Refresh was the word of the day! I woke up to an email sent last night saying I could sign up for a vaccination appointment. Of course all local appointments were gone so I could only get Sunday afternoon about an hour away. I told my students about it and they were determined to help me get an appointment. All day, “miss b hit refresh” was the phrase as we kept looking to see if there were appointments available. I did finally get a local appointment tomorrow at noon. I’ll have to tell my kids on Monday.


Beyond registering for the vaccine, we did a reading lesson on forming an opinion about a book. They were much better about stating a reason this week than they were last week.

We got through our last math lesson on word problems and then went out and taught the other grade one class how to play the Three Little Pigs game.

In the afternoon we had flashlight reading and I took my highest reading group, who I swear, don’t even need me there🤣. We then finished our forest sketches from yesterday and I had the kids glue them onto backing paper. I guess we’ll see Monday when I put them up how well they did at centering and making them straight. We ended the day by playing on the playground.

I left quickly after school again as I had a physio appointment. The physio was a few minutes late getting to me but that worked on my favor as that’s when I finally got my good vaccine time. I didn’t love having the needles in my foot and my calves feel tighter than they have all week, but hopefully tomorrow I will wake up better:)


I got home to happy mail. I had a shawl cuff on my list for a while as if I’m going to wear more shawls and scarves and cowls to work to stay warm, I need a way to keep them on right. Knox Mountain Knit Co had a sale on late last week so I had ordered a basic black shawl cuff and it came today. This is actually the second time I have bought this exact shawl cuff, but I gave the first one to my friend Lyndsay.


I once again sat down to knit on the hitchhiker shawl as that knit is completely addictive. I did make myself switch over to starting the Ankers summer shirt as I need a project to knit with Brenda tomorrow. For such a simple knit, I sure am having trouble with it. Maybe I’m just tired. My biggest goal this weekend is to finish my meta socks so that they are done before the next Rome socks come out on the first.


I did get a yoga class done on the FitOn app today. I recorded everything in my book and am having a bit of a tough time with the fact that I feel like I’m 100 km behind this year. I should be at about 350km right now and instead, I’m in the mid 200s:(

My plan is to do a household cleaning chore before I sit down to knit in the morning. We’ll see how I do.

Have fun!


Happy Hump Day

It was nice to have a quieter day:)


We had a fire drill this morning and the kids did great! We also got through chalkboard spelling and the kids added colour to their environmental elements page from yesterday. We went outside to play Three Little Pigs for gym. It was so cool and I would say my gym class was a success because as the kids went out for lunch they were organizing another three little pigs game. Yes!!!!

We did a bit of math, silent reading/guided reading and then did a lesson on healthy foods. It was interesting that it was easier to name the treats than to name the healthy stuff. I really had to bite my tongue when they named hot dogs and Mac n cheese as healthy! Love both, but healthy🤨

At lunch I came back to reports of three boys dog piling and hitting each other with water bottles. I talked to them, they lost five minutes of outside playtime and I emailed their parents. Hopefully that’s enough to nip this Spring behavior in the bud!

The kids were in awe this morning when they thought I was wearing heels. They were really just loafers, but they make a clicking sound compared to my silent running shoes and flats. Unfortunately I had to garbage the cute red shoes at lunch as the whole bottom had fallen off and the leather had cracked all over the place. I am on a wear it or get rid of it kick, so tomorrow it will be a different pair of shoes.

After outside playtime, I ran down the hill so I would be home in time for my brother to drop off my new closet doors. He remeasured the other doors and decided that I had better just sell them as they are quite large for my closets. 😞


Today’s FitOn class was a mobility class which I am categorizing as yoga. It is nice to have these easier days:). My friend who introduced me to the app has the goal of doing a workout everyday for 88 days. I don’t have a goal yet, I guess I’ll have to think of one.


I got the ends woven into the Bentley cardigan and it is blocking right now. I didn’t stretch it much as I like the fit already.

I finished my last scrappy Musselburgh. It could have been longer, but I like most how it used up 4 skeins of yarn.

When I came home and there was an unexpected package I had no idea what was in it. I had forgotten that I won a skein of yarn from Tanya at Bloomin’ Fabrics. I can’t resist knitting with it and so plan to buy the Hitchhiker pattern by Martina Behr and start ASAP.

Isn’t this yarn beautiful?!?! It is her Deep Blue Sea colour way. I’m just not sure how it’s going to knit up as I’ve never bought yarn like this before.

The hitchhiker pattern will have to wait a little as tonight I am frogging my serendipity sweater and I purchased the Ankers sweater pattern by PetiteKnit to reknit the yarn. Unfortunately my yarn is sport weight and the pattern comes in fingering and dk and I messed up and bought the fingering one 🤦🏼‍♀️

Maybe it’s time for bed!

Have fun!


Tiring Tuesday

It was after seven before I even got to sit down:(


We got through a lesson on plurals that all of the children seemed to get. We also spent a bit more time on our addition and subtraction word problems before music. This afternoon we did outdoor Ed and had the kids draw four environmental elements. They actually did a good job. We then finished the day with some outdoor play time.

Before school I posted the student perspective on The FreshGrade platform and after school I collated and stuffed report cards so I am all ready for Friday!


I did a run with Sarah and Dennis to the mill and back. It was my first run in capris today. We noticed with the nice weather that there are too many people on our usual route so we will need to find a new one:(

I also did my FitOn workout class. It was a low impact strength pyramid. I think my downstairs neighbor probably appreciated the low impact part! I am worried that maybe these classes aren’t enough exercise for me?? 🤔


I had to pop over to the grocery store and when I went to put the groceries away I noticed some cupboard doors were a wreck so I got those wiped down, the kitchen floor swiffered and the bathroom wiped down. Yay me!


I was a little late leaving for work this morning because I only had three rounds of the cuff left to do and I stayed and finished my Bentley cardigan. It still needs some ends woven in, buttons and a blocking, but I’m calling it done!

This is the Bentley cardigan by Olive Knits. It is done in Fleece Handmaiden in the Stormy colour. This picture does not give a true look of the colour. There is a wildflower torch on the front of the cardigan, but it doesn’t show up in the dark colour very well. I think I will still get a lot of use out of this cardigan! I did knit it a little longer than called for. I also made the sleeves full length and did not do the peel-a-boo on the sleeves. I am super happy with the fit and feel of the cardigan and can’t wait to be able to wear it!

Well I’m going to go crawl into bed with my book. Have fun!


Monday Again

I don’t know how Monday arrives so quickly every week!


We got through a journal, the kids had music class, we played line soccer in gym. We did another addition drill and I introduced the concept of solving word problems. This afternoon we had silent reading and then went outside to brainstorm natural environment elements. I had the idea after school to have the kids do STEM to create an environmental feature. I’ll have to see if I can work out the details as I think they would really like it!

We had our first staff meeting after school and it went well. I did peel off all of my nails though:(. I guess keeping them for a week at work was pretty good and I will see if I can regrow them. For the very first time, this new principal wanted our cameras on so she could see us without masks, but I don’t think I liked that. We also had a tense moment when one teacher passively aggressively complained about all the rest of us taking our kids out to the playground which is outside his classroom. Ugh we have noise to put up with- it’s an elementary school!!! I doubt we’ve heard the end of it though:(


I came home and had dinner as I was super hungry, but then made sure that I got my FitOn workout in. I was happy to see that today was a Strong Yoga Sculpt. I am trying to work out and do yoga more consistently than I did last year and so far I am meeting that goal.

I have to say I would recommend the FitOn app as it has tons of different types of workouts, including stretching and yoga and you can choose which ones to do. I just do the daily workout as I don’t want to choose.


I told my friend Brenda yesterday that I had to accomplish something soon in my knitting as it feels like I haven’t finished anything forever! I am so close with the Bentley Cardigan! I bound off one sleeve tonight and only have seven rows left of the cuff in the second sleeve. This is a knit a long that doesn’t end until May 31st, but I am quite proud of myself for making it last almost an entire month! I am definitely a product knitter🤣

At least I wear my products! Today I wore my Paris socks and my temperature cowl. My students commented on my cowl so I was explaining it to them and they think I should do one based on weather- cloudy, rainy, sunny and snowy are the types they came up with. It’s actually an interesting idea. 🤔


I was supposed to bring my new wet jet home and pick up the cleaner and I completely forgot! I did not let myself off the hook though and at least got my carpet vacuumed. I always feel so much better when I at least do one small thing in the house.

Well time for bed, have fun!


Happy Friday Eve!

I was telling someone about Friday Eve today and I think they’re going to adopt it too. I can’t believe how fast the weeks go!


Today was a busy day, but it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting.

We got through printing and then I prepped for next week while the children had music. I then had to run down to the intermediate playground as I was on supervision.

We also finally got to learning about fact families today. I really don’t like only having math classes on Thursday and Friday. It’s a long time between concepts:(. Five of the girls were amazing at it, most of the rest were fine and two had no clue what I was talking about, but what I loved was how my students are starting to know themselves and what they need. My super ADHD boy has started planting himself on the other side of my desk to do his work. Another girl has figured out she works better standing up and so stands at the back counter and the two girls who didn’t understand the math today, came right up to me and told me so that we could work through it together. They are maturing before my eyes!

This afternoon we started our socials topic which is way too nebulous as usual- the natural environment affects the community and we affect the natural environment. Try teaching that to six year olds. 🙄. Today we read The Earth Book by Todd Parr and went and picked up garbage outside. 🤣

We finished the day with playing outside since it was cold, but not raining.

After school the plan was to have Bookclub and then enter the report card info into the database. Thankfully my teaching buddy’s Teams meeting with a distance student was cancelled so we got an early start on entering the report card info.

Of course right as I went to start the Bookclub meeting my computer shut down for updates to install. It was a bit of a shmozzel, but the kids were really good about it. It’s always so neat to talk with kids whom I used to teach about books. They have such an interesting way of looking at things. I had said I thought the Wild robot was sad, but none of them did and they all loved it!

After Bookclub, I finished entering all the report data! I will print them tomorrow and hand them in and then don’t have to think about them until they get handed back to me with any corrections I have to do.

The big news and excitement today at school is that our principal is on leave and we have an acting principal for now. She’s already ahead as she sent an email introducing herself, came to every class to introduce herself and talk to the kids, sent an email to staff asking for staff meeting topics and sent an email to parents introducing herself. That is more contact and communication in one day than we have had in three and a half years! She’s not a primary principal, but so far she’s off to a good start!


I did my FitOn class today- I think this makes thirty days in a row now! It was a Pilates class. It was nice and short, but I do miss having a warm up and cool down!


So I got the first stripe on my meta socks done and I did go with the smaller stripe of only three rows rather than four so that I could use the small amounts of yarn I had of two of the colours. I think this is going to be a potato chip knit!

I also got another 21 rows done on a sleeve of my Bentley cardigan. I hope I finish one of these projects this weekend. I don’t mind having my mindless project for work or socializing, but otherwise I think I’m a one project at a time kind of knitter.

Well I stayed up later last night to finish my book so I think tonight I am heading to bed early.

Have fun!


Happy Hump Day

One nice thing is that we are halfway through the first week back. Tomorrow will be the busiest day though:(


Most of my students really are showing their growth. We did chalkboard spelling this morning and everyone is doing really well. We are more than halfway through the alphabet and this is the furthest I have ever gotten in twenty years of teaching!

Students had a few moments to work on their signs of Spring before filing them and going for recess.

It was great as with the principal away again the kids went outside at all breaks regardless of the rain. We went to gym and learned about cardiovascular, strength and stretching and each child got to lead the class. Push-ups were definitely the most popular today so I taught them about hand release push-ups and pike push-ups so maybe next time we’ll get some variety. It is really funny watching grade ones do some of these exercises though🤣

We did a math drill and then went to lunch. I spent all of my breaks today getting the corrections done on my report cards as I want to enter all the info tomorrow into the database. We will see if there is a principal to read them or not as we haven’t seen our principal in almost a month now.

This afternoon we had silent reading while I did a reading group. The kids are doing so well and I do love this time with them!

I had them working to finish up their Fin’s Friends workbook today. I am ready to move on! I need to have a look at the curriculum and see what I still need to cover.

I have to admit I left work pretty quickly because I had been freezing all day! I think I need to knit myself some more scarves, cowls and shawls. I need to figure out a way to make them look springy and light while still having them keep me warm!


Sarah was back today for a run- her first after having Covid. She did really well and it was nice to have company for that 4.25km. Even better it didn’t pour on us like I was expecting!

I came home from that and went directly to do my FitOn video for the day. I was pleasantly surprised to find out it was a yoga video. Oh how lovely! I was looking today and while I am thirteen days behind where I was last year in running mileage, I am way ahead in how much time I have spent working out and doing yoga this year. Hopefully this will help my running!


Last night I finished the kids Bookclub book called The Wild Robot. I mention it because it was a great read with some really awesome ideas in it. If you have kids or just want a quick, easy read, I would recommend this one. I told my co workers I was sad for the robot and they laughed at me. What can I say, I am highly affected by what I read.


I did a stripe on one of my socks this morning. I don’t have enough of two colours for both socks, so I guess I’ll use one for each sock. I should be able to stand having the first stripe be different on the socks if all the rest are the same. I just thought as I wrote that though that maybe I could shorten the first two stripes too as it’s not like I need socks to be as long on the leg as other people do.

This evening I finally got the chance to pick my Bentley sweater up again and cast on the sleeve. I got ten rows done while listening to the Motivate to Move podcast. I am getting closer!

Well I’m going to sit here and read on my phone and let my nails dry. My students have all commented on my nails. I have lost three since being back at work, but will do my best to keep them asking as possible. Today they became blue as I only have two colours of polish.

Have fun!


I’m Free!!!

Well it finally got here- Spring Break:)🎊🎉


My students were upset that I didn’t change the shape of the day so we worked off a list on the board. They said I was crazy like this before Christmas break too. I’m just trying to leave with everything done so we come back to a fresh start.

We did manage to get everything done:). This morning the children wrote about what they want to be when they grow up. I didn’t help and it was great to see what they could do on their own. It did make me lower my assessment of one boy’s writing. We also did our scheduled instructional writing. I didn’t get to see many of them as I was helping my lowest boy, but he didn’t do too badly today when I was there to say words slowly.

We got through a lesson on counting back for subtracting. The kids also cleaned their desks a bit when they were done.

I was a little crazy and tried to order skip the dishes as this was all happening. Note to self, only order in on Tuesday’s when I have a prep before lunch and can give it my full attention!

This afternoon we had flashlight friday reading and I finally got to my Friday reading group. They’ve been so upset that we’ve missed reading group! They did a great job today though:)

We finished the day by getting our community put up on the wall. Each child did a video explaining what they had built.

We will probably get in trouble and have to take this down, but I love how kid art looks! Some are better than others, but they all have character.

The nicest thing was at the end of the day when a parent gave me a copy of TinCanknit’s Great North pattern book as she had two copies. It’s so awesome! It definitely has done patterns I’ll be making!


I met up with Dennis for a run. My left foot is still sore so we came straight back, but missed the shoe store by just moments. I’ll have to stop in there tomorrow I guess. 6km later, I got a lovely cup of tea.

I then made myself come home and do my FitOn workout right away which was the Tabata Torch. My legs were definitely talking by the end of that!


I met up with my friend Em for ice cream to start our holiday off right. I very much enjoyed my salted caramel, but will need to behave myself tomorrow!

I grabbed my prescription and a couple of groceries and got myself tucked in at home.


I had gotten my KAL package in the mail today but had made myself finish all my have to do’s before I was allowed to open it. I love the stitch markers and the tea sounds good and the Avonlea Twilight yarn is gorgeous, but I’ll have to reserve judgement on the other two mini skeins until I see them in daylight.

I did a little more on my London socks and I want to make it’s priority to get these done this weekend. I also finished a second Musselburgh hat. I will hopefully get pictures of all of these things tomorrow.

For now, it’s bedtime. Have fun!


Holiday Eve

I just can’t wait until 3:45pm tomorrow. I will be free and it’s been a tough week.


We got through printing the letter b, music, a lesson on subtracting by counting back on the number line and some more time spent building their community. I don’t know if I did the right thing. During guided reading today my group went down to only two kids and they asked where the third was. I said she had been doing lots of reading practice at home and had moved up a group. Now I am worrying that I shouldn’t have said she moved up. I was hoping it would motivate them as neither of these two do a lot of reading at home, but I don’t want to hurt them either.

The only other thing I did was review my report cards and trade them with another teacher today. I read hers and she’ll read mine. I have absolutely no intention of touching those things over the holidays, but will do a bit more on them tomorrow. Mom you have two weeks leave:)


I went to my last Athletic Yoga class tonight. It was a good workout, but then I had to come home and do my FitOn workout and it was a 25 minute skills and drills workout. I couldn’t let my friends see me not do it though!


I have done about ten more rows on my Bentley cardigan today, but am really starting to wonder if it is going to be huge. My plan this weekend is to get my London socks done and get to the sleeve segmentation and try on the cardigan, so by Monday I should be in a more knowledgeable and calmer place:)

Have fun!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day

It was a crazy day!


The kids came in like maniacs this morning. I haven’t had a St. Patrick’s Day at school since my practicum and all I can say is thank goodness!! All they could talk about were leprechauns.

We did finally get through chalkboard spelling and gluing all of our artwork into our scrapbook. We did relay races in gym and completed our math drill. This afternoon I got a reading group done and the kids worked on their community building project. Not a bad day, but I’m glad it’s over!


I did my FitOn workout again today. It was an ab blast. I wonder why I keep getting an workouts?!?!


I worked on my sweater this morning, and was actually ten minutes later than usual leaving for school and then did some more after school. It is looking very large right now:(


It was my monthly Costco trip tonight. I didn’t buy anything too exciting and mostly limited myself to what was on sale. I did get every size of ziploc bags:).

Well that’s it for me!

Have fun!


Thankfully Better

Yesterday was a tough day as the whole school was off the wall! I had five different teachers go in and talk to my class at lunch and then come tell me about it. Needless to say, I collapsed into bed early last night. Thankfully today was better!


We got through a lesson on “Ed” this morning. The kids got the concept, but found the worksheet difficult. I don’t think they normally would have, but Spring Break brain definitely seems to be affecting them.

We also made it through recess where I was on supervision and had to discipline a kindergarten boy. We have two K boys who have behavior issues and I know I’ll get one of them at least next year so I am trying to be firm already. He pushed a boy and then ran away when I tried to talk to him so he had to spend the rest of recess walking with me. He didn’t like it, but that is the point!

My class did their addition drill after recess. It is amazing what a smelly marker can do. I have always highlighted the day they are doing, but this year I am using a smelly marker to do it. Suddenly, math drill is the best part of the day🤣

This afternoon we had silent reading and then students were working on turning a shoebox into a community building. They were so engaged! I can’t wait to see how the buildings turn out!

We ended the day with outside playtime in the sunshine. Have to take advantage when we can!


I met up with Sarah and Dennis for a run at the river. It was a gorgeous day and we had a decent pace, so I’ll call it a success.

My FitOn workout today was 44 minutes long! I so didn’t feel like doing that, but I did:)


I had good and I had bad. I had signed up and paid for an Anne of Green Gables KAL with Lady Dye Yarns. It was supposed to start yesterday. Today I emailed and inquired about where my kit was. I had been surprised that they only allowed a week for the kit to get across the US and into Canada 🙄. Well my kit is in New York. Needless to say, I have not been impressed so far!

Especially when it is compared to my other knitting order experience today. I had ordered just a couple little things from BohoKnits. They were mailed the day I ordered:). I received them today:).

She even put in two extra stitch markers to say thank you and so that my stitch marker holder didn’t arrive empty. It was so wonderful! I felt appreciated and that I had gotten good value for my money. I can’t wait to use these items.

I have spent what little knitting time I’ve had today on my Bentley sweater as that KAL started yesterday. The challenge for me will be to make the sweater knit last. It is just a top down raglan so I could probably be done by the end of the weekend, but I will do my best to stretch it out.

I will include a picture of my latest sock finish. Please excuse the fact that they have not been blocked yet. These are the Meandros socks from the book Operation Sock Drawer by the Knitmore Girls and are part of the SPY21 KAL through River City Yarns this year.

I used two minis for these socks and still have some left!

Well I have to go read as I didn’t realize my book review is due in two days!

Have fun!