It was a great day and then disappointment struck:(


I met up with Sarah and Kula for some trail running this morning. I always love trail running better than road running. It just seems so much more relaxed, or maybe I just am. We tried for the same route as last time, but ended up with a slightly different one that we actually liked better. It gave us a little downhill break in the middle. There seemed to be a lot of uphill today. Sarah wiped out towards the end, but otherwise it was a lovely way to start the morning:) 3.89km through the bush!

Unfortunately my SR mission for this weekend is 12km and I know where I’m running tomorrow is only 5km so I figured I’d better get out and do another run today. I never thought this day would come! I often read The Dancing Runner who runs twice most days and think- wow I’ll never be able to do that. Well today, I did it. I wanted to get at least another 3.1km in this evening so I’d only have to do 5km tomorrow. I waited for a break in the rain/wet snow we were having and hit the path. I figured my usual route through the park and back would do it and it did- 3.56km! I was so impressed with myself😂.

I came back, entered it, synced it to Squad Runner and learned that neither of my runs had counted😢. I’m sure I had hit the particulate button, so I sent an email and we’ll see what happens. Unfortunately this now means I have to do 12km all tomorrow:(

After this news, I went and put on my PJs and hit the couch😣😖


Most of my day in between the runs was taken up with a fabulous shopping trip with my mom! I had great plans to renew my wardrobe with some new stuff, unfortunately I didn’t make it past the workout gear😂. I got some awesome stuff and told my mom we have to go back so I can peruse the rest of the store! It’s a good thing I had a 30% off coupon though😂😂😂! I have to admit one of the best parts of shopping for me now is that I have to shop in the kids department. I spent my childhood shopping in the ladies section and now I spend my adulthood shopping in the kids. It gives me a little thrill causes it just confirms how far I’ve come:)


My mom finally pulled a mutiny and said I had to take her to eat! Lol we left quickly and hit Pasta Polo which is a nearby independent pasta/pizza restaurant. I always try to go to a non-chain restaurant when I can:). I grew up hearing my dad say that he wanted to eat where the food didn’t look like a picture on the menu. I guess it’s stuck with me. My mom had the creation of the day pizza and a Caesar salad which she said was delicious!

I had seafood pasta dish that of course was made gluten free and dairy free. I made sure to eat all the pasta first so I would quit eating when I was full! I brought the leftover pasta home for lunch tomorrow. I think it will be good with chicken added to it. The seafood pasta was very good too:)


I finally finished my NetGalley book. It was The Perfect Catch by Cassidy Carter. It was a nice read, but it would be best to choose either the book or the movie as they are so closely the same .

This book tells the story of Jessica and Chase. They were a couple in high school, but Chase’s career separates them. Will it again?

This book is based on a Hallmark movie and very closely follows the movie. It is a very sweet, family centered romance that is a pleasure to read. The characters are interesting and well developed and the pace of the book is good. I really liked the side story of Jessica’s career and how Chase reminds her to go for her dreams and supports her in them.

If you like sports romances, a sweet read or second chance romances, this book is for you.

Thank you to NetGalley and the publishers for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

Movie Review:

Last night after my nephew went to sleep, I watched the movie Drinking Buddies on Netflix. I only mention it so I can warn you that I think it may be the dumbest movie I have ever seen. I really don’t know why I watched the whole thing, maybe I was hoping it would improve? All I know, is that now I feel like I need to read something really tough and classical to get my IQ restored!


I finished the first sleeve of my sweater today, finally!!! Now I’m off to cast on the other one so I can finish and wear this sweater before it gets too hot!

Have fun!


43 thoughts on “The Flip Side

    1. It is, but sometimes it’s also awesome! My dad says he likes to go places where the food doesn’t look like the picture on the menu😂

  1. I hope Boogie is able to fix your SR issues?!! A couple of my runs didn’t count when I first started, so I know your pain. But I’m with ya… I have an entire 12k to do tomorrow even though my plan only calls for about 7k. I should’ve ticked off a few today, lol. BTW… great job doubling up!! 🙌

    1. Thank you! I suppose in the sense that I wanted this to get me to run more- it’s going along perfectly😂 I should almost set an alarm for accepting the missions😂
      Good luck on your 12km:)

      1. Every day at 4 pm, 😉
        Good luck on your 12k too! Sheesh, that’s a lot of mileage this cold morning, 🤔😄

  2. Two runs, that’s VERY impressive for me the non runner! Sometimes I think I would like to run, so I could get my 1-2 miles in faster, but then I remember how badly even a 440 went in school and I don’t have the nerve. Not sure my hip joints could take it anyway, so guess I better stick with walking. 😄
    Your dinners looked fabulous. Seafood in your part of the world must be something else. Something to avoid here in landlocked SD, except walleye.

    1. Lol I never thought I’d be a runner, but I enjoy it:) Of course, I enjoy walking even more😂
      Yup I eat seafood as often as possible, but I do try to make sure I’m somewhere near water when I do!

    1. I think I got help from the email I sent as this morning when I finished my run- they counted:)
      Yup the food and the experience are usually more fun and interesting than the chain reatauranta

  3. I love that you go to non chain restaurants when possible! I think it’s great for their business and your experience! I’m also chuckling to myself about needing to read something hard and intelligent😆😂 hehehe

    1. Oh I swear the movie killed off my brain cells and I watch Hallmark movies so that really says something!!! 😂🤣😂🤣

  4. just think when you are going to non-chain restaurants you are helping the local business community and the small business owners too.

  5. Love the shout out! Glad to see you are on Strava now too…I think it will help to motivate you and will also make you a stronger runner to see others doing well. Keep it up girl! You’re doing great. 🙂

    1. Sorry Chelsea- I’m just hoping it’s more reliable than runkeeper.
      I don’t bother to compete against anyone but me cause unless there’s a group for people with incredibly short legs, there’s no one on there I can compete with 😂
      Squad Runner is really helping to get me running more:)

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