the Fantastic Bake Along again this month which had perfect timing as bookclub is tomorrow!Tracy at It’s a T Sweets Day hosts the bake along and this morning she wrote about her best brownie recipe. I immediately hauled out all my cookbooks and started looking for a chocolate recipe I wanted to make. I don’t really like chocolate so I don’t have a go-to recipe. I unfortunately got super overwhelmed and couldn’t decide on anything:(. I asked Tracy and she said it was okay for me to make her brownie recipe and just alter it to be gluten free and dairy free, so that’s what I did:)

Tyler Brownies (gf/df version)

1 cup Earth Balance vegan butter spread

2 cups white sugar

3 eggs

5 tbsp cocoa

1 tsp vanilla

1/4 cup potato starch

1/4 cup arrowroot starch

1/4 cup mullet flour

1/4 cup buckwheat flour

1/4 cup sorghum flour

1/4 cup oat flour

1 tsp xantham gum

I used my kitchenaid mixer and combined everything together. I lined my very old 8×8 pan with parchment paper and spread the batter evenly. It looked light brown just as Tracy said it should. I ended up cooking my brownies at 350 for 48 minutes and I think they still needed longer:(. They are very fudgy:(. Hopefully the women at book club will like them. They do taste good!They just didn’t hold together that well for me.

Unfortunately I’m on my phone so I can’t provide links to all the other amazing bloggers who participate in the Fantastic Bake Along (if there’s a way, please let me know), but please go to Tracy’s post and check them all out!!!

I also ended up baking up the rest of the cookie dough I had bought last week.

Finally I took some of the brownie parts that had crumbled and have made them into cake pops, but I haven’t quite finished so I’ll have to share them tomorrow.

Well I’m back to Longbourne now!

Have fun!