A good day interrupted by a very stupid meeting.


It was a pretty good day! We got through calendar, a turkey poem


Turkey in the barnyard

What does he say?

Gobble, gobble, gobble

Gobble all day!

Turkey on the table

What do You say?

Yummy, yummy, yummy

Yummy all day

Turkey in my tummy

What do I say?

I ate too much turkey on

Thanksgiving Day!

We also got a journal written, wrote about our Terry Fox run on Friday and went on a nature walk.

I really am enjoying my class and the new kid today looked shell shocked, but told mom he really liked it👍🏻

After school we had our regular monthly staff meeting on teams that was painful!!!! Our principal was visibly flustered and if she says one more time,”I don’t care what’s happening at other schools”, I may scream. Most principals go by what is happening at other schools!🙄


I was a little nervous but finally went for a run with the kindergarten teacher. I figured she would run faster than me and she does, but she’s an attainable challenge so it’s perfect. She is just building her stamina and takes walk breaks so I know I just have to keep up until her walk break and then I’ll also get a break. We did 5.34km at a 6:30 average. It was really nice to be running faster!


After quickly doing my floors and having my dinner I did some baking as I have a giant zucchini to use up. I made the chocolate zucchini bread and the zucchini cake from Minimalist Baker and both were very successful. I really love how both used only one bowl too.

Well that’s it for me, have fun!


13 thoughts on “Zucchini Baking

  1. it’s always good to have someone who is just a bit better so you feel it is a challenge goal and not a “OMG I can never keep up with you so why try”….

    glad you got to do some baking and I too love when I can do everything on one bowl… less clean up for the win!

  2. Hurrah for a midweek running partner, that will add to your enjoyment. 😊 sounds like you got rid of plenty of zucchini, in a good way. Did you see the October baking challenge yet? It’s baked apples!😍

  3. One bowl baking is delightful!!! haha I love that you made some zucchini recipes!! My hubby just requested some zucchini brownies, so those are on the baking docket for this week. What do you think of this month’s baking challenge?

      1. Oh no! You should check out the minimalist baker chocolate zucchini bread- I think it would work as brownies too.

  4. New buddy. How fun.
    I can’t seem to leave a comment on your oct 7th post . Back to hand washing. Do you tell them how Florence Nightingale , a woman, a nurse, discovered just by hand washing patients began to survive

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