It was a pretty good day!


My prep got changed without my knowing it so I was a little off kilter as I didn’t know what I was going to do this morning.

We got through a phonics lesson on short a, and another lesson on big problems versus small problems.

I started on the parent teacher conferences I have to do by phone this week. It was very enlightening when one of the parents told me that he son is being hit by another little boy and she got told by another parent. I can’t believe nobody told the teacher!


I did a workout run with Dennis. We warmed up and then did 90 seconds hard, 60 seconds easy, 60 seconds hard, 30 seconds easy, 30 seconds hard, 90 seconds easy and we did it 5 times through.


Who was the older man on Three’s Company?

Ralph Furley

What are the three most westerly NFL teams?

Seattle, Arizona and Las Vegas

How much is a bottle of Bailey’s?


What Mexican food means little donkey?


Where was Bombay Sapphire created?


What are the second letters in each row of the keyboard?

W, S, X

Put these dynasties in order?

Mayan, Viking, and Inca

The music round was done by decade- 1975, 1985, 1995, 2005, 2015

What was the name of the butler on Fresh Prince?


Where was the first real housewives?

Orange county

Where did Michael Jordan also play?

Washington Wizards

What ladies gym is associated with club 16?

She’s Fit

Who is not like the rest? Ben Franklin, George Washington, Abe Lincoln and John Hancock?

Abe Lincoln

We actually won the last round:)

Well that’s it for me.

Have fun!


13 thoughts on “Trivia Tuesday

    1. They should have told me but I don’t think this is bullying. This is just Avery exuberant and energetic little boy who has a lack of control. I have the feeling this is rag run amok

      1. It was his way of getting the first boy not to pull branches off the trees. We talked about using our words

  1. I am actually responding to the most current post. I didn’t like having our kids at our school conferences, but it was the only way our district did it. Luckily, my kids were pretty well behaved and good students. Parents and conferences used to really stress my son, the teacher out. The Private school parents were difficult to persuade that their darlings might be causing disruptions. His current teaching job with Chinese children, …..I’m not sure how it works. The are paying to be tutored and their parents are usually in the room with the child while he teaches…..

    1. It’s just that I put things very differently when a child is in the room than when they aren’t. Thankfully most of these parents were open to the one suggestion I allowed myself to make for what they should work on at home. Hopefully the ones today will go just as well.

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