I cried

And I never cry!


I got to sleep in this morning as it was a Professional Development Day and I had the time to make a lovely pumpkin chai latte so the day started off well.

Ten of us gathered in the staffroom to go over some of the computer programs we will be expected to use in the next few weeks. Our kindergarten teacher is also our Techy so she was leading us. It was going great until our principal came in and yelled that we couldn’t do this and had to be on teams in separate rooms. Then she said, “you, you and you, should be wearing masks, and some of you I have had to tell multiple times” while staring at me. Only one girl had been wearing a mask before she came in but everyone else thinks faster than me and it is true that I forget to put my mask on when leaving my classroom (I don’t have to wear it in my room) so that’s why I’ve taken to looking like this

I have never liked getting into trouble and especially not in front of others and lately it has felt like I’m her new target, but wait the day continued.

My friends at work and I had talked about getting skip the dishes for lunch today, but then they decided to go for donairs and with a “sorry Allison”, off they went and I walked home and had a rice cake with peanut butter as I wasn’t expecting to need lunch today and because of the late decision I didn’t have much time. I then ended the day with an email from my admin telling me that I was not to discuss classroom matters outside of a CDMC or staff meeting and that if I had a concern I should come speak to her. A bunch of us had sent emails about furniture being removed from our rooms. I now teach guides reading on the floor.

Yup it was enough to drive me over the edge and I cried in my classroom. I hate crying but at least no one saw me. I totally know these are little inconsequential things, I’m a lucky person overall and tomorrow I will remember that!


I arranged with Dennis to do our run an hour earlier than normal and we got 7.5km in. One good thing my anger did was make me run fast. Dennis couldn’t believe my speed. Normally on Friday nights I run 6:30-6:45/km, but tonight I was 5:30-6:00/km. I guess something good came out of it and the good thing that came out of my run is that I am much calmer now.


I am having a lovely evening of hallmark movies and knitting. If I had ice cream, it would be perfect, but this will do. I will try to forget all of this and just enjoy my weekend and I hope you all do too!

Have fun!


Friday Eve

I survived the day!!


We worked on the letter f today and all but one little girl are doing great. I’m hoping I’ll have some time to work with her on it next week.

We tackled more of our teen number booklet and most of the kids are getting the idea and working their way through it.

This afternoon we just got some silent reading done and I got a reading group done. I always love getting to the reading groups as I feel like I make the most impact there.

I did another five parent phone conferences today and they all seemed to go well. It seems like all of the kids are happy to come to school which is always one of my concerns at this time of the year. I managed to get my one focus for each child across which is a bonus.


I finished a second reading of The Hating Game this evening. I really do enjoy that book. The banter is great and I always like a enemies to lovers book. I would recommend this one if you want a fun read.


I stopped in to see my friend Cori with a pumpkin oat bread and a gorgeous fall planter from the staff.


I was thinking of going for a run but it started to pour and I just couldn’t get my head into it. I decided to do a Lyndsay workout instead. I did thirty seconds each of skipping, froggers and a squat hold and repeated that five times. Then I did three sets of the following with increasing weight: static lunges, static lunges jumps, deadlifts, sumo squats, step ups, and normal squats.

It was at least something!

I have spent the rest of the night working on my newest sweater. I got smart and put it all on scrap yarn and tried it on before I got too far. I’m hoping it will be a super useful sweater!

Well I think that’s all I’ve done today other than a long talk with my mom.

Have fun!


Rest and Relax Weekend

I had a quiet weekend and really enjoyed it.


I did a Lyndsay workout yesterday which has my abs screaming today and I did a ten kilometer run this morning. My legs felt really tired today on my run, but then I realized I had no rest day today, so that must be the reason.


I have spent much of the past two days knitting so I could finish up my test knit for Alicia Plummer. I am super happy with the result and will share a picture asap.

I wish I had more excitement to share, but there’s my weekend in a nutshell.

Have fun!


More Zucchini Baking

It was a good day, made even better by leaving school quickly:)


We seemed to have a productive day at school. We did calendar, students practiced their names or their sight words, we tackled learning how to print the letter t and we did some chalkboard spelling with the sound s all before recess.

We just got started on our numbers 11-20 booklet, but I’m okay with that because we played mystery number and they are getting better at giving clues and guessing.

This afternoon we had silent reading and then Fin came to visit. The kids were so excited, actually too excited. We all noticed that our kids seemed really heightened today and it isn’t even a full moon!


After getting out of work really quickly, I went for a run with the kindergarten teacher again. It was such a beautiful Fall day for a run and we were fast. I got exactly five kilometers in so I was happy:)


Came in and immediately cleaned my bathroom while the milk was warming for pumpkin chai latte (my new obsession).


Since I was already in the kitchen and needed to use up more zucchini, I made the zucchini walnut muffins out of my new Minimalist Baker cookbook. They look and smell super good, but I have not tasted one yet.


I finally got up the nerve to try and tear an my shoulders after screwing up on Tuesday night. I think I have it this time and now just have to decide if I’m going to stay up later to Sean the sides. I’m thinking that might be a bad idea however🤣

I think I’ll go to bed instead.

Have fun!


Trivia Tuesday

It was a good day, but I was seriously tired, even after sleeping since 8:30pm last night.


It was a good day. I started with a prep which I didn’t have a ton to do. We got through some writing about Thanksgiving and it was nice that I had the opportunity to work with some kids individually and get them writing sentences, rather than words. we tackled even and odd again today and everyone seems to have it now. We had a deer sighting at lunch so the kids had to come in early. It did let us start the afternoon sooner.

In the afternoon I actually got to take a group of three and review alphabet sounds with them and I sent the booklet home and an email to encourage parents to practice. I hope they don’t get upset. Finally we did a collage of needs and wants. It seemed to be understood so we are moving on.


Despite feeling really tired I met up with Dennis and Sarah for a twenty minute tempo run. It finished up with 4.3km, but it’s the only exercise I got today.


The first round was really hard!

Thanks to my dad I got:

What did Archie Bunker call his son in law?


We also knew:

Which US states have the Rockies in them?

Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, And Utah. (There is one more but he gave it to us)

How do you spell?


Where is Gorgonzola from?


In the music round there were day songs, night songs, David Bowie, songs of 1994, and Band with Brothers.

I definitely knew Hanson and Mmm Bop🤣

What is the Venus de Milo?


What team was first before the NHL season was suspended?


How do you do a lotus in yoga?


What was Dr. House’s first name?


What two states have three NHL teams?

California, New York

Where is the Burgundy wine region?


What perfumery has a perfume called number 5?


What state is Niagara Falls in?

New York

Who played Joey in Dawson’s Creek?

Katie Holmes

What war did Muhammad Ali refuse to fight in?


Bonus Day

It was great having an extra day!


I started the day with a fast run with Melanie. It worked perfectly again- a challenge to keep up but I got breaks when she needed them for her stamina. Maybe this will make me faster too:). Another 6.17km closer to South Dakota! I am determined to have a better mileage count this month, despite the rain.

I also got a weights workout done this afternoon. I again did Dennis’ method of three sets of ten with progressively heavier weights. It wasn’t as long as I was aiming for, but it was definitely better than nothing!


After a very quick shower, I drove to meet two friends for brunch. This restaurant was cool because you can find a seat outside and order using your phone and they bring the food. No need to set foot inside. I had a mushroom and spinach hash and a chai latte. It was delicious and made even better by the company of two good friends, one of whom I hadn’t seen since Christmas.

There were some very cute decorations at the restaurant and throughout the town. We explored the Main Street and my friends got dessert at a local bakery. I managed to resist:)


I bought gas and went to buy milk, a banana and walnuts, but the store didn’t have any of those items so I ended up in the dollar store and got a card, two pairs of gloves for running and some dice for my classroom.

My last book also showed up, only to find that I already own it. I’m going to have to drive over and see if I can return it. I also need to find out where my refund for the book that was out of print is.


I got my floors done quickly and then sat down to knit. Many of the testers are done so I want to get this cardigan finished as soon as possible. It really shouldn’t have taken me this long. I have the two fronts and the back done, but am going to wait until daylight to sew them together. I am very worried it is going to be too small so I think I will sew it and do the sleeves and then block it so that I can be very aggressive and see if I can make it fit.

Well for a busy day, that’s all I have to report.

Have fun!


Happy Thanksgiving

It was a good day- mix of out and in.


I am very thankful for my running buddies. I started the day with a gorgeous sunrise 10km run. My running buddy is already starting to speed up and we took 2:40 off our time. This was followed by a nice tea. I am very thankful for this as every day that starts with a run seems to be a good day!


I am thankful for all of my family and the fact that we all get along. I couldn’t visit my parents this weekend, but I did get to watch my nephew’s football game (in the downpour) and join my brother, SIL and nephew for a wonderful turkey dinner. I love being part of a family!

My nephew #69 got his first touchdown today!


I am thankful that I have a hobby that allows me to be productive and also to create items I can wear. I am finally making progress on my test knit, though I think I am going to have to block this cardigan to within an inch of its life to get it to fit me! I love the pattern though so maybe I’ll just make it again.


I am thankful for being organized and able to self-motivate. Even though tomorrow is a day off, I got my usual grocery shopping and meal prep done. I am thankful I enjoy my time in the kitchen as this would be a horrible chore otherwise. I did reward myself with a nap though 🤣

Well I think I’m going to curl up in bed with my book.

Have fun and don’t forget to be thankful!



It was a fine day, but boy am I tired!


I found out that my heart was working just fine this morning when I met a mama bear and her two cubs on the way to school. I was trying to figure out how to get around them when they turned to go back down the street. I hustled up the path as quickly as I could!

We got through the day making a turkey mini book, practicing even and odd, cleaning our desks and playing a Roll a Turkey game.

I have quite the group this year! I asked why we would be doing the mini book and then explained it wasn’t just because it was thanksgiving but that it was to practice their cutting and learn five new words. I had one little boy who came after completing each page to read the book to me. In all he read it five times and by the end,he even had expression. Talk about a commitment to learning at six!


I met up with Dennis for a run tonight. I was just going to get my hydration pack ready when I saw the text he had arrived, so I left without water. It turns out I’m faster without water! It was a decent, but very wet 7km!


Cori likes the toque so all I have to do is weave in the ends. That’s good because I should really get back to the test knit I am supposed to be working on!


I got another book in the mail today. This one was The Vogue Book of Knitting. I’ve always wanted this reference book, so this seemed like a great time to get it. I am still waiting for one more book, but I think this time I will give it some time before I call to investigate, so they hopefully I don’t get four copies of it!

Well I think I’m going to go curl up in bed with a book on this wet night!

Have fun!


Friday Eve

Just another day.


My students were as annoyed as I was about having to wash with soap and water instead of being able to use sanitizer. I did take Kathy’s advice and posted a poem about odd and even for the kids to practice while they wash their hands.

We got through calendar and a quick chalkboard spelling practice. It was super quick when later in the day one of the little boys dragged his whiteboard out to do chalkboard spelling again.

The children had music class and recess. We then tackled some more on even and odd. It was tough as my smartboard isn’t working. Some kids seem to be getting it, but others don’t seem to. We will do lots of practicing tomorrow.

This afternoon we made turkeys out of our handprints. It was a long process, but we got it done and I will add a photo tomorrow.


After a massage I met up with my friend Em for some more furniture shopping. She found a couch she likes, but she didn’t love the price. It will be interesting to see if she buys it or not.


I finished up Cori’s toque tonight and I will take it tomorrow for her to try on.


I got a new cookbook in the mail today. It is the Minimalist Baker Everyday Cooking. I can’t wait to crack it open!

I wish I had more excitement to share, but that’s it for today.

Have fun!


Happy Hump Day

Wednesday always seems tough because my teaching buddy has the day off.


We got through calendar, printing and chalkboard spelling. We tackled even and odd again today. Some kids were saying they don’t understand, but I think they are making it more complicated than it really is. I am frustrated that I can’t just take the small group who is confused and let the rest move on, but unfortunately small group work doesn’t seem to be allowed.

This afternoon we started a new program- Fin’s Friends. The kids loved it because it is presented by a puppet of Fin, the mascot of o it Vancouver Canucks hockey team. My voice was very sore by the end, but they were excited. We started talking about what makes us happy. Five and six year old children are so sweet! They know I love ice cream so many of them also wanted to say that. It was neat to hear what made them happy once we got past that. They were super excited about the puppet , even though I don’t even try to hide the fact I’m talking. It will be neat to see if we can go a little deeper next week when the newness wears off.

The end of our day was our usual outside playtime. The weather is supposed to turn tomorrow so I wanted to make sure we got out in the sunshine today.

I see I got a message saying that children are no longer allowed to use hand sanitizer and must wash with and water. Well, I guess we are going back to an hour and twenty minutes a day of hand washing:(. Thankfully, a parent very kindly brought myself and my teaching buddy a big bucket of chalk today for the kids. I am especially thankful for the bright, kind moments right now!

Errands/ House:

I had no exercise today because I had physio right after school. I then got a couple of errands done and then dropped off a birthday gift for my oldest brother as it’s his birthday today. I really didn’t want to clean the bathroom today, but managed to get it done:)


My friend Cori has a birthday in just over a week and I am trying to get a toque made for her. I am following another Estelle pattern and it is interesting because this toque has no ribbed brim. I guess I will see whether she is happy with it.

Well, I’m going to try to get the last ten rows done before bed.

Have fun!