It was the National Birthday today, so an extra day off:)


I got out for a run this morning and accomplished 3.76km, and I’m lucky to have gotten that much done as I hadn’t eaten or drank anything yet. There’s a lesson!


I was supposed to get a lot done around the house in the morning but only accomplished one load of laundry and a long nap before I headed out.

I drove downtown and met up with three friends. Three of us have a tradition of spending Canada Day together and it’s always fun to wander. We did start by stopping at Nordstrom as I had finally decided to just buy the Birkenstock sandals! I got a pair and they were on sale:). Too bad they didn’t have the sunglasses or workout capris I also wanted. It did make it a less expensive day than I was expecting:)

We then proceeded down the street as I had seen that a food truck I’ve been wanting to try was going to be in the area. Again, it was a parent who told me about Rolling Cashew which is a vegan food truck known for their cauliflower wings. It was super yummy and thankfully they had put out tables and chairs to sit at.

We then proceeded down to the main area for the Canada Day celebrations. We got there with about ten minutes before our fourth friend was joining us so we just stood and waited in the shade.

Then the scary moment came. I had gone over to a Freshii cafe and got a bottle of ginger ale because I felt like I had eaten too much, but then I just kept feeling worse. Just as our friend arrived I sat down in the middle of Cordova Street as I felt like I was going to pass out. My friends helped me over to a mall entrance on the other side of the street and I laid down on the cool tiles in the corner of the foyer. I laid there for about ten to fifteen minutes and felt way better. I have no idea what happened, but boy was it a horrible feeling!

We then proceeded through the festivities and walked further along the sea wall. From what I could tell it was mainly food trucks and advertising again.

It was neat to see all the Irish Dancers in town for a competition. In the convention centre they had some of the costumes and they were thousands of dollars. We laughed as we first noticed them because they have really dark legs, but very pale arms, etc. we figured out self tanner on the legs seems to be a requirement along with the pile of fake hair.

After people watching along the sea wall and at the axe throwing contest, we made our way over to Nuba for dinner. I had the spiced prawns, water and some rice pudding with rose water for dessert. I am still stuffed:(. I couldn’t resist dessert though as I can rarely have it when I’m out.

It was great to spend the day with such awesome friends. I can’t say we did a ton of Canada Day stuff, but we dressed appropriately and were in the vicinity and it made no difference to having s good time today.

Have fun!


22 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day

  1. The tan legs are basically panty hose! I used to Irish dance so I know all about it. The dresses can be GORGEOUS with all of the different colors. It sounds like a good day (minus the little scare). I’ve had those before and they aren’t fun!

  2. glad you were ok after getting your temp down. That is always scary. Glad you enjoyed Canada Day with your friends and had fun and tasty foods

  3. Happy Canada Day! Glad you recovered from the scare, and went on to enjoy the remainder of what turned out to be a great day!

  4. AJ, I’m glad you felt better after taking a turn. Maybe you ate something that didn’t agree with you?? Sounds like a good day aside from that. 😊

    1. It was really weird. It didn’t feel like an allergic reaction to dairy and gluten, but you’re right- maybe my body just didn’t like something. I don’t know and I hope it doesn’t happen again!

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