I took it slow today as I was super tired from being out late last night. I obviously can’t handle staying up past ten anymore 🤣


I met the usual crew for our Sunday run. One section of the trail was still solid ice so we had an extended warm up and a core workout! Two of my running buddies are coming back off injury and are doing a gradual entry into running so I did their program with them. I did finally get warm, but it took a long time.

This afternoon I got out for a walk around the inlet in the sunshine and I also did a Lyndsay workout called 15-12-10. I had to do 15, then 12 and then 10 reps of step up with bicep curl and frog squats, then reverse lunge with lateral raise and bent over rows, and finally sumo squat with rows and skater jumps. In between there were two one minute planks and mountain climbers and then five minutes of skipping at the end. It felt good to do some arm stuff!


After an unexpected two hour nap, I got my cooking done for the week. I did up a big fruit salad that I’ll have with yogurt and granola. I really should have made my own granola! I also made a deconstructed stuffed pepper casserole. It is loosely based on this Recipe. I changed it so it didn’t have rice in it and I added celery and mushrooms to it.

I made muffins with the fruit salad I had leftover, and they taste great but they completely fell apart on me. What do you do with muffin pieces? For now they are in the freezer along with the extra casserole. I’m going to need to eat out of my freezer soon!


The rest of the day I have been yawning and reading Love on Location which is my next NetGalley book. So far, so good!

Well I’m determined to make it to 8pm, but maybe not much past it🤣

Have fun!


26 thoughts on “Slow Sunday

  1. muffin pieces sound like a good start to a triffle. I’m glad to see you are getting some more sunshine in your part of the world. that often makes it easier to get out and do and be

    1. Ooo trifle is a good idea – thank you! It’s one of my favourite desserts!
      Yes the more daylight definitely makes it easier to get out running!

      1. I made a breakfast tirffle for a work breakfast ( I used coffee cake, but muffins would work) I put in fruit and yogurt with the coffee cake

  2. We are finally looking at some warmer weather here, I hope the trend continues. I am sick of being stuck indoors, but I will not walk in single digits, Max won’t much go past the driveway, and it’s not worth the effort. He is turning into a tubby boy, and needs some serious exercise! Your deconstructed stuffed peppers has potential, I may have to splurge and buy two peppers this week. 😄

  3. I love stuffed peppers and your mix looks divine! Razz and I have been enjoying our latest snowstorms. He stays out in the yard, looking around for his “lost” tennis ball; the one he buries then looks for then buries again.

      1. When I worked on site, on the weekends I would welcome not having to go out (mostly in Winter – in Summer there was more to do etc.) – jammies an entire weekend!

      2. I do love quiet weekends! I don’t mind having things to do after work since I’m already out, but having quiet weekends is nice:)

      3. I rarely if ever go out after I return from my walk or errands – it is a whole different life from when I worked because, as you say, you are out anyway.

  4. Turns out I’m an expert on deconstructed stuffed peppers but mostly out of laziness. I have a recipe I like for stuffies involving ground turkey but I’m too lazy to deal with the pepper stuffing part so I just eat the filling with some cheese and call it even. I never thought to add mushrooms. I never liked mushrooms much but I’ve developed a taste for them over the years. Next time I actually have time to cook I’ll have to give this a try!

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