Well you all have experienced one year of my life now! It’s not always exciting, but it’s been neat keeping track of everything:). Today definitely hasn’t been as exciting as an anniversary should be, but we can blame that on my sore body!


The Squad Runner mission was worth 200 points today so I hobbled around the inlet trail this morning, just so I could get it. I don’t think I’ll be doing much exercise for a couple of days, but I feel like walking may help me from stiffening up!

A friend I met on my walk and the pretty view:)

I swear that was the only exercise I did today!


After a very long mid-morning nap, I worked on my rug square and finished it up:) Three squares to go! I still don’t think I’ll have them done by August 3rd, but hopefully for sure by September 4th!


The friend I see for my mania, pedis, etc wanted to practice a new service she is offering and asked if I would be a guinea pig. So this afternoon I got an eyelash lift. It’s like having your eyelashes permed. It didn’t hurt or irritate, though I’m not sure it is something I would actually pay for.

Knit Night:

I met up with Brenda for some knitting time this afternoon. It wasn’t the most productive knitting time as my left arm is super sore, but I got to row 65 on my headband. I’m doing pretty good at this chart work. The only thing I really dislike is having to flip back and forth to see what the symbols mean as they are all way too similar!


While I was working on my rug, I watched the movie Very Very Valentine.

I really liked Danica McKellar in this movie. I have to admit it took me a bit to get past Cameron Mathison not being the cop in the Hannah Swenson Murder Mysteries, but he was so sweet in this movie the he won me over! I can’t imagine a man stepping aside just to give his best friend what will make her happy! A very cute, happy movie.

50 thoughts on “One Year

    1. Thank you! There’s a bunch of people I follow who all seem to have started around that time.
      I like my eye colour because it’s the one thing I have in common with my family:)

    1. Thank you! That’s what I thought too! My friend wants to try it one more time when my lashes aren’t so thin- they must be shedding right now

  1. Day to day isn’t always exciting but you are disciplined with your exercise, teaching, and writing. That is a good thing. Sometimes less excitement is best as there will be days.

  2. Congrats girl!!!🎉💛💐 you started two days before me….how comical is that!
    Did you put up a picture of your headband chart? I just started a chart project too and I’m wondering if it’s similar to what you mean🧐

  3. happy blogiversary! I can see the difference between the two pictures, but I’m not sure I’d pay for something like that, but then I don’t spend much money on myself to begin with.

    1. That’s exactly what I said! Actually my friend said that too! I never used to do anything g like this, but now I at least do my eyebrows and eyelashes pretty regularly so that I don’t hurt myself with the mascara wand.

    1. I had never heard of it either, but it was interesting to have done.
      I don’t plan to give up blogging, though I’m thinking I should go through and see what is popular, etc

      1. There is so much out there and it is nice to see what is going on in other people’s cultures … it is wonderful to interact on here. I never interacted with anyone on WordPress until last November and suddenly someone saw a post and liked it, shared it and wow – I never tagged anything until just this year and they must have searched for nature, walking … or squirrels (lots of posts on squirrels as you know). 🙂

      2. It is neat to talk to others and see all the different perspectives. Your squirrel pictures are so cute!

    1. Thank you! I really didn’t know if I would keep up blogging, but I like how it forces me to think about my day:)
      Yes the eyelash lift was fun. I need to look and see if it is still workinf

  4. Getting to know you over this past year has been my pleasure! I enjoy your adventures, your photos and your furry friends. 🙂
    Your lashes look beautiful, but I am leery about too much poking around on the eye area.
    Thank you for letting us into your life and sharing a bit of yourself with us!
    Peace to you,

  5. Happy Bloggiversary!! 💖💖🎂🎉🎉💐 Can’t wait to see what this year brings you!
    So, what do these points DO exactly?? You deserve a little break to heal! Although, I do agree that moving around will probably help, just don’t overdo it!
    I loved Very, very valentine! I feel like I e enjoyed most movies with Danika in them. 😊

    1. I can’t wait to see what happens either!
      The points contribute towards the team and we get a placing and an accompanying virtual medal, plus bragging rights. So it pretty well is just to get me out the door. I’m doing lots of walking right now!
      Yes I’m getting used to Danika. I liked her in Campfire Kiss

  6. Happy blogversary!! The lash lift sounds weird, is it meant to make your lashes stand out more, like when you wear mascara?

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