It was a painful day in many ways!


Dennis picked me up for a run this morning. I thought we were doing a 5km so I was definitely not in the right head space for a 10km. Then we also had to deal with a zillion puddles so it was painful dodging too. Also figured out that my calves weren’t really hurting- it was the inside of my left heel that hurt which is my “tell” that my running shoes are done. We got ten kilometers done, but it definitely wasn’t our fastest and we both felt kind of dead.

This evening I did a hallmark workout as I am a workout behind my runs. I continue to like to include cardio in these workouts, though I was thinking today that maybe I should be doing extra sets instead. I’ll think about it more before deciding. Tonight I kept to a minute of jogging between these moves: burpees, froggers, dips, bent over rows, pushups, pullovers, front raises, lateral raises, stanchion raises, bicep curls, squats, plié squats, bridges, mountain climbers, crunches, reverse crunches, bicycle crunches, 30 second plank, right plank, left plank.

I was happy to get a workout over a half hour and will continue to try to go for longer.


I have to admit that I have spent most of the day knitting, and have been using up the end of a skein of sock yarn making a pair of socks for myself. I knew I wouldn’t get matching socks so I decided to try a technique that’s on my list to try this year- two at a time. I have been enjoying the process as it makes both socks go quickly and there’s always change, but I have the socks on two different needles. One sock is on double pointed bamboo needles which is lovely but the other sock is on an 8″ Addi turbo with blunt ends which I am not enjoying. The 8″ and super small needle is making my hands and wrist hurt and the blunt ends slow me down as they don’t easily go between the stitch and needle. I guess I’ve learned that I need another set of DPNs at this size. I am also trying out the Rose City Rollers Littles Edition. I have made lots of socks with the adult version but decided to see if the kids six fit me better. I am hoping to be done tonight so I had better go start knitting again!

Have fun!


16 thoughts on “Painful

  1. Well hard runs are good for us, right? Sorry I’ve been awol, been having a really difficult few weeks, trying to claw back my blog reading and commenting (and indeed writing) now as I pull myself out of a big dip. Lovely to see you still running, knitting and Hallmark-workingouting!

    1. I’ve never had a problem getting through the second sock, but it was a technique I had heard about and thought I should try. It was nice to have both socks go so fast!

  2. I think you should definitely try the magic loop method. It take getting used to, but once that initial phase is over, you will be humming along in no time. I do cast on flat for the first few rows of ribbing and seam that up at the end. It just takes the fiddly part out of the process. I love how when you are done, you are DONE. Oh, I also knit the heel flap and gusset on dpns. Anyhoo, once you get used to it, it is a great way to go and eliminated second sock syndrome.

      1. Put stitch markers one stitch before the decrease points as a reminder. I also add one stitch marker to the beginning of the round when I am one row two. When I am back on row one, I take it off. I’ll try to remember to take a photo.

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