I Can’t Believe It!

I must be right out to lunch that I forgot to write the last two nights!


Yesterday I went with Dennis back out to the dykes for 7.26km. I had said I wanted to do as many dyke runs as possible before school starts as i won’t be able to once I’m working. It was a perfect day for a run- cool at the start, quiet and beautiful!

I also got the NourishMoveLove 30 Minute Power Barre workout done. It hurt while I was doing it, so I’m taking that as a good sign. I signed up for her email and so am just following the weekly schedule she sends.


I started the Weekender for the third time yesterday. I kept trying to convince myself that it was okay, but I really didn’t like the fabric that was being produced. I have now gone to a 3.75mm needle and that’s my final offer!


I met up with my friend Anna and her boys for some blackberry picking and it was the highlight of my day, even though we were too late for the good blackberries.

I also didn’t manage to come home with any berries, but that’s okay.

Well I need to get some baking done before I get Gus and it gets hot.

Have fun!


From Full to Empty in Moments of Waking

I was expecting to have a very busy day, but within moments of waking up, 2/3 of my plans were cancelled. Thankfully I managed to be productive anyways and have ended the day with a nice treat.


The one plan that wasn’t cancelled was my run. I did an 8km run with Dennis out on the Dyke. It wasn’t my best run and it wasn’t my worst. I think I just went out too fast. It was nice to have the jump in mileage though!

I also got another NourishMoveLove workout done this evening. Can you tell I am enjoying these workouts. This one was a twenty five minute booty, cardio and core band workout. I do like how she does the whole workout with you and that the workouts seem to go very fast. It is a little tough to watch a woman who just had a baby, beat your butt though!🤣


I seemed to have a lot of energy today and got my dishes done, all of my laundry done, and my living room tidied up.


I let myself do an hour of knitting on my new Weekender project this morning. However, I didn’t know her entire hour would be spent casting on. I had never done the tubular cast on before so didn’t know it took six rows! I guess it’s good to learn something new.

This evening I have gone back to the project and am just at the boring rib stage.


I want enough progress that it can be seen on Sunday, so I spent an hour stitching this afternoon while the sun was out. I don’t know if I’ll quite make my goal, but I should be close.


I had bought material for four tank tops yesterday and I don’t want to be the person who has the material hanging around for years, so today I got busy and made a second tank top. I managed to make many mistakes on this one too, but also managed to fix them, so I’m taking it as a win.

I wore the tank for my workout this afternoon and it was super comfy so there will definitely be three more. I did buy enough material for two in each fabric, but I think I will look for a different pattern for the second in each.


It was also on my list to make up my second Fresh Prep meal today and I actually managed to do so. Tonight it was Lemongrass Chicken with Nuoc Cham and Romaine Salad.

It was supposed to be a barbecue recipe, but I just did my chicken on the stove. I also learned that Nuoc Cham refers to an Asian style dressing. The meal was quite yummy, though I don’t feel like it was worth the cost with it being mainly salad.!


This evening I got a text from my running buddy asking if I was busy I was immediately concerned and thinking she needed a ride to emergency as I have had this text in the past and I knew she had been experiencing abdominal pain for about a week.

It turned out she had just come from emergency and was waiting for a prescription to be filled and wanted me to meet her for coffee. A way better circumstance!

It was a lovely treat to get to finish my day having tea with a friend and talking knitting!

Well, I’m going back to knitting as I try to decide if I should run tomorrow or not?

Have fun!


Up Late

Sorry I had this planned for last night, but my parent’s friend stayed late and I fell asleep immediately.


My mom is Avery sneaky, smart woman. As I was heading out the door for a short run at the field, she asked me how much more I needed for my squad runner mission. Of course once I looked and realized it was only 56 minutes, I had to do it.

I also did another NourishLoveMove workout. I have really been enjoying these workouts and definitely feel like my arms are getting more work.


I spent most of the day knitting and am on the last pattern section of the current sweater. This is where I get excited:)


For the last month my mom has been saying she has the backsplash and the fireplace left to do. Well both are now done.

My dad and his friend moved the granite mantel piece into lace last night.


I have still been baking lots. I have done blueberry zucchini muffins

And then I changed it up slightly to blueberry lemon zucchini muffins.

I have also done plum muffins, but they didn’t work out very well.

I was noticing that the top of my muffins would cave after I took them out of the oven, but after some research, I turned the oven temperature up and it seems to have fixed the problem. Baking with someone else’s oven is always tough.

I also made zucchini bites, but they were all gone before I got a picture. I am slowly making my way through a website called 60 Zucchini recipes🤣


The absolute best part of my day yesterday came at the end of it. A massage of my calves using trigger point theory. Wow I feel better than I have in a very long time!

Well I’m off to start my day, have fun!


The Usual With Company

I really do just do my usual stuff when visiting my parents, but here I have someone to talk to🤣


I had no intention of running this morning as I’ve ran the last four days, but then my mom asked me about it and I heard my dad assume I was already out running. I ended up going out. I was going to just go do a few laps around the field, but it was too busy so I ran to the end of the street and there was a hill. I ended up doing seven hill repeats and then heading home.

I guess it’s better than nothing is my theme today as my workout tonight was a Nourish Move Love workout off of Instagram. My SIL has told me about her and I was looking at her posts and liked her mantra- never miss a Monday, so I did a ten minute workout before crawling into bed.


I went with my parents this morning to do some returns in town. I then dragged my mom to a yarn shop.


I crazily accepted two test knits at once so I have been spending a lot of time knitting! I am about two inches from being done the first sweater and can’t wait to show it to you. I think it may become a favourite!

I picked up a dark blue Estelle worsted yarn for the second today and will hopefully start tomorrow.


Even before I got here, my dad was asking for specific baked goods. Yesterday I made Rice pudding from the leftover dinner rice. My dad refuses to eat leftovers so I was attempting to find a way to get them eaten. It did work.

Today I started on the zucchini issue. I was going to make a traditional zucchini bread until I discovered my parents didn’t have a loaf pan. I decided to make these Lemon zucchini muffins. They were super easy to make and absolutely delicious. My dad is already asking for more and my mom wants me to skip the traditional loaf tomorrow and make this as a loaf.

It has been a pretty quiet day otherwise and I’m looking forward to another one tomorrow🤣

Have fun!



I just realized I didn’t write about yesterday!


Really, the only thing of great interest I did yesterday was my bike ride first thing in the morning with Dennis. We have a local trail that he had been wanting to do, but the last three attempts were cut short- one by flat tires, one by time, and one by lack of confidence, but yesterday it finally happened. We rode 24.27km and I didn’t fall off. I didn’t master the gear shifting until the last hill, but I did finally get it. I think it was successful because I gave myself permission to just go slow at the tough bits:). I even said at the end that I’d be willing to do it again:)

In the early afternoon I also got a workout in. I did a Pro Fit Bootcamp video off of YouTube. If you want t sweat profusely, this is the video for you!


I was determined to get my laundry all done so I also got knitting done. Well technically I got it undone. I took apart the shawl I have been working on as I just didn’t like it’s shape. I think I will look for a top pattern.

I also got the test knit pattern and have started gauge swatching.

Well I think that that was all my excitement. Now I had better get ready for my run.

Have fun!


Stretching My Skills with Sally

Well it was a busy day that unfortunately included a dud.


I had my day planned out and knew I had to get my run in early if it was going to get done, especially with the heat. I got a lovely 5.5km to the mill and back.

This afternoon I did some weights. 36 each of: bent over rows, banded front raises, bicep curls, overhead tricep extension, pullovers, chest press, shoulder press, plank, crunches, bicycle crunches, reverse crunch with a toe tap, Russian twists, scissor legs, heel touches, squats, curtsy lunge, plié squat, adductors, calf raises, banded side shuffle, and hip bridges.

I’m sure there’s muscle under the heat wave bloat!


Last Saturday I was supposed to share my July baking challenge, but I was waiting until I had somewhere to take the cake so that I didn’t eat it all.

Today I grabbed ingredients at the grocery store and got to work early before it got even hotter. I had decided to do lemon cupcakes with cream and blueberries. I decided on the cupcakes so that it would make it easier to divide up, during this time of Covid when no one is supposed to share food.

The cupcakes were quick and easy. I only had to change the butter to vegan butter spread and the milk to oat milk for these. They didn’t rise much, but they had a great lemon taste.

I had decided to use coco whip as my cream because dairy free whipping cream uses full fat coconut milk which is often too rich for me and the light doesn’t turn into whipping cream.

I got the cupcakes, the whip and the blueberries out to start the process, only to learn that coco whip doesn’t like 33 degree weather.

It was a disaster!! The coco whip slid right off the cupcake and took the blueberries with it.

I ended up not taking these anywhere and scraped the remaining coco whip off and froze the cupcakes.

Make sure you check out Abbey (Three Cats and a Girl) and Kathy (Sewing etc) to see how their baking challenge went. I’m sure better than mine!


I met up with my friend Anna and her two sons at a local park and were lucky enough to have it pretty much to ourselves. The distancing was a little tough but we did our best and avoided direct contact. It was awesome to see them as I haven’t since February!

I then grabbed Gus and we went to have ice cream. It was a quick trip as he had plans to go fishing with a fiend so I dropped him off on my way home. I’m happy with even a short Gus fix:)


After a 2.5 hour nap, I spent some time getting a few pattern repeats on the shawl done and a couple of rows towards the 3″ of knitting stockinette in the round I have to do for the sweater.

That isn’t day!

Have fun!


A Quiet Weekend

It has been a quiet weekend for me.

I started both days with a run. I managed a lovely 12km yesterday morning and it felt great. This morning was 4.5 and it didn’t feel so great. I had gone long yesterday thinking we wouldn’t be running today, but we did, and my legs were tired! Oh well, at least some more mileage.

I also got a workout in this evening. I did 8 upper body exercises, 8 Ab exercises and 8 lower body exercises. Hopefully it helps build some muscle under the flab.


I have spent a lot of time reading this weekend. It has exclusively been Lauren Layne. Maybe I should call this the Lauren Layne weekend. I finished her Central Park Pact trilogy. I loved the first two books and the third was okay. It was probably very good, but just not what I was expecting. I would recommend this series.

I am now on book 2 of her Sex, Love and Stiletto series, and am enjoying it so far.


I have been working on the scarf/shawl I started in the car, but can’t say I’m really excited about it. I usually only have one knitting project on the go at a time, but I may need to start another more interesting project, maybe another sweater.

Sally’s baking challenge:

I know that I was supposed to do the baking challenge on Saturday, but I will actually be doing it Tuesday and will let you know how it goes.

Well there’s my quiet weekend.

Have fun!



It was nice to do nothing and waste a day.


I somehow woke enough this morning to set an alarm so I wasn’t late to meet Dennis. We ran the dykes and it went better than I expected. A nice 6.62km added to my mileage. I definitely need to do a couple of long ones to get my mileage up to where it should be this month though!

This evening I made myself do a band workout just so that I’d keep the trend going. I did side shuffle, squats, plié squats, front raises, crunches, reverse crunch with heel drop, pushups and a plank.


I had gotten a book from the library and then realized it was the second in a series so today I finished the first in the series called, Passion on Park Avenue by Lauren Layne. I really enjoyed this book and liked the fact that it was the man at the end who wasn’t answering phone calls or notes. I would recommend the book if you are looking a fun summer read. I am onto the second of the series and am enjoying it as well.

I have to admit that that is all I have done today. Pretty sad, but enjoyable.

Have fun!


Two For Two

Well I got two things done that I should have gotten done.


As I was laying in bed this morning, my running buddy texted to say run without her. I decided that I had better just get it done right away as it would get less and less likely as the day went on. At least today’s 5km run was better than yesterday’s. My hip flexor (I think) is still bugging me, but definitely not as bad as yesterday.

I also got a weights workout in this afternoon. I changed up what I did and took the cardio out of it. I did three sets of ten reps with decreasing weight for: military press, overhead tricep extension, bicep curl, crunches, reverse crunches with a heel tap, bent over rows, pullovers, Russian twists, side to side heel touches, and hip raises. It didn’t burn a lot of calories, but at some point I’d really like to see some muscle tone!


I got my bathroom wiped down which was my daily job today and I got my house insurance renewed. It’s a good thing I got these two things done as nothing else got done.


I met up with a fellow teacher friend for a walk (six feet apart) over to the ice cream store. She had never been to Vashti Rose, so I of course had to introduce her, and she of course, loved it! I had the blood orange with a little taster of lemon pineapple and they were great! On our way over there we saw:

I’m embarrassed to say that I have walked by this cuteness several times and never noticed it. I think my story is going to be that it is new and wasn’t there the last several times I was in the area. I now also know my friend is way more observant than me.🤣


I have spent all day reading in any little time I had. I finished Get a Life Chloe Brown by Thalia Hibbert. I have to admit this was a slow start for me as it seemed odd and I didn’t love how they talked to each other, but once I hit their email exchange, I was hooked. I would recommend the book as a good, fluffy summer read and I will definitely be reading the next in the series.


I actually got both stitching and knitting done this evening:)🎊🎉. I just needed to get going on the podcasts and it all fell into place. You will see the stitching on Sunday and hopefully the knitting soon.

Well that’s my day folks!

Have fun!


PJ Day

I really didn’t mean to spend the day in my pajamas!


I got busy this morning and did my one task of housework. I had to change the order as my floors were in desperate need of cleaning, so all sweeping and vacuuming got done today. I’m glad I got at least that done!


I have to admit I spent most of the day eating berries, playing scrabble, reading and watching a Hallmark movie.


Thank goodness I had arranged to run with Sarah today or I never would have gotten out of my pajamas. We did a 5km to the mill and back and boy was it hot and a little busier than I like.

I then came home and did a Hallmark workout which was a minute of jogging between: front raises, crunches, lateral raises, squats, plié squats, deadlifts, burpees, tricep extensions, mountain climbers, pullovers, reverse crunches and bicep curls.

I really need a massage though! My body is getting very sore and creaky.

I know I should be knitting or stitching, but I think I’m going to go back to reading my book.

Have fun!