SAL Update

Well I am very thankful to be part of this group as it got me to get off my butt and get a backing and hanger on my latest finish.

I had bought a couple of Mill Hill kits to try out but didn’t realize this one was totally done in beads. That didn’t last long! I didn’t like what it looked like all in beads so I pulled some threads I thought would work and cross stitched the design and then just added a few beads. I really do like having a few beads as it seems to make them a little more special.

For having been off for a week sick I sure don’t seem to have gotten much stitching done. I guess the extra sleeping really has cut into my crafting time.

I just started my next Mill Hill kit last night so hopefully I will have a finish to show you by next update!

Make sure to check out the other stitchers!



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