SAL Update

Thankfully I have been busy because this certainly keeps up on me.

I have been keeping up on my temperature tree by Stitchin Mommy. I’m a little disappointed that with this continued hot weather, it isn’t going to be symmetrical, but oh well, it’s still pretty!

I have also been moving ahead on my project for my dad. I keep thinking I’m almost done because I only have two words left, but then I remember about the skull and cross bones and the ship and the huge border!

I did finish something too! I tried my first Mill Hill kit and it certainly won’t be my last! I know it took me about a week, but obviously I didn’t get to work on it every day. My mom asked me how many hours it took me and I have no idea. I have one more kit so I will keep track of hours with that one. They make a fantastic gift though as they don’t take long. This one is for my friend who plans to buy a hobby farm after her retirement in June.

I will need to bring home some felt from school to fully finish it.

Finally, my mom and I are starting a SAL! Earlier this year I had done a hello summer stitched piece for her and we have bought a hello fall piece to stitch now. She is doing it on 16 count for my door and I am doing it on 32 count for her door. I’m a little worried about her arthritis, but if she finds it uncomfortable, I will just do both:)

I unfortunately don’t have the cover picture for it, and won’t even bother with a picture this time as all I’ve done so far is one row of thirty red stitches- so not exciting!🤣

Of course I’ve also been doing my knitting too. It’s so difficult to balance the two hobbies that I enjoy so much along with my reading habit! I really need to retire so I have time for all of my hobbies!

Please make sure you check out all the other amazing projects!



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