We had a pretty good day. We are up to 67 items we’ve collected for the food bank and I read them a book called On Our Street about poverty so they would understand why we were doing this fundraiser.

We did a quick practice of counting by 10s, had library, and this afternoon we learned a new poem. The kids chose a poem to read to the class and I video taped it to send to parents.

After school I managed to proofread three report cards. Time always goes faster after school.


I ran with Dennis and Sarah after my cosmetology appointment. We got 5.25km in and it felt really good!


For trivia, we had the regular crew and we won the first round.

In the first round we knew:

Who was the main actress in Oceans 11?

Julia Roberts

Put the following Michael Douglas movies in order.

Romancing the Stone

Fatal Attraction

Basic instinct

Which NFL quarterback has thrown the most touchdowns?

Tom Brady ( I got this one!)

What does ECG stand for?


What three other countries came out of Yugoslavia?

Serbia, Croatia,Slovenia

What is the supplementary angle to 70 degrees?


Who shot Abe Lincoln?

John Wilkes Booth

In the music round I knew the long song American Pie by Don McLean.

In the Kahoot round I knew:

What border is the Thousand Islands on?


What organ makes bile?


In the fourth round we knew:

What bird is released into a coal mine?


What are the names of the Howells on Gilligan’s Island?

Thurston & Lovie

Who played Dharma?

Jenna Elfman

What is the Seattle Mariners stadium?


My friends very kindly paid my bill and I got this awesome gift from Jacqueline for making her socks!

And for those who want to know, there was actually a cute guy at trivia tonight, but I didn’t get the chance to talk to him.

Have fun!


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