Trivia Tuesday Tournament End

Well it was the end of the current trivia tournament.


I went out this morning for a run. It was slow and painful. The only good point was that I went back to the path I had fallen on and managed to not fall:). It was a busy path as I came across eight other women!


We finished up our Canada unit by blitzing the Maritime provinces. The kids had a blast using their planner, books and an iPad to find out facts. I’m glad we got to the end of the country.

We had three subtraction drills to make up so that was our only math today.

This afternoon we had the kindergarteners visit us. I did my job as one little boy said “Miss B is scary.” 😉


We had a baby shower for one of it teachers after school today. The rhubarb dream bars went over really well:) I also had some rice crackers, tortilla chips and fruit.


I finished the back of my cardigan today and started on the left front. I wish this sweater was made in one piece!


I wasn’t much help tonight except for the country music section.

I knew:

Shania Twain- Man I Feel Like a Woman

Johnny Cash- Ring of Fire

Brad Paisley- American Saturday Night

Garth Brooks- The Dance

Toby Keith- I Love This Bar

Who led the Argonauts?


Order the bridges longest to shortest?

Lions Gate, Granville, Burrard

What gives a target rash?


What colour does lithium burn?


What band was Roger Taylor and Andy Taylor part of?

Duran Duran

The Well bought all of us a free round:)

Well I need sleep!

Have fun!



Monday with a Side of Drama

It was an interesting day to say the least! Thankfully I was just the audience for most of it!


We had a fire drill first thing this morning, but after that I had arranged for the students to use a giant marshmallow and 6 pretzel sticks to create a character that they then wrote about in their journal. The students were super engaged and were surprisingly good about getting down to the writing portion. Getting to eat their creation for recess may have helped:)

After recess we wrote about Sports Day and boy did they have a lot to say. I wish I had had more time to give them!

This afternoon we moved across Canada to Quebec. The students are getting really good at using their planner information pages to find out facts:)

At the end of the day we had our usual half hour of outside playtime:)

The drama came at lunch. We had arranged a breakfast for the last day of school, but we have to be there on time so the breakfast is at 7:45 for anyone who is interested. Teacher A was complaining about how early it was and Teacher B (who was in on the planning) said that it wasn’t mandatory so people didn’t have to come who didn’t want to. Well ten minutes later Teacher A is going on about how hurt she was. I thought at first she was joking around, but I guess not!

Then Teacher C asked what we did last year so Teacher B explained it to her. She didn’t bother to listen and asked again. Well Teacher B said I just answered your question and you didn’t bother to listen. Teacher C got up and stormed out. Teacher C then pouted and glared and my co-teacher and I on the playground later (neither of us were involved in any way!). I think we all need a break from each other!!!!


After a few classroom chores I got home in time for a run. I had a really good run and once again felt really strong. It’s a nice change for me! I still went out the shorter side of the trail as it’s shadier and it was really hot at 4:30 this afternoon!

It was weird though because my shoes felt big today! It’s strange as it’s been at least a month of my feet feeling way too big in my shoes and now they felt so big. I wonder what’s up?

I also did a workout I saw on Facebook this evening. It was:

30 sumo squats

30 walking lunges

80 high knees

40 glute kickbacks

40 side jacks

40 curtsy lunges

30 bridges

It was quick but I only did one round as I wanted to take it easy on myself tonight.


We have a baby shower for one of the teachers at work tomorrow so I made Rhubarb Dream Bars. They were super easy to make as they are just a shortbread crust and then a vanilla custard with rhubarb added topping. They looked good when they came out of the oven.

I just hope they taste good! The teacher has a peanut allergy so I was examining my ingredients when I realized the flour blend I currently have has milk in it. I guess I now know why I’ve had so many instances lately of being sick.


I finally sat down and worked on my cardigan today. I am a little worried that I’ve made it too long, but thinking I’ll just keep going- better too long than too short!


Once again I’ve been enjoying a Hallmark movie as I knit boring stockinette. Tonight it is The Sweetest Heart. Once again there are three very handsome gentlemen in this movie and it’s about a baker so I of course love all the cupcakes and baking scenes. I have to admit I find myself slightly distracted by the mark Julie Gonzalo (lead lady) has between her eyes. Oh well, it’s still cute!

Well that’s it for me!

Have fun!


If It Rains, It Pours (good things)

I don’t know if anyone else’s life goes like this, but some weekends I have absolutely nothing planned and other weekends, it is insanely busy! Why can’t it even out so I’d have a couple things each weekend?


I had a short run through Bert Flynn Park with Sarah and Kula this morning. It was lovely and cool in there, but we also noticed the humidity. It was a slow run, but it’s a couple more kilometers towards my yearly goal:)

This afternoon I did an L workout that I missed yesterday. I liked it because it was a band one and I love the short circular bands! I did 3 sets of:

hammer curls with band and weights

Banded chest press and scissor abs

Banded plank walks

Banded iso squat walk

Bench flies

Sit ups

Jump squats


Lunge jumps

Amazingly I felt strong:)

This evening I managed to fit in 50 plié squats, 100 hamstring curls, and 100 standing crunches.


First thing after my run I met up with my friend Anna and her two boys at a local park. It’s amazing how much the boys have grown and it was great fun to play on the playground and then go on a berry and duckling and gosling search:)


From the park I ran down to meet my co teacher at a local teaching store so we could get the supplies we need for September start up. We’ve learned to buy them now as the store is quiet and has lots of stock; definitely not the case in September!

Liane and I had a quick lunch together, but I quickly had to fly.


From lunch, I raced over to get my nephew and take him to his lacrosse game. I take any opportunity to spend time with this cool dude. I stayed and watched his game and was really impressed with how much he has improved! He’s also grown on me- 5’7 now!!! I also got to see my sister in law’s brother and his kids as they came out to watch too. It is so neat to see their personalities! The youngest is all muscle and determination, the middle girl is the brains and the ideas, and the oldest boy is so sweet! It made for a lovely afternoon!

I had ice cream with my nephew and sister in law and then headed home.


I have been knitting all afternoon (well after my nap). I’m working on a samosa bordered cardigan for myself. The yarn is recycled from a sweater my grandma had made for my aunt and the pattern comes from one of her original Patons books- Raglans for 2 to 12 in Canadians by Beehive. I’m hoping it will become my go to cardigan!


I treated myself to a Hallmark movie tonight. Summer Villa was a very cute movie about a blocked romance writer who goes to France for the summer with her daughter. Of course she ends up in a villa with the hot chef that she had a bad blind date with. The movie has tons of cooking in it so of course I loved it:). I liked that it lacked drama!


Not the best food choices today, but at least it’s a better amount of food!

Breakfast: fruit salad parfait with yogurt

Lunch: vegan fruit orchard cookie and tea- the only thing at the cafe I could eat

This was bucaneer tea which I would highly recommend if you ever get the chance to try it- so good!

Snack: vegan salted caramel and chocolate peanut butter ice cream

Dinner: salad with chicken

Manic Monday

It’s been quite the day of work!


I slept for extra time this morning and then headed into work. This morning we got our journal done, we started learning about 3D objects, and this afternoon we tackled our Father’s Day projects. It doesn’t seem like much, but yet I was running all day! It really didn’t help that the children were called in at lunch because of a bear sighting:(


After writing another five report cards after school, I headed home and got out for a run! It was a beautiful night and I finally felt pretty good at the halfway mark. There’s another 4.5km covered for the yearly goal:). I am feeling the lack of my weights lately though so I did my 50 banded squats, 50 plié squats, and 100 lunges. I need to do more so my running feels easy again, but it was at least a start!


I have spent the evening knitting endless stockinette while watching a movie.


I’ve been watching When Sparks Fly tonight. It was a cute movie, though some of the acting was truly awful! 🤣. I often wonder if July 4th is really celebrated how it’s portrayed. I’m always disappointed by the July 1st celebrations I’ve been to:(


Breakfast: 1/2 cup fruit salad, 1/3 cup yogurt and some granola

Recess: hard boiled egg and a chorizo sausage

Lunch: tuna snack kit, a snack size bag of chips (my team won the pizza party for jog a long, but I couldn’t eat the pizza so they gave me chips)

Snack: apple, larabar

Dinner: Thai salad

Not perfect. I have great weekends, but then I return to work and it all goes downhill:(

Well that’s it for me tonight.

Have fun!


A Visiting Weekend

Sorry for going off the grid. I made a lightning trip to visit my brother and his family for my niece’s 12th birthday.

Friday after school I picked up teaching resources my SIL had bought and then drive across the city to take the ferry over to the island. I got a lovely evening with the family and in the morning I took my niece shopping for her present. I have started doing a shopping trip with the kids so they will get what they want. I don’t want to be the aunt who gives gifts they laugh at. I love that at 12, my niece still chose to buy playmobile. I really liked the cupcake shop, but she went for the playground and a few figurines.

My niece did indulge me and check out a knitting store with me, but I was very good and bought nothing!

I got to enjoy the family birthday lunch and a look at the open house next door, and then headed up the island for a quick trip to see my parent’s new property and then took the ferry home. It was a very busy 24 hours!



Since I was going to be home after all, I arranged to run Crystal Falls with Dennis this morning. This is his favourite run, but even he admits it’s not as much fun now. It used to be a single track, technical trail with lots of obstacles, water features, mud, puddles and not well known. Now it has been pedestrianized. It was still nice and cool and fun, but it also doesn’t seem as long!

I also got in a short walk this afternoon to finish off my Squad Easy mission.


After a leisurely cup of tea, I did do my shopping. It really gets to me that two little bags of groceries cost me $50! I’m thinking I should try a few different grocery stores out and see if any are cheaper.


I did get a second batch of strawberry-rhubarb jam made today. I used a different recipe from Pinterest and am happier as it is not as sweet. However, to use this recipe, I feel like you need to know how to can.

I still have rhubarb left and so am thinking of trying rhubarb oat crisp ice cream as it is a flavour at a local gourmet ice cream shop. I’m going to have to do some research first though.

I also made a fruit salad for my breakfasts this week and am just thinking I should go cook up some different proteins to go in my salads this week.


After a lovely nap, I finished up the book I had been reading on the ferries. Bride of New France tells the journey of Laure who comes from an orphanage in France to the new world. She is sent to marry and have children to strengthen France’s control in Canada. It was an interesting read and definitely drew me in, though I do wish it had ended happier. I suppose that just means it’s realistic🤣


In order to get over the book, I have been watching Summer in the Vineyard while casting on my new cardigan. So far, it’s been cute, but it definitely won’t be a favourite as it relies on lack of communication for its drama and that is a pet peeve of mine!


Amazingly, I was good on my trip and so have been trying to keep it going.

Breakfast- coconut chips on my way to the run

Lunch- shrimp ring

Snack- mini scone, grapes

Dinner- tilapia mixed with everything but the bagel seasoning and a little mayo spread on cucumber slices

Well I’d better go get that protein cooked.

Have fun!


Getting There

Sorry for no post yesterday. I came home, after being told I should have gotten stitches in my hand, soaked in a bath and went to sleep. Today has been better. All but my left hand is healing quickly;)


Today we finished the last assessment we need to do for the report cards. It took all morning, but it’s a relief to get all these things done. Asking six year olds to give examples of when they’re a good communicator is crazy!

Math got pushed aside again:( I think I may need to spend all day Thursday on math to try and catch up:(

This afternoon we learned about Ontario and played Three Little Pigs game outside. Did you know that Thousand Island dressing is named after the Thousand Islands area in Ontario? Ontario also has four of the five Great Lakes in it and the water going over Niagara Falls in one second could fill two swimming pools. Why doesn’t this type of info come up at trivia???


After being unable to knit the past couple of days I was really worried that I wouldn’t get the sweater done, Today I figured out how to knit without moving my left hand and went at it furiously on my breaks. I just finished sewing on the buttons at the end of lunch.

The pattern is Little Gentleman Jacket which is a top down raglan done in one piece- my favourite type! It was an easy pattern to follow as long as you have experience with raglan sweaters as the wording was a little confusing . The yarn is Bernat handicrafts so very baby friendly! The buttons make sense because dad is basketball crazy and working on his son to be the same:)


After writing my first report card, it was time to head downtown to meet up with my oldest friend from grade two who is in town for a conference. I left super early as I wasn’t sure how long the drive would take, but it was better than I expected:)

We went to The Naam as it was recommended to me. It’s been in the same spot since 1968 and is a very popular hangout. There was a lineup out the door after we got seated. It was baby friendly and seemed to cater to every type of crowd. It’s a vegetarian restaurant, but was super yummy! We shared sesame fries with miso gravy to start which was okay, and then I had their vegan gf Caesar salad and Noh pie. The Caesar was great, but I make better pie I think!

It was a great night!

Have fun!



A good day with a sore ending:(


I wasn’t really into running this morning so was t upset when it turned into a beautiful walk.

This evening I kicked my butt out the door for my run with the idea I only had to do 3.5km. Well I was going along great, feeling fantastic, when at 5.6km, Wham! Flat out and took out my chin, both hands and both knees. Needless to say my run was over and I hobbled home, dripping blood the last 1.4km. If anyone has a suggestion for how you get dirt out of cuts, let me know. Washing didn’t seem to help at all:(


After tidying my bedroom and doing laundry I joined Brenda for a knit afternoon. I got one sleeve of my sweater done and only have 34 more rows on the other. My hands better be knit-ready by tomorrow!


This afternoon I finally got around to making and canning my Strawberry rhubarb jam from this recipe. I think it might be too sweet for my liking, but I always follow the recipe the first time. It was neat how canning really did come back to me. It must be like riding a bike:)

Well I’m off to a painkiller and my bed.

Have fun!

Solitary Saturday

It was a very quiet day and I’m not sure how I feel about that right now.


I headed out for a run first thing this morning and realized quite quickly it wasn’t going to work. I was wearing the only runners that don’t hurt my toes, but every other part of my foot was hurting!

I came home, cleaned my house and then went and bought new runners before heading out again.

The second run went much better! I got a total of 4.8km in which is good enough for the first day of June:)

I also went for a 5km walk this evening, just because it was gorgeous!


After cleaning up, I headed out to do some errands. I was on my way to three towns over for strawberries when I decided to take my usual route. I am so happy I did as the farm I bought berries from last year had their sign up!!! I got a flat of strawberries and can’t wait to play with my new canner tomorrow! I may also use some for a fruit salad for my breakfasts this week.

I also managed to stop and pick up the last three Canada beach balls I needed for my student year end gifts. Now I just have to figure out how to package them for the kids.


I spent most of the gorgeous afternoon sitting on my deck reading. I finished the book, Just This Once by Mira Lynn Kelly. It was an enjoyable read, but I didn’t like the book as much as the two others I’ve read in that series.


I have been a knitting machine all afternoon and have managed to finish the body of the baby cardigan. I just have to tackle the sleeves!


Breakfast- turkey and cheese on a scone

Lunch- cheese on 16 corn tortilla chips

Snack- another 14 corn tortilla chips with cheese- they were just so good!

Dinner- chicken and greens

Not a bad day, but probably too much salt. I think I’d better try to limit my salt as I’m finding my hands and feet are swollen a lot.


I’ve just turned on The Dater’s Handbook. It’s cute so far, though I have to admit I’m distracted by thinking that Meghan Markle went from the to being a princess!

Have fun!


Workout Wednesday

It seems an appropriate post title as I do seem to do more exercise on Wednesday than any other day!


I got up this morning for my run again. I thought I was doing exactly what I’ve done the other mornings and yet my app said I did about a quarter kilometer less and much more slowly. Grrrr! Tomorrow night I will do a run after school!

I also did Workout Wednesday at school with the kids. It was only a couple of laps, but better than nothing:)

After school I did L’s bootcamp. It was quite the workout! We did:

Leg drop to hip raise/ alternate dumbbell lateral lunge

Single leg v up to tuck/ uppercuts

Squat with woodchop/ speed skater

Rollout abs/ banded hip bridge

Banded hamstring curls/ banded iso squat lateral walk

Banded squat jumps/ walking pushups

Dumbbell rows/ jump lunges

Spider-Man plank/ goblet squat to Feiffer

Halfway we did two minutes alternating running and skipping, and at the end we did two minutes alternating jumping jacks and high knees

I’ve realized since I’ve come home that I need to exhaust myself more so I don’t feel like working out again!

I did get to Zumba tonight though and got just slightly warm in the middle of the class. Maybe that means I am finally getting some of the moves. Of course I only have two classes left now🤣


We had a busy day today! This morning we did a butterfly observation and a math sheet about shapes. After recess we had the High Touch High Tech scientist come in and do experiments about force and motion. The children really liked it- I think they liked the catapults best, especially after they convinced me to sit on a stool in front of them to see if they could get the pompoms over my head🤣

This afternoon we wrote about the science, and released our butterflies. We had two who left immediately and then two others who didn’t want to go at all!

It was kind of hilarious at work today because our kindergarten teacher was away today and we had a make TOC. I got sent down to tell him about workout Wednesday, I got sent down to deliver the core competency assessment booklet to him, and then I got sent down with a note to be left for the regular teacher. Can you tell he was extremely good looking and very personable?!?!🤣. We actually ended up talking for about a half hour after school. He’s just a very friendly guy:). Yes, I admit I wouldn’t mind having him show up at school again. He’s very easy to talk to and interesting.


I am working away on the baby cardigan and have gotten to the point where I divide for the sleeves and body. I’m sure hoping I can get this done by Tuesday. I had better find some buttons for it this weekend!


A so so day.

Breakfast- a ham and cheese one egg omelette and a sausage patty (trying to have a bigger breakfast on the advice of another blogger)

Recess: scone

Lunch: chicken and salad

Snack: 1 serving multigrain corn chips

Dinner: salad and chicken, 2 cookies (thankfully the cookies are gone now)

Not the worst, but not the best.

Well that’s it for me for the day!

Have fun!


Trivia Tuesday #10

It was a slower day than I was expecting:)


I got out for my run again this morning. I was a little bit faster which was nice, though I tried not to think about speed while I was out there. I could have sworn I went further today than I did yesterday, but yet my app doesn’t show that:(. Oh well, at least I got just over 3km in.

It was cooler this morning which was nice, but I also met more people which you’d think I wouldn’t on the cooler, cloudier day.


We had our assembly for jog a long this morning. It was nice to see that t wasn’t just top runners who were recognized, but also those who showed great spirit or sportsmanship. I love it when the non-athletic have a chance to be rewarded too!

We had a math drill, and this afternoon we watched a movie on friction in preparation for tomorrow.

After school Liane and I finished our report templates and got the materials ready for assessment. It relieved of the angst.


I am working on the baby cardigan and got about another fifteen rows done tonight. I only have until June 4th so I’d better set aside a good chunk of my weekend too!


I was horrible at trivia tonight- about the only thing I contributed was my neat printing. It was neat that my parents came though and got to see what I do each Tuesday night. Unfortunately it’s not a time that is conducive to visiting as it’s way too loud to hear in there!

Some questions:

Which NFL team was the first to go an entire season without winning a game?

Detroit Lions

Where was the original Jaws movie set?

New York

What is the alcohol in a Tom Collins?


Who wrote the Sherlock Holmes series?

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

What are non magical people on Harry Potter called?


What Olympic event did Bruce Jenner win?


Where is the US Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?


Who painted Starry Night?

Vincent Van Gogh

We definitely didn’t have our best night🤣


I knew today was going to be horrible so I’m just going to move past it.

Breakfast: banana chips

Recess: lemon blueberry scone

Lunch: staff luncheon- a salad bar so I had green salad without cheese or dressing, green salad with thousand island dressing, quinoa salad, bean salad, salt water taffy

Snack: about three servings of multigrain corn chips

Dinner: 1 hot wing and a sangria

I am done for the day!

Have fun!