At least I’ve said it on the right day this week!


It was a crazy day at work today! On my walk up the hill I passed the BC Hydro trucks and sure enough I got to school to find a partial power outage. My class thankfully had lights, but no heat. All day long the power came and went. The kids loved doing everything old school, but it did give more stress to the day.

We managed to get through printing n, music, practice of place value, and an art project as well as playing outside in the sunshine at the end of the day.


I came home and got right to it. I did my 1:25 plank, a ten minute Fat Burner workout from the lean machine and fourteen minutes of yoga. The fat burning workout should have been called the jumping jack workout as it seemed like that’s what made up 80% of it!

This is the first day that my knee hadn’t hurt, and I just hope I didn’t overdo it with the workout!


I stopped and grabbed my first ice cream of the year tonight as they had new flavors to try. I am trying to just have ice cream once a month so I won’t go back until they have new flavors I want to try. I had their banana fudge caramel walnut which was amazing and a pumpkin brittle chocolate ganache which had amazing brittle, but they still need to work on the base as it was a little grainy for my taste. It was satisfying and seems very sweet after not eating sugar lately.

I met up with my friend Liane from work to hit Costco tonight. We have been doing this once a month and it’s fun to go with a friend, though somewhat expensive so far!

Tonight was better! I picked up several items of clothing, but ended up putting them all back. I also picked up an instant pot for $70, but ended up leaving it too. I mostly just bought things that were actually on my list or were regular good things for me. The only new thing I bought were these potatoes that my friend says are good and quick to make. It would’ve nice to have something a little more instant in the house.

Now it’s time for bed!

Have fun!


6 thoughts on “Happy Friday Eve

  1. shopping at Costco is often dangerous for the wallet. My husband and I try to avoid the clothes section on most trips as they have good clothes at decent prices, so it’s hard to not pick things up even if you don’t need them. We have few items that we purchase every time we go.

    teaching without power is tough. I actually did a formal observation one time when the power was out. Talk about having to make changes on the fly. Oh well… adapt and over come. Hope everything was fixed especially the heat!

    1. I found the secret to a Costco- be too small for most of the clothes and have allergies that don’t let you eat most of the ready made food🤣
      Oh my I would not want a formal observation with no power! Everything seemed to be back to normal by the end of the day

  2. Crazy day for sure! I’m glad your knee is doing better. I tripped in the back yard the other day, and got a big goose egg on my knee cap. It wasn’t real painful, just stiff. Now it is quite green, and feeling fine.🙄

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