You win some, you lose some…

Not exciting day, but a productive one:)


I just got my usual inlet run over to Rocky Point park in this morning. I was frustrated because it took until 25 minutes for me to get into a good rhythm and the run is only 30 minutes! Grrr😖 At one point I thought that after I had been running for a while I wouldn’t have bad or weird runs anymore, but I’ve come to the realization that those odd runs are always going to crop up no matter how often, how far or how well I run normally. I guess I might as well just embrace them. Lol but I do hope I go back to normal soon!

I also got a walk in, shorter than normal and no workout as my legs are feeling achy. I figured a little rest was better than an overuse injury. Tomorrow is another day:)

Back to School:

My mom and I worked all day in my classroom today. I got the major project of my classroom library completed so I’m happy! My books for older kids are all stored and the easy books look enticing:) My mom even got my centres tidied up as well so that they look more inviting to the children. I have a couple big organization projects left, but nothing that can’t be done after the children come back.


In June I received a gift certificate to go for high tea at the Cakes and Sweets Bakery in Coquitlam. I called yesterday and made a reservation for today at noon for my mom and I. I was so looking forward to it! I didn’t pack a morning snack as I know that I’m usually so full after high teas ( they are one of my favourite events to go out for)! This morning I received a phone call saying that while they could accommodate gluten free, they couldn’t deal with dairy free. I ended up cancelling my reservation:( Have they never heard of vegan butter or oil??? If I can bake delicious gluten free, dairy free sweets ( that the skeptical men in my family will eat), then they should be able to as well! I was really disappointed and am thinking of stopping in and seeing what they can do for me since I now have an unusable gift certificate:(

With the tea disappointment, my mom did exuded to go to Pasta Polo in Coquitlam for lunch as we needed to get blue painters tape at Rona down the street from there. It was obviously not my day for eating out. I was so hungry that I couldn’t make a decision by the time our waitress got to us, so I ended up with gluten free fusilli with a bolognese sauce. I always get seafood when I go out and I should have stuck with that trend. The food was fine, but it really tasted like something that I could have made at home.😞 The horrible part was the service! I actually had to go looking for someone so that I could pay the bill!  This isn’t my normal experience here so I’ll give it another shot.


I finally got to the Burnaby Public Library, McGill Beanch who have a great selection of trashy romance novels:) They even had the book I’ve been looking for! So glad as I refuse to spend money on trashy novels!


I only got eight rows of my afghan done tonight ( I wanted to get my kitchen floor washed in case my mom sees here tomorrow), but it’s fun to do more than just knit one, purl one. This pattern even has a cable.  I will appreciate when I get to know the pattern better though as right now, I’m just following the pattern very carefully!!

Well tomorrow will be another busy day with going to the Fair, so I’m off to bed.

Have fun!



Where did the day go?


About ten years ago I did a kickboxing class and then did an eight hour hike with my mom and brother and since then that has become my loose criteria for being fit. I feel good when I can have days like that. Well today, I almost made it! I went for my run this morning ( decided to do the hilly side of the inlet trail and go out towards Old Orchard Park since I seemed to be running slow anyways) and then I went and hiked around Buntzen Lake in Anmore. Granted this was just a half hour run followed by a two and a half hour hike, but it’s more the concept of doing multiple active things in a day that defines fitness for me. I felt great! The Buntzen Lake trail is an undulating track that circumnavigates Buntzen Lake. It is not a trail I would attempt with a stroller or wheelchair as it is super technical, but it is a lot of fun to run or walk. I like to do the North side first as it is longer and harder and then come back along the more wooded south side. It has gorgeous trees and water views. Definitely worth attempting!

On top of these two, I managed to get in a 100s workout late this evening. It was three sets of 100 jumping jacks, squats, crunches and push-ups. Ugh, but also 😀.


Mom to the rescue! My mom is amazing and she showed up in town today. Supposedly to get my dad’s pills, but I think also to help me set up my room. She immediately resolved three of the problem areas in my classroom!  She is amazing at looking at things in different ways, plus she gives wonderful hugs!!!! It was a great day once mom arrived:)


My mom and Dad and went to St. James Well in Newport Village for dinner tonight on the way to visit my brother and his family.  I had an awesome glass of sangria there and an entree of fish and chips that was gluten free and dairy free. I’m sorry I ate it before thinking of taking a picture it was so good!


I casted on and did the bottom border of the afghan I am making for my parents. It looks like it’s going to be a much more interesting knit than the sweater I just finished, but more on it, next time.

It’s  been a great day, but I’m exhausted so it’s off to bed with me!

Have fun!



Have I stopped today??


I set my alarm this morning after yesterday’s fiasco, but of course it wasn’t necessary as I was wide awake at 6:20am😫  It did mean I got out for a run. I love the start of Fall for running! It’s so crisp out! I had fun with my running app, Runkeeper, this morning as I changed its voice. Now I get my timing cues and a little humor with a Boston accent. It seemed appropriate after my recent vacation:). It was just a half hour but made all the difference! Phewf, I won’t be a monster with a bad attitude like I was yesterday!

I walked to and from work and got out for half of my normal walk today.

Blogging is obviously good for me as I got my workout squeezed in at the end of the day here. I didn’t want to have to admit that I hadn’t done it! I did the ” More than a Minute” workout which is actually twenty minutes of heart pounding cardio. Phewf, I completed all my exercise today.


I went to school today but didn’t see my classroom much:( I met with my co-teacher and we planned and prepped next week ( tough to do but I know I’ll appreciate it next week!). We also got a good start on a year plan. It’s difficult to do and not laid in stone, but the plan definitely helps keep us focused and so that we don’t spend two months on place value🤣

I also had a Department Head meeting today. It looks like I’ll be doing the scheduling and the assemblies this year. A little daunting as the previous teacher was really good at them. I have a tendency to be very blunt so these assemblies might be quite short. I’m going to try and get as much done in advance as I can!!!

Hopefully tomorrow I will get back into my classroom as there is still stuff everywhere!


I was good until I came home from school. I had no snack prepared so I ate everything I could find:(


I ended up going to Earls in Port Coquitlam with a couple of friends for happy hour. We do this sometimes and it often makes me feel like I’m actually an adult, lol. All I need now is to come home with leftovers to complete the picture I have in my in head of being an adult. Lol my life is definitely not as exciting as I obviously thought it would be.  I had tea really looking forward to having a fish taco butter then r waitress didn’t seem too sure it could be gluten free and dairy free so I just went with garlic fries that are done in their own fryer. For three dollars you would think I could have stopped eating when I was full, but no I kept going and ate them all. By the end I felt completely sick! Thankfully it seems to have been a case of eating too much, not an allergic reaction, phewf! I’m just so mad at myself because I was already up in weight this morning and now this afternoon and evening I’ve let my eating get out of control😞 I think the timing was the biggest problem for me. I am hungry when I get home from school and usually have dinner right away, so I ate too much before going out. Next time, I should take a small snack and just stay at school until it’s time to leave for the restaurant. I also had a gin and sprite to drink and didn’t mind it. I’ll have to remember that one as $7.50 for a night out seems pretty good!

Happy hour wasalso beneficial as my friend’s calmed me down about my classroom by reminding me that all the stuff I’m seeing on Pinterest and Instagram is stuff we used to do, but now my district takes a much more calm and natural approach to our classrooms. Phewf, I’m not a screwup, I’m just keeping my surroundings calm so we all remain calm!


I decided to share my garlic breath with everyone and stopped in the way home at Chapters to get a birthday gift for my friend’s son who turned one earlier in August. I bought him three Robert Munsch books and I’ve de used that this will be the beginning of a collection for him. image6.jpgThey are a lot of fun to read and he’ll enjoy them for many years.  Now I just have to find a safe spot for a list keeping track of which ones I’ve bought him.

I was obviously meant to go to Chapters today as they had a gluten free, dairy free cookbookSweet Eats For All I’ve borrowed from the library before on sale for $5!!! And they only had one left so it was meant to be!  As I write this I realize I probably should have been looking for a birthday present for my friend as well! I’ll have to think of something bird related for her.


I really wanted to start my next knitting project but figured I should finish something already started instead, so I finished my photo album for my trip to Montreal three years ago ( can you tell I’m behind lol). I’m happy it’s done, but mainly because it means tomorrow I can start a new knitting project! Now just to pick one….

Well I want to get up for a run in the morning so I’m off to sleep.

Have fun!



Today was my first day back in the classroom and of course it was the first day that I managed to sleep past seven all summer:(

Exercise:    Grade:D

With waking up at 7:30 there was no time for a run before I got into the school. Unfortunately, I let this mess with me. I was feeling down because I felt like school was already messing with my positive, healthy lifestyle on the first day. Definitely not the best way to start the day!

Overall, unfortunately the only exercise I got in today was an inlet walk in the sunshine. This was beautiful, but definitely not cardio. I started to do my “More than a Minute” workout but my feet are seriously swollen and sore. I’ve never had this before and hopefully it’s just from the heat and being on them and it will go away quickly!!!  Well tomorrow is another day and I have already set an alarm so a run will happen in the morning:)

Back To School:      Grade: C

I walked into a nice clean room, and felt completely overwhelmed as to where to start. I set up my room every year, but I always seem to draw a blank when I first start. For this reason I mainly just put stuff back where it was so the room is useable and I’ll go from there making changes.   I’m only on box ten of my classroom library out of forty boxes so I see a long day in my future tomorrow,😝 And unfortunately my room is messier now than when I started.

It is always darkest before the dawn.


The biggest problem I faced in my classroom today was letting go of my expectations of myself!

What screws us up most in life is the picture in our head of how it’s supposed to be.

I see all these amazing rooms on Instagram and forget that I need to make this work for me and the grade one students I’ll have.

Eating:                Grade: C-

Not my best day as the uncertainty I felt in my classroom caused me to eat all my food before 10:30 so by the time I got home at 3:30 I was starving. I did however manage this evening to organize some food for the rest of the week without going grocery shopping!

Knitting:      Grade: A

Well, I finally finished the Nubby Knit Turtleneck ( though mine is not a turtleneck).  This sweater took me longer than most, and I was very worried that I would have put all this effort in for nothing.  It is my retro sweater as it is made from wool my Grandmother originally used to make a sweater vest for my uncle with a pattern from one of her 1960s/70s Good Housekeeping Needlecraft Magazines. I realized about 3/4 of the way through the pattern that it was a retro pattern so was probably sized smaller than the patterns of today 😳 But it turned out perfect!!!!

This pattern is truly the perfect pattern when you have a show you want to binge watch.  Every piece is literally knit one, purl one with increasing or decreasing as needed. For this reason, a show to watch is a necessity as otherwise, it’s an incredibly boring pattern!  It is easy to follow as a pattern and would be fine for a beginner knitter.

I made a couple of changes to the pattern and would make a couple more. I ended up going to 57 stitches on the sleeve increases instead of 53 as I felt they may be a little tight. In addition, some of the parts end with you doing a full row of purls ( front left and right side), I wouldn’t do this as I don’t love that it shows up on the front of the sweater as a ridge.  I would also be tempted to either do the cuffs with the larger needle or add stitches as they are quite close fitting.  I really liked how all the parts matched up really well, there was no need to hide any extra in the armpit or anything:)

It is not the most exciting sweater, but the plan is a white button down shirt underneath with my skinny jeans and brown boots to make a warm, comfy work outfit this fall:) I think this sweater will get a lot of use in my wardrobe between September and November! Even better, the wool ended up not feeling scratchy against my skin:)IMG_8742.JPG

Now I get to go and dream up what project  I’m going to start on next:)

Have fun!



Wow! I seem to be thinking a lot today!  Don’t worry, it doesn’t happen often. As I told my friend Michelle today, I’m more a surface girl, 😂


No running buddies were available today so after waiting the requisite five minutes I set out along the street as I don’t like running the Coquitlam River trail by myself. It ended up being a great run (not as fast as I wanted) as it was mainly downhill on the way back. I also got some entertainment by looking at all the different types of gates I passed. I’ve learned that an open gate really is so much more inviting than a closed one! I’ll have to remember this as What a great metaphor for attitude towards life in general. I’d forgotten how nice it is to run somewhere different and see something different!

Running in this area reminded me of two goals I’ve had for a while. First, I really want to run all of Shaughnessy Street in Port Coquitlam. I’m really not sure why, but its been on my bucket list for a while. I think the first step may be to drive the street and see how long it actually is so I can determine if it’s a short term or long term goal.

The other running goal I was reminded of today is to run from my house in Port Moody to the Hyde Creek rec Centre and back. I have done this once, several years ago during a half marathon training session and I would like to do it again. I love being able to say I ran through three cities! It is definitely a long term goal right now as if I remember correctly, it’s about 11km each way. I’m just not there yet.

I got a walk in ( to the ice cream store and back 🤣, not sure t counts but it will have to do. I also got a workout done- Legs on Fire. Short , but my legs definitely felt it!


So far, I’ve treated this blog just as a diary for myself so I can keep track of what’s important and it forces me to think about my day, attach importance to the little things, and focus on the positive. I have to admit that the ding of another view or like does give me a smile however. I was talking with a friend who shares her blog posts on social media so that more people will look. I don’t think I’m quite to the point where I want my general friend population to know I blog, but this conversation did make me realize that The blog is getting me to interact with more people and new people which I think is really important for me. In the past I have been on dating sites and I’ve always really liked texting with my “matches”, but maybe this blog will serve that purpose for my psyche, that human connection,  without the emotional roller coaster that goes quite dating (can you tell I haven’t quite gotten past my last relationship??😜)

Reading the other blogs is just as important I think. Today after reading “Fear” by LifeofaCanadianGirl, I decided to do something I normally wouldn’t have. I was having a good conversation with a guy last night and had not gotten around to asking him a question so I messaged him on Facebook. I don’t want to date him (he’s a smoker 😞), and he may never see it, but at least I asked! A definite step in the right direction as one day before I’m 100 I would like to be less shy!


Well I did something I never do, I gave up on a book! My accomplishment-seeking mentality never lets me do this, but I had to either give up on the book or start banging my head against the wall in frustration (and I actually like my neighbours so really there was no competition). The book was Penelope: A Madcap Regency Romance by Anya Wylde. I love a humorous book, but this one just went too far. When the heroine leaped over the sofa, fell across the room and grasped the hunting rifle off the wall, all while having a sprained ankle,  because he modiste turned out to be a man, I just couldn’t take it anymore! If you’re looking for a book that is just one ludicrous episode after another, this is the book you should read. If, like me, you were just looking for a humorous historical romance, I suggest passing!


Well I hate to have to admit this, but I went back to Matteo’s Gelato for the second day in a row 😞 At least, I’m not the one who suggested it this time. My friend Michelle suggested it and I just couldn’t turn her down as it’s super hot here today, and I was desperate to hear where things stood between her and her fella!  Today, I was much better and had four fruit flavours ( that must count for at least a serving of fruit, right 🤣). I had blueberry, pink grapefruit, lemon and raspberry. They were all dairy free and gluten free and were amazing! I promise, I’ll try not to go there tomorrow!

Crafting/ Knitting:

I spent some time this afternoon with my friend K covering plain pencils with cool, gorgeous Japanese paper. imageThey will be presents for my students and though they are not perfect, they’re pretty cool! If any of them notice the few wrinkles, I’ll be able to turn it into a life lesson on not having to be perfect and just trying your best!

Knitting wise, I finished all the parts for my sweater, laid it out in the floor to start seeing the parts together and noticed that one sleeve’s raglan decrease section was a different colour:( I thought about leaving it, maybe no one would notice, but I would know and there’s no sense making something you’re not willing to wear! So I ripped it out… I’ve managed to get it knitted again and have started seeing it together. Will I ever be done this sweater???

Well, I’m back to it!

Have fun!


A Little Change in Plans

Today has definitely not gone according to plan!


I had a run this morning at Crystal Falls with my running buddy. It was great to have company and be out on this gorgeous trail. Crystal Falls is a forest trail that leads out to a small waterfall. It is obviously uphill going out as you are following the Coquitlam River. The trail has recently been widened and cleared so it is quite accessible, though there are still streams you have to make your way across. The  log barriers that the mountain bikers use now have trails you can take around them. This trail was a great choice for today as it was several degrees cooler (a nice break from the super hot day).  Of course on this hot day when I wouldn’t mind a refreshing foot bath, I managed to stay completely dry, but on a cold, winter day I always seem to manage to end up in the water🙄.

Unfortunately this run was my only exercise for the day:( An epic fail😫


I was supposed to be making a batch of apple chai scones today but a friend called me up and suggested lunch before the craziness of school starts up again. We met at the John B Pub on Austin avenue in Coquitlam. The waitress was super knowledgeable about allergies and made sensible and clear suggestions of what I could order. I ended up with the celiac stir fry with scallops and prawns. It was absolutely delicious and looked just as lovely with big pieces of veggies and seafood.

My indulgences didn’t end with the lunch however as my nephew and I hit Matteo’s Gelato in Port Coquitlam tonight. This is my absolute favourite ice cream store in the area because out of fifty flavours of Gelato, 38 are gluten free and 18 are dairy free. There are so many options that I feel overwhelmed!  img_8711.jpgI also love how you can have as many flavours as you want in each size. Today I tried five different flavours- coconut, chocolate peanut butter, salted caramel, chocolate covered cherry, and mango. I would have a very difficult time choosing a favourite as they were all amazing!


My friend and I checked out IKEA for back to school items. I went in looking for nothing but came out with magazine holders, an aloe Vera plant and some kitchen scrubbers. At least at IKEA when you go crazy, it’s still cheap:)

I’ve done a little bit of knitting but still have half a sleeve to complete. I am babysitting my nephew tonight so ended up in the pool with him and am now watching the Mayweather/ McGregor fight with my brother’s company. Definitely not what I planned to do tonight! Lol I can’t even knit because they smoke! As well, this cutie keeps getting on my lap and chasing the needles. 😂IMG_8718

Oh well, I suppose it’s days like these that make life interesting!

Have fun!


Today’s the Day!

I had another good day! I know I’m trying to be consistently positive, but I do wonder whether it’s that or the fact that I’m on holidays that keeps giving me these great days? I  guess we’ll find out soon enough, though my fingers are crossed that they continue!

In case people actually read my posts and are interested in only certain things I’ve decided to put in headings. I see most people only talk about one thing, but I have lots of interests and things to record and I don’t want to do more than one post a day! But I do get that not everyone has all the same interests as me so hopefully the headings will help:)


The best that can be said for today’s run, is that it occurred. Today is a holiday at home however, so I went out and did thirty minutes but I was hungry and thirsty and my legs were still tired from yesterday’s 10km. Its a quandary though as I try to do the 10km runs the day after my massage because my legs feel great and I’ve had a rest day, but then I don’t want to take another rest day the day after I do a 10km run because I just had a rest day. I wonder how other people solve this problem? Maybe I’d better make my next book a running book:)

I got my walk in by walking over to meet my friend for dinner and surprisingly I so got an “Arms On” workout in when I got home! I think it was motivated by my dinner and having to admit on here that I hadn’t done everything, 😂


Last summer I had a gorgeous garden going on my deck and then when I got back from my holiday on my parent’s boat, everything was dead and I was super upset at the death and the waste of money, so this year I didn’t let myself plant anything as I knew I was going away on two trips again, but I did promise myself that I could plant when I came home. Well today was the day!  I called up my friend from work who also likes wandering the plant store and headed to Amsterdam Nursery in Pitt Meadows. It is by far my favourite nursery in the area. The people are very knowledgeable and helpful without being pushy, it’s always clean and well organized, the plants are healthy and the prices are reasonable. I ended up getting pansies to add to my perennial pots for some colour in the next few weeks, some herbs and some veggies. Can you tell I like to eat what I grow?? For herbs I got lavender, rosemary, basil, cilantro and parsley. For veggies I got Kale, spinach and turnips and a full size tomato plant with tomatoes on it for $10!!! I got everything planted and the deck cleaned up. I miss having the third of an acre I had growing up, but this little bit of green makes me smile every time I look outside:)

Sorry a lot of the plants are inside so they don’t show in the pictures.


A few weeks ago, I was talking with a vice principal friend about how much I love Tacofino and figured out the food truck was at one of the local brew pubs tonight, so tonight was the night! We met at the Parkside Brewery which is still he only brewery I have been to on Port Moody’s new brewery row. I don’t drink beer (gluten), but I like to at least see the places. I’ll have to try and remedy this soon. The food truck wasn’t here yet, so I got a cider as I kind of felt like one of us should get something since we were sitting on their patio. There was an immediate line up when the food truck pulled up. Tacofino started in Tofino,BC and now they have eight locations which include both restaurants and food trucks! I was slightly disappointed that I couldn’t have the fish tacos that I’d been craving because the fish is battered ( I’ll have to go to the restaurant where it isn’t), but my friend had those and I had the pulled pork tacos without the cheese and on a corn tortilla. It was so yummy that I was done before I realized that I hadn’t taken a picture!   The lineup moved fast and the food came quickly so I would even do Tacofino with kids!

As if the two tacos weren’t but enough, my friend overpaid me for her share of the dinner so I took her to Rocky Point Ice Cream for dessert. It was obviously meant to be as we didn’t even have to stand in line!  There are only a few dairy free options, but I don’t mind their vegan vanilla so I got that. At least I resisted getting it made into a milkshake 🤣  My friend got  matcha ice cream and said it was really good!


I have been madly knitting in all the moments I could today and I am slightly closer to being done the retro Nubby Knit as I finished a sleeve today and will start the second one before I go to bed. Hopefully this means that I will make my goal of Sunday! I just really want to be done this. It has been a tough slog as my instagram feed is full of people making cute projects with gorgeous variegated wool. Then on here, there’s people like MyTangledYarn who has the most gorgeous, cheerful socks finished. Here I am using rather plain wool to make a rather plain sweater:( I know I’ll be happy when it’s keeping me warm in the fall breeze, but right now, it’s just tough! It’s just another example of my goal orientation. I inherited a bunch of wool and patterns from my grandma and it’s a goal to use up that wool!

Well, yet again, I am off to knit like crazy so I can make my goal.

Have fun!


Surprisingly Wonderful

Well for a day that started out with the disappointment of my running buddy cancelling, it has turned out to be quite great!

With being on my own for my run, I suddenly got the idea to do a ten km run as I haven’t done so for a few months.  I started off great, but had my tracking program giving the time every ten minutes. It got tough to keep going when I realized that I was going to be slower than I had been last time. I seriously contemplated stopping at just over 6km when I got back to my place, but managed to push myself to keep going with the thought that the time didn’t matter as long as I finished it. I would love to know what my pace is in miles!

It was definitely harder to accomplish the run this time and I think it’s due to the lack of weight workouts lately. I managed to keep up my running in Boston, but not my usual workout.  If nothing else, my tough run inspired me to do the Burpee Killer workout I’ve been avoiding. It turned out not to be as horrible as it looked:) I also got a walk in this evening so I’m three for three for exercise today 🎉

Since it was cloudy and much cooler today, I took that as a sign that I could do some baking:) I had chosen the Skillet Apple Pie from my Gluten Free Almond Flour Cookbook. I love almond flour but buy it sparingly because of its cost.  This recipe didn’t turn out perfectly, but I think it was my fault, not the recipes!  First I would suggest getting all the parts put together in advance so you just need to mix together. None of them are difficult, just the timing is quick. Secondly, the recipe said to add the liquid mixture to the apples after you removed it from the heat, but I would actually put it in for there last minute or so, to help it thicken as it was still quite runny.  Thirdly, I may just put the skillet into the middle of the oven, not the top as it browned REALLY quickly!!! I also realized after I started that I no longer had a cast iron skillet which I think a 10″ one would be perfect for this recipe.  It would actually be quite a gorgeous dessert for company if you had that size. Mine turned out more like a crumble,IMG_8680.JPG but I’d definitely make it again because it tastes divine!  It was especially yummy with my apple pie ice cream from yesterday on top.  Thankfully, I quickly got it portioned out and frozen so I didn’t eat the whole thing today!

I got a few chores done around the house- laundry, tidying, little more on my Montreal album. I also surprisingly got my bathroom cleaned. I had bought a new shower curtain liner yesterday and I wanted to hang it but then decided if I was going to do that I should wash the shower curtain and then figured I’d clean the tub and by the time you clean the tub you might as well do the rest of the bathroom so now I have a nice, clean bathroom lol😀Never a bad thing!

I have been knitting furiously all day hoping that I’d be able to share a finished Nubby knit turtleneck, but I’ve come to the realization it won’t be done today. I’m so close! One sleeve and a collar to go! Just one question, does anyone have a better way of keeping track of rows than tally marks on a piece of paper ?

Well I’m back to knitting so I’ll be able to share a completed sweater soon!!

Have fun!


Kitchen Adventure

Today has been a quiet day- not even a run since I had a massage this morning, though I did get out for a walk tonight. I try to enjoy having a looser body for twenty-four hours.

I have been knitting on the Nubby Knit Turtleneck a lot today and may just finish the front tonight, or maybe tomorrow:)

I have definitely noticed lately just how goal oriented I am. Today I noticed that when I sit down to knit, I always try to do five rows and when I was working on my Montreal album, I realized I always have the goal of doing ten pages. I wonder if this is a good thing ???

The most exciting things I’ve done today have been in the kitchen. First, I got my spices organized. About a year ago I had bought small containers at my local dollar store and put my spices in them, but I had left lots of big containers of spices too. Today I decided I didn’t need big containers, just the small ones as the spice would need to be replaced long before I got to the bottom of a big jar. So I transferred what I could to the small containers, labelled them and threw out the old, big jars. I love organizing things (not events)!

I am trying out two different organizations for the jars to see which works better.

The second thing I did in the kitchen was to get busy cooking! It felt so good to be back working in the kitchen. I knew I needed to use up the apples so I decided to start with making Apple Pie Ice Cream from my new cookbook, Paleo Eats by Kelly Bejelly.  I had to hit the store for maple syrup and a second can of coconut milk so the recipe cost me approximately ten dollars to make as I had all the other ingredients already. It was an easy recipe and only took about ten minutes to prepare and then twenty minutes to churn in the ice cream maker. I like what the ice cream looks like and it has good flavour, unfortunately, I find I don’t like the texture. It is grainy or powdery and I’m not sure why. IMG_8675At this point, I would definitely say that the carmelized pear ice cream, from Food52, that I made last year was better!


Well I must get back to knitting if I want to finish Nubby by Sunday!

Have fun!



Why can I never sleep in? Want to bet that when I have to get up for school in two weeks, I’ll be wanting to sleep in?

This morning I ran the Admiralty Point trail in Belcarra Park with a running buddy. It was nice to have company! When I think about this run, the uphill at the start is always the first thing I picture and that’s usually enough to discourage me. Today I decided to time it so I’d know how long that hill is. It only took two minutes to run it! Totally doable!! Admiralty Point is a short out and back, about 12-15 minutes each way, depending on your running speed. It has areas of rocks and roots, but isn’t so technical that you can’t enjoy the view. The view at the end makes any discomfort on the undulating ups and downs totally worth it:)

I began on the front of my Nubby Knit Turtleneck. I have decided to set the goal of having it completed by Sunday. It might be a little ambitious, but I am definitely a goal oriented person, so I’ll give it my best shot!

My morning was a little rough as my kettle broke, I broke a plate and chipped my grandmother’s sugar bowl. It did get better though, thankfully:)

Finding a kettle was more difficult than I thought it would be! Four stores it took! I could get a cheap one for twelve dollars but decided to step up and get one that had different temperature settings for the various types of teas. I hope it actually makes a difference! Otherwise I went for simple and got a Hamilton Beach kettle that I only have to press one button in the morning. Too bad it’s black:(

Since I was out shopping I added a new shower curtain liner and a moisture alarm for my hot water heater. At nine years old, it’s starting to make me nervous! My friend needed one too so at $14 for two each, it’s the cheapest piece of mind I can get!

When I was in Home Depot, I ran into another of my running buddies who works there. Sometimes I forget how great it is just to get a smile from a friend. It was great seeing him and it definitely turned my day around!

I also decided today that I needed to use up the extra seven apples I bought yesterday. It’s quite a process when I decide to bake.

Trying to decide on a recipe starts with all my gluten free, dairy free cookbooks coming out, then perusing the recipes to narrow it down. I never used to buy cookbooks, but a runningbuddy introduced me to the pleasure of  sitting down with a cup of tea and my cookbook she to decide on a recipe. I’ve slowly been building my collection ever since! I’ve  decided on apple pie ice cream, apple chai scones and a skillet apple pie. Unfortunately with temperatures of 31 today, the actual baking will have to wait until Thursday morning:(  I’ll be sure to write reviews reviews once I make them.

I finished a chick lit novel, otherwise known as a trashy romance today. A week ago, I got a new short story by Kait Nolan but then realized I hadn’t read the book that came before it:( I really dislike reading books in a series out of order, and the book was suddenly free on Amazon, so it seemed meant to be that I go back and read the first book! Here’s my review of Kait Nolan’s When You Got a Good Thing ( Musfit Inn #1):

I enjoyed the first in this new Kait Nolan series. She introduces us to the four Reynolds sisters who were all adopted by Joan. Joan’s passing brings the women back home where they have to deal with the issues between them and within themselves.
Kennedy and Xander were high school sweethearts who were split apart for the past ten years. They get back together when Kennedy returns to town, though they still have to settle some issues. I liked the complexity of the characters and the realistic take on forgiveness. While I thought the characters got together again a little too easily, I found both main characters highly likeable. I loved the family dynamic as well. The book espouses a lot of good messages without beating them to death.
I think that anyone who likes sweet romances, small town romance or second chance romances will enjoy this book.

I got my run and walk in and a small workout. I was supposed to do the Burpee Killer workout today, but just couldn’t bring myself to do it since my left leg was hurting. I did a twelve minute Betty Rocker 12 Minute Total Body Shred Workout off of Facebook instead. It was better than nothing!

I also got the photos from my Montreal trip put into an album. That was the other thing that went wrong this morning. I had bought an album with the Eiffel Tower on it for my Montreal photos, not realizing that it held double the amount of photos I had, aaaaand of course, I can’t find the receipt to return it:( I sure hope it works for another trip! Now all I have to do is write the labels and I’ll be able to take that album off my list!

Well, I’m off to knit furiously so I can finish this sweater and get onto a new project:)

Have fun!