Vacation Day 15

I can’t complain as I’ve had a lovely time off, but unfortunately I know it’s coming to an end:(


Normally I run Bert Flynn Park with Sarah and Kula on Saturday mornings, but earlier this week Sarah had suggested a local hike instead. Sounded good to me:). To Kula too!

We headed out and I had forgotten how hilly that hike was, or perhaps it was just my super heavy legs! About fifteen minutes in I decided that this would count as my run for the day! With having run 89km this month, I’m okay with that:) It was a gorgeous hike- about 45 minutes each way with a stop at the beach for Kula to go swimming. I love any hike that ends at water or with a water view!

Kula decided he hadn’t had enough exercise doing the trail four times and swimming, so he decided to dig too. I only captured the last few seconds.

This video doesn’t exist

We need to put this digger to better use than excavating the beach 😂


My mom came to give me a hand with a couple of chores such as cleaning my gas fireplace and redoing my filing system. It’s just nice to have company while you tackle these mundane tasks. It has been a great feeling to get so many things done off my list during my holiday, though there are still plenty there. Maybe I’ll get to the sewing tomorrow:)


We hit Lee Valley as the treat for getting the mundane stuff done. I love Lee Valley as they have so many awesome items and some I just can’t imagine needing! I absolutely adore my measuring cups and spoons from there and my compost pail!!!! Last summer I had made a wish list for the store that I carry in my wallet and I’m just slowly picking away at it. I got some new magnetic reflectors to wear while I’m running and some new pastry guides. I should now have perfect thickness on all baked goods🤣. This means I get to bake to try them out, right?!


I got lucky and had a second knit night with Brenda tonight and managed to finish my March sweater with three hours to spare🤣. I know I’ve been asked for a photo, but it will have to wait until tomorrow when someone is around to take it as I’m seriously awful at selfies.

Now I get the fun of deciding what to do next, though I think it’s really been decided for me already! I need to work on my rug regularly so it gets finished- I’m thinking I might use Sundays for that and I need to get my parent’s boat Afghan done before they leave town again, which with them, could be tomorrow🤣

I’m off to bed! I want to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for tomorrow:)

Have fun!


Topsy Turvy Day

It seemed a little weird to not get up and run right away today!


Last night I had put apple pie oatmeal into my crockpot and used a timer to have it turn on around 2am. I still got up to burnt oatmeal. I think it’s the recipe and I keep forgetting which recipe I’ve done and keep using it:( If anyone has a good crockpot oatmeal recipe, I’d love to hear it!


I got my first sleeve finished and reattached this morning and was super happy with how it looks now. I think that if I get the second sleeve done, this will actually be a sweater I wear a lot:). Unfortunately my hand is a little sore from all the knitting😂


I went through this morning and gathered up 6 bags of clothing and books for donation. It felt super great to get rid of some stuff and I know I have more that can still go! I was selling my stuff on a Facebook group but my clothing doesn’t seem to go well. I’m guessing because of its size😂

I was really ticked when I got to the store and they only gave me four stamps for my six bags. They are being given things to sell- you would think they could be generous with the stamps!! Then I saw the stamp card was only valid until March 31st. Grrr I don’t like companies that are out to get the customer any way they can. I’m going to have to look for somewhere else to shop!


My mom and I tackled the rest of the store that I started earlier in the week. It took me about two hours and yet again I came home with a ton of workout gear. At least I got about five things that weren’t:).


We were both hungry by the time the marathon shopping trip was over so we stopped at the local pub for lunch. This is one of my favorite places to go because they have gluten free/ dairy free fish and chips. My mom and I split a two piece order and get very kindly brought it on two plates for us:) It was still way too much food for me!


We stopped in at my place and then were off again. I had planned on doing a ten kilometer run on Sunday for the Squad Runner mission but it got changed and I had to do it today. I didn’t really want to run the same thing I had run yesterday so my mom volunteered to go for a walk on the dyke so I could go do my run out there. It turned out to be super busy out there so I suppose I could have gone by myself. It was a beautiful day for some exercise though so I won’t feel bad about dragging my mom out🤣

Of course I somehow managed to screw up Runkeeper so it wasn’t doing my four and one intervals, so I changed it and every time the announcement came on for another kilometer I walked while counting to 60 in my head. I had to go a lot further than I expected before 5km came along, but it was a nice day for a run, except for the headwind going both ways!

Lately, I had been thinking that maybe I could handle a half marathon but after how tired I was today after 10km, I’ve changed my mind. I’ll need to work on that longer!


I went and got my eyelashes and eyebrows dyed this afternoon. This is a necessity when you’re as blond as me. I often wonder why I didn’t start doing this much younger?!

I also had a lovely nap this afternoon so now I’m going to spend some time knitting my second sleeve.

Have fun!


A Lot of Nothing

My day didn’t go as planned, but I just didn’t seem to have a lot of energy.


I got out first thing this morning to complete my Squad Runner mission of 7km. I did this in 4 and 1 intervals. When I finished, Runkeeper said my average pace was a 7:02, which made me wonder how fast I was running as that included my walks, which were definitely not fast! Even though I wasn’t as fast as I wanted to be, I felt good right to the end which is what I think I like best about doing the intervals:)

I also got a quick workout in this evening. It’s called the Tap it Out workout and its by the blogger, Pizza and Pull-ups. It was a nice quick workout with a set done standing and a set of abs. I definitely felt the abs and liked this set best!


Before I went out today, I finished the collar of my sweater and sewed it down.

It’s not a great picture, sorry. I really like how the body and collar fit, but don’t like the sleeves so I have detached one and frogged it back to the cuff and am remaking it half the size it was before. Hopefully the sweater will be wearable soon!


I have been listening to Treasure Island in LibriVox as I have been knitting and am on chapter 25 of 34! I’m getting closer. I’ll have to figure out what book to listen to next!

Lol this is a problem I have in everything! As I near the end of a book, a knitting project, a recipe, I’m already searching around for what I’m going to do next and that is often of more interest to me than finishing the project I have on the go😂


Most of today was taken up with errands. I started by going back to Costco to return the milk I bought, but of course I was on my way into the store when I realized my Costco card was sitting on the desk at home😖😣. I so dislike when I do things like that!

Costco wasn’t a waste though as my mom bought some new lawn chairs and we ran into my brother, sister in law and nephew:) I always love seeing them!

We also hit Michaels and found some yarn for the new boat blanket I will make for my parents. It will be started right after I get this sweater finished!

We also stopped in at Bath and Bodyworks and got some new smelly things. I like my classroom to smell good and unfortunately 21 little people don’t contribute well to this goal🤣

They final stop was at the Runner’s Den for some honey stingers and Nuun so I will be more prepared for the longer runs in doing. I won’t use them unless I’m doing more than ten km, but it will be good to be prepared. I wanted to get myself a new handheld water bottle, but just didn’t know which to get. I’ll have to do some research.


The final events for today have been to do with my house. My fireplace has turned itself off and I spent some time looking at how to turn it back on, but then decided I should wait and take this opportunity to clean it once it’s all cool.

I have decided to go with my Stylebook App for my wardrobe again. I know I will probably run into the problem of transfer again in the future, but I think I just need to get better at backing up and restoring! This app suits me as it’s not about shopping and it’s not about trends. I really just use it to know what I have while I’m out shopping and to ensure I’m using my wardrobe.

Well I’m off to make some oatmeal in the crockpot for tomorrow morning!

Have fun!


Run Here, Run There

It felt like a busy day while it was happening, but I didn’t seem to get much done.


I did another 4km this morning to finish off my Squad Runner mission of 8km for Tuesday and Wednesday. I was glad to get it done and even happier to do it in sunshine. I told myself to just go out and take it easy and not worry about speed, but maybe the sun got to me as I did a 6:02 kilometer which is good for me:)

Of course, this afternoon my new Aftershockz headphones showed up😂. It was sunny and I had new headphones to try and I had company coming so it will all need to wait until tomorrow😣😖🤣


I met up with three of the ladies from work today for lunch at a local pub. I had the Cioppino which is a seafood stew. I always eat seafood if I possibly can when I go out. Even with it being salty, it didn’t disappoint. I ate all the seafood, but couldn’t finish the soup. I unfortunately didn’t think of bringing it home until my mom mentioned that:(


I met up with my mom for some errands. I often wonder if other mother/daughter combos get their quality time in while running errands? 😂. We hit Costco where I once again bought the wrong milk, but got canned salmon and chicken and my pictures. We hit Walmart, but didn’t find any yarn, Quest Bars or Nuun:(. Wow for so much driving it doesn’t seem like much when I list it:(


My mom saw my temperature scarf today and figures I should keep going on it, so I will. My friend who was also doing it has torn hers out as she wasn’t happy with it. I’ll see how mine goes. It is definitely a good thing that I found a weather site that gives me the high temperature each day as I’m horrible at checking that!

It was knit night tonight so my friend came to my place ( a good thing as it forced me to vacuum and clean the bathroom this morning). I’ve worked on my sweater collar and am almost done. Hopefully tomorrow there will be pictures for you!

I think that is all I have done today. See! For being so busy, I don’t have much to show for it:(. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

Have fun!


Theme of the Day: Hockey

I did what I had to do and a lot of hockey based stuff:)


It was yet again pouring as I went out the door for my run this morning:( I got my 4km done though and had my fastest kilometer yet:) Unfortunately, I am running out of dry running shoes.

That was my only exercise for the day.

The Boring Stuff:

I went over to “visit” my parents. They may argue that I went to use their computer 😂. I got my taxes and my mortgage renewal done in 40 minutes. It’s only been weighing on my mind for about two months😂


I hit the mall to fax my mortgage documents and also popped into the Apple store about my app question. The very cute man told me the only answer would be to start completely over with my new phone:(. Ugh not what I wanted to hear!

I also popped in and grabbed a book,In a Cottage in a Wood to go with my friend’s tea and chocolate gift for her birthday. A friend at work read it and said it was good:)


Just so you all don’t think all I eat are treats, here is my lunch today:)


I have spent a lot of today reading.

What’s hilarious is that as I went on goodreads to get the picture, I see I’ve already read this book, Delay of Game by Catherine Gayle😂. It is a Portland Storm hockey book and I have been enjoying it. If you like sports romances I recommend this series as it also deals with big issues in each book.


This evening I got the chance to head out to a local hockey playoff game 3:). It was a lot of fun, though I spent a lot of time yelling at the refs who weren’t great:(

we ended the evening with dessert out for the birthday girl. I had tea. I guess it’s good I’m forced to be good.

It has been a really nice day and I’m glad I got those two jobs off my list:)

Have fun!


Friend Time

A day with a friend is never a waste!


Couple of months ago my close friend had mentioned she wanted to go to a specific mall while we were on vacation, and today was the day:)

I met her at ten am, and we went from there. I was terrified when we walked in the doors and I immediately saw a running vest I wanted. Was that what today was going to be like? Was I going to spend a ton of money?

Thankfully not. I put the vest on hold so I could think about it and we carried on. We saw super cute home wares and then cute baby toys too!We both had a couple of stores we wanted to go to, but mostly we just wandered. I checked out the kids shoe store, but there were no amazing deals and nothing I desperately needed. I stopped into the Apple store in Best Buy and they were no help with transferring my app:(. We then broke for lunch. After perusing the food court ( we didn’t want to take the time for a restaurant meal) we decided to split a Freshii Bamboo bowl and each get their new dairy free smoothie.

My friend was a little upset at how little I took of the bowl, but I knew the smoothie would be plenty, and I was right! Both were mighty delicious though.

Refreshed we went back to the shopping. I almost bought my SIL a mug from Anthropologie for her birthday, but my mom reminded me that as a teacher, she probably gets a ton. I had a good look through J Crew, but again, no great sales and nothing I desperately needed. Free People and Forever 21 were the same.

I did have success in David’s Tea at getting Queen of Tarts hibiscus tea for my dad and a present for my friend whose birthday it is tomorrow- tea lip gloss, tea spoon, tea chocolate and her favorite tea.

I also had success in Whole Foods. Like me, my friend likes to wander through grocery stores just to see what they have. WF had a few gluten free and dairy free products on sale that I hadn’t tried before, so I picked those up:)

We went back to Simons and I bought the running jacket as I have been looking for one. I hope it works well. It has elastic at the bottom and I didn’t know if I wanted that or not, but I guess we’ll soon find out😂


Upon coming home, I knew I needed to get out for my run as I had a double boost from my teammates that I didn’t want to waste! I turned on Strava and off I went. I managed 5.1km in 33 minutes so I was happy:)

This evening I also got a circuit workout in. It had three circuits and in each there was 6-8 exercises you had to do for a minute each. The first was all about legs- pile squats, lunges, jacks, wall sit, sumo squats, leg raises, and regular squats.

The second circuit was all arms: pushups, dips, bicep curls, and plank. I had to do the dips and pushups twice.

The final set was and- plank, bicycles twice, right plank, left plank, v ups, hip dips and reverse crunches.

I could swear I’ve been working out regularly, but I was sweating through this workout like I was out of shape!

After all this, I utilized the lovely roller bar my brother had given me for my last birthday, boy did that feel good!!!


Well I have the front and back of my sweater sewn together, but I’ve been having difficulty getting the sleeves attached. I’ll give it another try tonight as I want to be able to do the collar tomorrow!

Product Review:

I just had to try out one of the new products I bought today (which necessitated the workout this evening)😂

This does not have a strong base taste like ice cream made with coconut milk has. It just tastes deliciously of cinnamon. It also has big chunks of cinnamon cookie dough throughout. I would definitely buy this again! Though perhaps it would be better if I didn’t!😂

Have fun!


Vacation Day 9

A pretty good, low key vacation day:)


I got up this morning to go for my 12km run when I suddenly realized that if I was going to go that far I should probably have some water and honey stinger chews on hand, though I was hoping to be out only 75 minutes. Lol when I went to get the supplies, I came to the realization I am woefully unprepared for longer runs these days. I peeled two mandarin oranges for myself and headed out the door.

I met up with my totally awesome and flexible running buddy who was willing to walk however long it took me to run the 12km (she has hurt her feet and so isn’t running). I set out doing intervals of 4 and 1s as I figured I could survive anything doing that. Of course I quickly learned that one lap of the lake, while beautiful, was only 3.2km, not the 5km it said online. I was not willing to run that lake four times. I ended up doing 6.11km and headed for tea.

I was thinking about Julie as I was blasting Another One Bites the Dust and singing along on the way home from my run. It seemed like the perfect song for after that run!

The good news is that when I uploaded my run to Squad Runner, it gave me credit and 150 points for the mission. Yahoo🎊🎉🎊🎉. I was super relieved to not have to go out and run again in the afternoon.

This evening, I really didn’t want to work out, so I stuck with 200 squats and 150 crunches and called it a day.


I managed to finish my second sleeve today:) I think all I have to do now is sew the parts together and do the shawl collar- only six days to have it done for it to count for HPKCHC!


One of my goals this year is to try and finish up the many series that I have started. Last night, I went back through GoodReads and found the first series I hadn’t finished was the Southern Roads series by Stephanie Bond. There were only three novellas left to read, so I got them from Amazon and am through 2.5 of them.

The series is about three brothers who resurrect their hometown that was flattened by a tornado ten years ago. I’ve really enjoyed the series and the short stories have been enjoyable too. Baby I’m Back made me laugh, cry and sigh, which to me is a good read:) Baby Hold On was centered around the rehab of a dog and since I love dogs, it was a given I’d enjoy the book. The only thing that bugged me was the “theories” of the groomer that were spot on. Ugh I don’t like perfect coincidences in books. I’m just finishing up the third short story and then I’ll have that series finished:). Is it bad that I even get excited about “accomplishing” finishing a series?

I have also spent some time listening to Treasure Island while knitting and have gotten to chapter 16:)


I was given spinach by my friend Sarah and decided to try a batch of spinach brownies I found the recipe for on WordPress. They were super easy to make, but I have to admit that I can’t get past the look of them. To me they look like baby poop:(. I think these ones are going in the garbage, I don’t want to waste my calories on something that isn’t totally fulfilling!


Today is my dad’s birthday so I had left his present in the freezer for him yesterday:) Dilly bars- he loves them and my mom isn’t left with more stuff, seems like the perfect gift to me!😛. I also took my parents out for dinner tonight to celebrate. It was pretty good, we just shared three different appetizers:)

I have obviously eaten way too much today as I also had a tortilla pizza for lunch, thanks to Maureen of Maureen Gets Real:) I had a gluten free tortilla (Mission brand is the best I’ve found), spread it with pesto, mushrooms and chicken and then grated dairy free mozzarella on top. It was so good and felt so decadent to eat a whole pizza! I have definitely eaten too much today though, gotta be better tomorrow!

Well, I’m off to bed.

Have fun!


The Flip Side

It was a great day and then disappointment struck:(


I met up with Sarah and Kula for some trail running this morning. I always love trail running better than road running. It just seems so much more relaxed, or maybe I just am. We tried for the same route as last time, but ended up with a slightly different one that we actually liked better. It gave us a little downhill break in the middle. There seemed to be a lot of uphill today. Sarah wiped out towards the end, but otherwise it was a lovely way to start the morning:) 3.89km through the bush!

Unfortunately my SR mission for this weekend is 12km and I know where I’m running tomorrow is only 5km so I figured I’d better get out and do another run today. I never thought this day would come! I often read The Dancing Runner who runs twice most days and think- wow I’ll never be able to do that. Well today, I did it. I wanted to get at least another 3.1km in this evening so I’d only have to do 5km tomorrow. I waited for a break in the rain/wet snow we were having and hit the path. I figured my usual route through the park and back would do it and it did- 3.56km! I was so impressed with myself😂.

I came back, entered it, synced it to Squad Runner and learned that neither of my runs had counted😢. I’m sure I had hit the particulate button, so I sent an email and we’ll see what happens. Unfortunately this now means I have to do 12km all tomorrow:(

After this news, I went and put on my PJs and hit the couch😣😖


Most of my day in between the runs was taken up with a fabulous shopping trip with my mom! I had great plans to renew my wardrobe with some new stuff, unfortunately I didn’t make it past the workout gear😂. I got some awesome stuff and told my mom we have to go back so I can peruse the rest of the store! It’s a good thing I had a 30% off coupon though😂😂😂! I have to admit one of the best parts of shopping for me now is that I have to shop in the kids department. I spent my childhood shopping in the ladies section and now I spend my adulthood shopping in the kids. It gives me a little thrill causes it just confirms how far I’ve come:)


My mom finally pulled a mutiny and said I had to take her to eat! Lol we left quickly and hit Pasta Polo which is a nearby independent pasta/pizza restaurant. I always try to go to a non-chain restaurant when I can:). I grew up hearing my dad say that he wanted to eat where the food didn’t look like a picture on the menu. I guess it’s stuck with me. My mom had the creation of the day pizza and a Caesar salad which she said was delicious!

I had seafood pasta dish that of course was made gluten free and dairy free. I made sure to eat all the pasta first so I would quit eating when I was full! I brought the leftover pasta home for lunch tomorrow. I think it will be good with chicken added to it. The seafood pasta was very good too:)


I finally finished my NetGalley book. It was The Perfect Catch by Cassidy Carter. It was a nice read, but it would be best to choose either the book or the movie as they are so closely the same .

This book tells the story of Jessica and Chase. They were a couple in high school, but Chase’s career separates them. Will it again?

This book is based on a Hallmark movie and very closely follows the movie. It is a very sweet, family centered romance that is a pleasure to read. The characters are interesting and well developed and the pace of the book is good. I really liked the side story of Jessica’s career and how Chase reminds her to go for her dreams and supports her in them.

If you like sports romances, a sweet read or second chance romances, this book is for you.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Movie Review:

Last night after my nephew went to sleep, I watched the movie Drinking Buddies on Netflix. I only mention it so I can warn you that I think it may be the dumbest movie I have ever seen. I really don’t know why I watched the whole thing, maybe I was hoping it would improve? All I know, is that now I feel like I need to read something really tough and classical to get my IQ restored!


I finished the first sleeve of my sweater today, finally!!! Now I’m off to cast on the other one so I can finish and wear this sweater before it gets too hot!

Have fun!


Busy Vacation!

Sure seemed like a busy day for a vacation day, but thankfully it was all good stuff:)


I met up with Brenda today to attend the Fibres West Show held in Cloverdale. We weren’t sure about going, but decided we should as we haven’t been to this show before.

We couldn’t believe that the parking was already almost full when we got there! It was the first day and we were there within the first hour! It cost $8 to get in and I paid for Brenda’s entrance too as she drove. So far I’m at $16. We decided to do a tour of the whole place while taking notes on the program of anything we wanted to go back to. You will be amazed, but I only spent $46 total!!!! So good for me compared to the last knitting show I went to! I ended up buying this:

I bought all from the same place. It was a mother daughter team and they had such cute stuff!

The little bags are for holding circular and double pointed needles so the stitches won’t come off when they’re in transport.

The bigger bad will hold my stitch markers and I decided I needed it because I say that exact thing so often!!!

Here are some of the other neat things I saw.

I would like to have my dad make me a bowl as I love them, but they are so expensive!!!

I took this picture because the colors were just so vibrant!!

The felting booth was amazing, but also so expensive!!!

It didn’t take us as long to go through as we thought! I think that if you were a spinner or weaver this would be a better show for you! I had to work really hard to not come home with the supplies to try one of these hobbies. I’m trying to keep my hobbies limited.

We stopped for coffee on our way home and I used the WiFi to upload some more apps to my phone.


The ride home gave me time to determine a plan for the afternoon. I had wanted to go for a thriftiness adventure with my mom but felt like we didn’t have enough time. So I indulged in a yummy tuna melt

And then laid down for a nap as I didn’t sleep well last night. As I laid there of course I couldn’t sleep, so I just got up for my run.

Squad Runner told me I was running 7km again today. Yesterday when I was nervous about doing this, I had done the four and one intervals that My Kind of Fit had suggested. Today I tried out my new Strava app and it didn’t let me set up intervals so I had to just run the whole 7km straight. My time wasn’t very different, but I sure didn’t feel as strong at the end:(. It was interesting to do the same run two days in a row and to test out the difference between intervals and straight running.

I did like the Strava app as it kept good time and didn’t lose GPS. I’ll try my old running app tomorrow to see if the difference is just my new phone.


After my run, I got cleaned up and headed over to meet up with my nephew. It was hilarious, he was supposed to be hanging out with a neighbor, but told his mom he’d rather hang out with auntie. Squeee makes my heart happy❤️💜💙💚

We met up with my parents for dinner at Mr. Mike’s. My dad had an awesome huge drink!

I didn’t have a lot of choices, but enjoyed a lobster avocado salad.

My nephew indulged in dessert:)

Afterwards it was back to my parent’s place to play pool. We discovered that everyone it my dad was horrible at this game😂

Finally it was time for some video games and then bed! My nephew just redid his bedroom and has the coolest under-bed lighting!

Well my nephew is in bed and I’ll be watching Hallmark movies in my brother’s tv and trying to stay awake later than the nephew😂

Have fun!AJ

Vacation Day 6

A day that totally didn’t go as planned!


I got myself out of bed finally this morning for my run. Squad Runner told me to do 45 minutes today and for some reason I was super nervous about it! I’m not sure why though it kept going through my head that yes I’ve ran everyday before, but usually just a half hour and I’ve been doing more than that all week. I suppose I’m a little worried, I’ll get hurt, but there’s been no twinges yet with my run streak. I am also super happy that SR is already getting me out of my thirty minute running rut. There are no pictures from this morning’s run as the rain was bouncing off the sidewalks:(

I also got a cardio workout in this evening. It was quick but intense with skipping, high knees, butt kicks, running, burpees, and jump squats. I’m just glad it’s done!


I had arranged to spend the day with my mom. We had no idea what to do so she asked me for the list I had made earlier this year if things I wanted to do while she was home. Unfortunately, instead of a fun thing, we decided to start with investigating a new phone for me. I’m tired of mine turning off halfway through runs, etc. I got a new phone and there went the rest of the day. The backup and restore didn’t work properly and so I spent the rest of the day reloading apps, etc. I still don’t have all my notes, contacts, pictures and one app:(.

I might have finally figured out what to do. My phone keeps saying it can’t backup to iCloud because iCloud is full, so I’m going to delete the old backup, backup my old phone and then restore my new phone. Hopefully I don’t end up with two of everything! If you know of a reason this won’t work or a better way to do it, please speak up!!!!😂


I did a little online shopping too. My run this morning went well, except for my headphones again. They kept falling out and then they just cut out completely halfway through my run:(. I gave in and ordered a pair of aftershokz titanium mini headphones. They were a lot of money, but as everyone keeps reminding me, I run or walk with them everyday! I hope they fit and I like them.


I am still working on the first sleeve of my sweater. I can’t wait to be done this sweater! My mom and I looked at Walmart yarn for her boat blanket today, but there was nothing there she liked. We’ll try the other Walmart another day as otherwise we might have to order online!


I’m still working on my NetGalley book and am only about a third of the way through so I better get back to reading!

Have fun!


PS- sorry for no pictures I have absolutely none on this phone:)