I am just about to start working on this so thought I’d do an update first. My mom and I both started this in October and she finished hers last night so now I need to get a move on!

This so Hello Autumn by Sue Hillis designs:)

It has been interesting to do this one on 32 count as there are parts that are super confetti and I’ve learned I don’t love doing confetti on 32 count. Talk about tough to get your needle in for those single stitches. I’m almost done though and am aiming to be done by January 10th so that it will be an even 3 months.

Please make sure you check out everyone else’s progress:)



AJ, Cathie, Linda, Helen, Connie, Cindy, MaryMargaret


14 thoughts on “SAL Update

    1. It was nice to have a break from the confetti with my newest project though I have to admit the confetti gives the project a much more saturated look

    1. That 32 count almost killed me. It wasn’t that it was tough stitching. It was that I couldn’t find a set up that worked well and didn’t give me a sore back

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