Tiring Tuesday

It was after seven before I even got to sit down:(


We got through a lesson on plurals that all of the children seemed to get. We also spent a bit more time on our addition and subtraction word problems before music. This afternoon we did outdoor Ed and had the kids draw four environmental elements. They actually did a good job. We then finished the day with some outdoor play time.

Before school I posted the student perspective on The FreshGrade platform and after school I collated and stuffed report cards so I am all ready for Friday!


I did a run with Sarah and Dennis to the mill and back. It was my first run in capris today. We noticed with the nice weather that there are too many people on our usual route so we will need to find a new one:(

I also did my FitOn workout class. It was a low impact strength pyramid. I think my downstairs neighbor probably appreciated the low impact part! I am worried that maybe these classes aren’t enough exercise for me?? 🤔


I had to pop over to the grocery store and when I went to put the groceries away I noticed some cupboard doors were a wreck so I got those wiped down, the kitchen floor swiffered and the bathroom wiped down. Yay me!


I was a little late leaving for work this morning because I only had three rounds of the cuff left to do and I stayed and finished my Bentley cardigan. It still needs some ends woven in, buttons and a blocking, but I’m calling it done!

This is the Bentley cardigan by Olive Knits. It is done in Fleece Handmaiden in the Stormy colour. This picture does not give a true look of the colour. There is a wildflower torch on the front of the cardigan, but it doesn’t show up in the dark colour very well. I think I will still get a lot of use out of this cardigan! I did knit it a little longer than called for. I also made the sleeves full length and did not do the peel-a-boo on the sleeves. I am super happy with the fit and feel of the cardigan and can’t wait to be able to wear it!

Well I’m going to go crawl into bed with my book. Have fun!


Weekend Update

Yesterday was a good day at school which was a nice lead in to the weekend.

On Friday night I met Sarah and Dennis for a run. Sarah doesn’t usually come out on Fridays but it was nice to have the company. My heart rate is still higher than it should be but I know I’m not pushing too hard when I’m running with Sarah so it was probably good she came out.

After a coffee with Dennis, I hit the grocery store and then came home and knit 66 rows on my first sleeve of the Bentley cardigan.

Saturday was a slow start in my amazing housecoat which is the perfect weekend I think.

My friend and esthetician wanted to practice doing a lash lift so I went over there late morning and then in the afternoon I walked over to a running store. It turns out I’m probably dealing with a mild case of plantar fasciitis. I got a mini massager, some arch supports and a reminder that I really need to spend time stretching out my calves as they are the problem. I may need to set an alarm.

I came home and did my FitOn workout right away as it was a HIIT workout and then followed it up with a rolling video so at least I did something good for my body.

I spent the rest of the day knitting 66 rows on the second sleeve of Bentley and creating a giant knot in my yarn.

I will now switch back and forth every two rows until I use up the rest of the first two skeins of yarn.

I am thinking I might use the third skein for a shawl.

Late Saturday night Sarah was texting to say she may not be at the run, but both Dennis and I guilted her into coming. It was great to have company on my 6.5km run on Sunday morning, but I felt horrible when I found out later that it was her birthday:(

I had a short coffee with Brenda and Dennis and then a long talk about knitting in the parking lot with Brenda. We are thinking that next year we’re going to do a Harry Potter sock each month and a self striping yarn sock each month that suits the holiday or season of the month. Area 51 and Turtle Purl Yarns seem to have great Yarns for these plans cause of course, you need to plan your knitting a year in advance.🙄🤣

I got my laundry done and my sheets changed, but that’s it for housework. My plan is to do the floors tomorrow to get back on my housecleaning schedule.

I did my FitOn app class which seemed to be two of the classes I’ve already taken put together. it was actually kind of nice as I had an inkling of what was supposed to be done. I have done a class for 34 days in a row now. Probably if I could kick the sugar habit again, you’d be able to see some improvement 🙄. I know that I need to go back to eating more protein as a lack of protein is supposedly the reason behind a sweets craving.

I then spent most of the day knitting. I have both sleeves of the Bentley finished down to the sleeve ribbing and am 1/3 of the way through the ribbing on one sleeve. Let’s hope I can finish it tomorrow as I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything in my knitting forever!

Well that’s it for me, have fun!


Happy Hump Day

One nice thing is that we are halfway through the first week back. Tomorrow will be the busiest day though:(


Most of my students really are showing their growth. We did chalkboard spelling this morning and everyone is doing really well. We are more than halfway through the alphabet and this is the furthest I have ever gotten in twenty years of teaching!

Students had a few moments to work on their signs of Spring before filing them and going for recess.

It was great as with the principal away again the kids went outside at all breaks regardless of the rain. We went to gym and learned about cardiovascular, strength and stretching and each child got to lead the class. Push-ups were definitely the most popular today so I taught them about hand release push-ups and pike push-ups so maybe next time we’ll get some variety. It is really funny watching grade ones do some of these exercises though🤣

We did a math drill and then went to lunch. I spent all of my breaks today getting the corrections done on my report cards as I want to enter all the info tomorrow into the database. We will see if there is a principal to read them or not as we haven’t seen our principal in almost a month now.

This afternoon we had silent reading while I did a reading group. The kids are doing so well and I do love this time with them!

I had them working to finish up their Fin’s Friends workbook today. I am ready to move on! I need to have a look at the curriculum and see what I still need to cover.

I have to admit I left work pretty quickly because I had been freezing all day! I think I need to knit myself some more scarves, cowls and shawls. I need to figure out a way to make them look springy and light while still having them keep me warm!


Sarah was back today for a run- her first after having Covid. She did really well and it was nice to have company for that 4.25km. Even better it didn’t pour on us like I was expecting!

I came home from that and went directly to do my FitOn video for the day. I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was a yoga video. Oh how lovely! I was looking today and while I am thirteen days behind where I was last year in running mileage, I am way ahead in how much time I have spent working out and doing yoga this year. Hopefully this will help my running!


Last night I finished the kids Bookclub book called The Wild Robot. I mention it because it was a great read with some really awesome ideas in it. If you have kids or just want a quick, easy read, I would recommend this one. I told my co workers I was sad for the robot and they laughed at me. What can I say, I am highly affected by what I read.


I did a stripe on one of my socks this morning. I don’t have enough of two colours for both socks, so I guess I’ll use one for each sock. I should be able to stand having the first stripe be different on the socks if all the rest are the same. I just thought as I wrote that though that maybe I could shorten the first two stripes too as it’s not like I need socks to be as long on the leg as other people do.

This evening I finally got the chance to pick my Bentley sweater up again and cast on the sleeve. I got ten rows done while listening to the Motivate to Move podcast. I am getting closer!

Well I’m going to sit here and read on my phone and let my nails dry. My students have all commented on my nails. I have lost three since being back at work, but will do my best to keep them asking as possible. Today they became blue as I only have two colours of polish.

Have fun!


Gone Already

It seems like my holiday went fast and tomorrow it is back to reality. No more lounging in the my fuzzy robe with a cup of tea and my knitting in the morning😥. Tomorrow I will have to hit the ground running! That’s why this will be quick as I have the feeling I’m going to need extra sleep tonight!


I ran 8km on Sunday with Dennis and we got lucky and it wasn’t horribly wet for a change:)

I have also kept up and done my FitOn App workout each day. I wasn’t happy with the Strong Legs one on Saturday as it left my legs tired for my Sunday run, but oh well. It would be nice if they gave you seven and let you put them in the order you want! I can’t wait until I have my high speed data back tomorrow so that the workouts will be short and won’t lag!


I have been reading, but nothing that I need to tell you about. I’ll let you know when I hit a really good one.


Yesterday I was napping on my couch when my friend Lyndsay texted to ask if I wanted to go for a walk to the park with her, her son and her dog. It was a lovely afternoon! We got some food from a food truck and then sat in the sun and watched her son at the skate park. I love little outings like this!


I have gotten all of my laundry done and my coffee table tidied, but I’m sad to say, not much else has been done:(. I’m definitely a failure at house cleaning. I got the accessories changed to my summer colour scheme, but I really should have been cleaning instead. I just feel like every where I look needs to be cleaned, but as soon as I clean it, it has to be done again😥


I made pancake muffins the other day and they were super delicious. I like them because it feels like you are having a muffin and yet there is very little sugar in them:)

Today I made baked strawberry coconut oatmeal for my breakfasts this week, Tex Mex salad for lunches and ham and peas pasta for dinner. I liked the process I did this week. Usually I spend a few hours in the kitchen making all the food, but today, I just made the dish for my meal and then packaged up the rest for lunches, breakfasts and dinners.


I wanted to show you where all my time had been going. I finished the crochet blanket I was making to just use up yarn.

I also finished my Paris Socks by the Knitting Expat. This yarn is made out of Lady Dye Yarna in 75% SW Merino and 25% Nylon. I had bought it for the Anne of Green Gables KAL with Casapinka, but the colours of yarn just didn’t work for a shawl for me, but I love the main colour for these socks. This pattern was odd because I followed the instructions exactly and yet my pattern looks different than the pattern picture. I am thinking it had to be changed to fit the smaller stitch count. It’s fine with me though as I still like what it looks like.

I have also finished my Bentley Sweater bands and just have the sleeves to do. I managed to join the zoom call for that KAL tonight and it was neat to see what other sweaters looked like.

I have also started my SPY21 socks for this month which are the Meta socks out of the book, Operation Sock Drawer. I am hoping they will use up some little skeins for me.

Well I’m off to bed, have fun!


Run to Rapid City Update #12

I can’t believe it has been a year since I started this journey!

At the start of 2020 I was lost as to what my running goal would be for the year. I had done speed, distance, etc. Then the amazing Kathy suggested that I run to visit her. So off I went to Rapid City. You can tell I don’t run as much as many people out there as it’s a new year and I am still working on this goal of visiting Kathy.

I have hit Busby, Montana. This is a census location located on the Northern Cheyenne Reservation. It is only 20 miles to the site of the Battle of Rosebud Creek. The history nerd in me is really curious as to what the National Battle Site park will be like as I have never seen one before. I took a course in university about the US Civil War, but of course, I don’t remember much:(

This is quite the change from my last stop in Billings, Montana as only about 745 people live here. It was named for the Post master , Sheridan Busby when the post office was established here in 1904.

The town is located on Rosebud Creek.

I guess I will rest here and then keep on going as I really do feel as though I’ve seen the whole place. Of course, you could blink and miss it😜

My One

I am known for my list making- even my students know this about me. I have a list of places I would like to run and my running buddy said I could pick one to do over my Spring Break. Well today was the day:). He even picked me up so I didn’t have to drive!

We headed out to a dyke that is about an hour away and did a ten kilometer run. There is a marathon run on this dyke so I know we did kilometer 2-7 and then turned round. My running buddy obviously knows me well as we started right at the fence at one end of the dyke. Next time we’ll start at kilometer six where there is another parking lot and go from there. This area is well known for bird life and it didn’t disappoint today. I saw twelve different eagles up close and a mallard duck. I’m sure there was lots more that I just didn’t notice.

This was a gorgeous morning and I’m sure it will be a highlight of my vacation.

When I got home I had lunch as I was starving. A baked potato that I did in the slow cooker the other day (worked great) became fried potato with spinach. It was really good.

I then tackled my taxes as that has been weighing on my mind and imm sisterly did my FitOn workout after that so that I could sit down and knit for the rest of the day, guilt free.

That is exactly what I did! I worked on my crochet granny stripe blanket a bit and on my Bentley cardigan. I think I am ready for the bottom ribbing on my cardigan. I also knitted on the way to the run this morning and have about half of another Musselburgh hat done.

Oh I also have now watched every video of the Crazy Sock Lady. I think I liked her better before she became so commercialized, but oh well.

I’m heading to bed to read.

Have fun!


Oh My!

How did it get to be so many days without a blog post??!! I tell you my holiday days speed along twice as fast as work days!

This weekend has been mainly knitting. Saturday I had no plans to go out until I got a Starbucks BOGO coupon. I treated Brenda to coffee and we talked knitting for a half hour. I hit the grocery store for milk, but then spent the rest of the day knitting.

I had messed up the pattern on one side of my cardigan and while my mom and Brenda both said it wasn’t noticeable, I decided not to be lazy and to rip back and fix the mistake. I then spent Saturday and Sunday getting caught back up. I have separated for sleeves and have made progress on the body. I don’t think this sweater project is going to last until May 31st. I’ll be lucky if it lasts past this holiday! I am loving how the yarn is knitting up and with being a product knitter, I want it done so I can start on the next project. It doesn’t help that I transferred my knitting to do list into a cute little notebook yesterday so now I know exactly what I want to get going on!

This morning I did 8.1km in the rain with Dennis. I ran slower than usual, but it’s the first run where I haven’t felt dead halfway through. I’m not positive it wasn’t just the slower pace, but let’s hope it’s also improvement in my recovery! Kathy, I’m running as fast as I can to you and I’ll have an update later this week. I can’t wait to see where I’ve gotten to on my run to South Dakota!

I did exercise both days, though the FitOn workouts are still very annoying with my slow data. I did a kickboxing workout yesterday and Barre Core today. Hopefully one of these days, this working out thing will show on my body!

Today I did some crochet on the baby blanket I’m making solely to use up yellow acrylic that I will never knit with. It’s been cool to learn that I still remember how to crochet!

I have started another Musselburgh hat to use up a skein of yarn and to allow for mindless knitting in the car tomorrow. I will need to figure out tomorrow what yarn to put with this one as I definitely don’t have enough.

And I worked on my Bentley cardigan. I am at row 96:). I’m proud of myself for stopping🤣

Well I’m going to go crawl into bed and read my book for a while.

Have fun!


My First

Today was a much calmer, more organized day which I appreciated!


I picked up Dennis and we headed out to a local dyke for a run. It wasn’t a great run as my heart rate was high way too soon. This is something I’ve been noticing since having Covid. For now I’m assuming it’s just part of the recovery process as everything I read says that even a mild case takes 3-6 months to get over. I had in my mind that I wanted to get 8km in today as that is what we ran on Sunday. Imagine my surprise when I surpassed that and got 9km in! Yay, I may make it to South Dakota after all:)

I stopped at the gluten free bakery on the way to coffee and Dennis and I split the cherry bar. It wasn’t that good. I also tried their small sausage roll for lunch and a strawberry turnover (good thing I ran long and did a workout) and haven’t been super excited about any of them. I have one scone left to try, but I think the hit may have been the fact they had gluten free and dairy free puff pastry. Now I just have to decide what I want to make!!! No I don’t normally eat like this, but when I try a new place I like to try a variety of goods so I know what I need to return for:)

This afternoon I also did a FitOn workout, but it’s very painful right now. My data is so slow that it takes over an hour to do a 25 minute workout. I add in my own moves for the buffering times, but at 54 minutes I was done. I don’t like how this app won’t let you download a workout unless you pay:(


I managed to get all my new clothes into my app, got a load of laundry done, got my exercise journal up to date and that’s it. Not as good as I thought, though I did scrub the tub while I was in the shower:)


I took Kathy’s advice and did fifteen minutes of cross stitch at lunchtime. That was the length of the Crazy sock lady podcast I was watching, so it seemed perfect. Even with spending some of the time looking for my needle as I didn’t want to find it with my foot, I got more done than I was expecting:)

I also did two swatches today for the Bentley cardigan again. I tried a 2.75 and a 3mm needle and though I’m still a little big with the 3mm, I’m going with that size because I like the fabric better. I will just need to measure regularly and stop the raglan increases a little earlier than the 66th row.

I have casted on and done 14 rows and hopefully this time will be more successful!

I also promised you my socks.

These are the London socks by Knitting Expat. They are done in Cascade Strawberries and Cream. I meant to do the pattern all the way around the leg, but forgot when I got to that point until I was on the third row and I just didn’t feel like ripping back. I am fine with the one sided pattern only. The pattern was easy to follow and quick to knit. These are actually my very first toe up socks and I really liked doing them that way! I will definitely do this technique again, though I still have many other techniques to try as well:)

So my question for all you knitters out there is can you recommend a one skein (400 yard) shawl pattern that is not too Lacey. Thank you.

Have fun!


I’m Free!!!

Well it finally got here- Spring Break:)🎊🎉


My students were upset that I didn’t change the shape of the day so we worked off a list on the board. They said I was crazy like this before Christmas break too. I’m just trying to leave with everything done so we come back to a fresh start.

We did manage to get everything done:). This morning the children wrote about what they want to be when they grow up. I didn’t help and it was great to see what they could do on their own. It did make me lower my assessment of one boy’s writing. We also did our scheduled instructional writing. I didn’t get to see many of them as I was helping my lowest boy, but he didn’t do too badly today when I was there to say words slowly.

We got through a lesson on counting back for subtracting. The kids also cleaned their desks a bit when they were done.

I was a little crazy and tried to order skip the dishes as this was all happening. Note to self, only order in on Tuesday’s when I have a prep before lunch and can give it my full attention!

This afternoon we had flashlight friday reading and I finally got to my Friday reading group. They’ve been so upset that we’ve missed reading group! They did a great job today though:)

We finished the day by getting our community put up on the wall. Each child did a video explaining what they had built.

We will probably get in trouble and have to take this down, but I love how kid art looks! Some are better than others, but they all have character.

The nicest thing was at the end of the day when a parent gave me a copy of TinCanknit’s Great North pattern book as she had two copies. It’s so awesome! It definitely has done patterns I’ll be making!


I met up with Dennis for a run. My left foot is still sore so we came straight back, but missed the shoe store by just moments. I’ll have to stop in there tomorrow I guess. 6km later, I got a lovely cup of tea.

I then made myself come home and do my FitOn workout right away which was the Tabata Torch. My legs were definitely talking by the end of that!


I met up with my friend Em for ice cream to start our holiday off right. I very much enjoyed my salted caramel, but will need to behave myself tomorrow!

I grabbed my prescription and a couple of groceries and got myself tucked in at home.


I had gotten my KAL package in the mail today but had made myself finish all my have to do’s before I was allowed to open it. I love the stitch markers and the tea sounds good and the Avonlea Twilight yarn is gorgeous, but I’ll have to reserve judgement on the other two mini skeins until I see them in daylight.

I did a little more on my London socks and I want to make it’s priority to get these done this weekend. I also finished a second Musselburgh hat. I will hopefully get pictures of all of these things tomorrow.

For now, it’s bedtime. Have fun!


Thankfully Better

Yesterday was a tough day as the whole school was off the wall! I had five different teachers go in and talk to my class at lunch and then come tell me about it. Needless to say, I collapsed into bed early last night. Thankfully today was better!


We got through a lesson on “Ed” this morning. The kids got the concept, but found the worksheet difficult. I don’t think they normally would have, but Spring Break brain definitely seems to be affecting them.

We also made it through recess where I was on supervision and had to discipline a kindergarten boy. We have two K boys who have behavior issues and I know I’ll get one of them at least next year so I am trying to be firm already. He pushed a boy and then ran away when I tried to talk to him so he had to spend the rest of recess walking with me. He didn’t like it, but that is the point!

My class did their addition drill after recess. It is amazing what a smelly marker can do. I have always highlighted the day they are doing, but this year I am using a smelly marker to do it. Suddenly, math drill is the best part of the day🤣

This afternoon we had silent reading and then students were working on turning a shoebox into a community building. They were so engaged! I can’t wait to see how the buildings turn out!

We ended the day with outside playtime in the sunshine. Have to take advantage when we can!


I met up with Sarah and Dennis for a run at the river. It was a gorgeous day and we had a decent pace, so I’ll call it a success.

My FitOn workout today was 44 minutes long! I so didn’t feel like doing that, but I did:)


I had good and I had bad. I had signed up and paid for an Anne of Green Gables KAL with Lady Dye Yarns. It was supposed to start yesterday. Today I emailed and inquired about where my kit was. I had been surprised that they only allowed a week for the kit to get across the US and into Canada 🙄. Well my kit is in New York. Needless to say, I have not been impressed so far!

Especially when it is compared to my other knitting order experience today. I had ordered just a couple little things from BohoKnits. They were mailed the day I ordered:). I received them today:).

She even put in two extra stitch markers to say thank you and so that my stitch marker holder didn’t arrive empty. It was so wonderful! I felt appreciated and that I had gotten good value for my money. I can’t wait to use these items.

I have spent what little knitting time I’ve had today on my Bentley sweater as that KAL started yesterday. The challenge for me will be to make the sweater knit last. It is just a top down raglan so I could probably be done by the end of the weekend, but I will do my best to stretch it out.

I will include a picture of my latest sock finish. Please excuse the fact that they have not been blocked yet. These are the Meandros socks from the book Operation Sock Drawer by the Knitmore Girls and are part of the SPY21 KAL through River City Yarns this year.

I used two minis for these socks and still have some left!

Well I have to go read as I didn’t realize my book review is due in two days!

Have fun!