I am finally home and didn’t even hesitate to go crawl into bed!


It was a very long twelve hour day at work, but also a great day:)

We did a directed drawing of the grinch to balance out our Santa’s. I was super happy with how they turned out:)

I think that’s all we accomplished today as we had our Christmas concert today. We had one in the afternoon and one this evening. They both went well:)

We are hoping this will be the last evening concert we do. I still remember going to school at night for my concerts, but it doesn’t seem to be valued anymore. So many parents don’t have their children show up at night and don’t even bother to let us know! Why am I volunteering my time if they don’t want to come?


The only time I got to leave school today was when I went to grab food with two friends. I introduced my friend to Freshii and it was as good as ever! I completely recommend the Mediterranean bowl with chicken!

I am finally home and glad to get out of my heels!

I’m going to happily watch The Nine Lives of Christmas:)

Have fun!


18 thoughts on “Straight to Bed

    1. Lol we aren’t allowed to tell parents they must be there, but I do think the staff is going to vote to not have an evening concert anymore

  1. Hurrah for a successful program! The elementary schools only do day programs here, so the middle and high schools have the evenings. Have a good last day before the Christmas break!

  2. Glad you are done! Zach just sent us the most beautiful note a student wrote to him. His classes have been very very challenging since day one. I am so grateful that this student wrote him a wonderful note. I feel like that just made Christmas

  3. Oh that would get me upset as well about parents not bringing their children to the concert. I understand parents are busy but that is not showing their children responsibility! Perhaps a spring concert instead.

    Friday is here! Hope you have a Holiday Break now.

  4. you’d think most parents would go to the night concert because they’d be working during the day concert?? I don’t even try to understand parents any more

  5. I’m surprised they have night concerts … when I was that age I was in bed really early so our concerts or school plays were just in the afternoon. Not so good as parents need to take time off work to attend them.

  6. Such a bummer about the concerts- they were a really huge deal when we were growing up too. That’s crazy that some kids just don’t show! Well glad you still had a yummy Mediterranean bowl- that sounds really good! Have a great day, AJ!

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