I was so happy to hop out of bed this morning and realize it was Friday:)


The day was pretty good and the students definitely enjoyed that there were lots of games involved. We did our Friday journals, but I really need to come up with a new twist to freshen this idea up and make it exciting again! We played sight word go fish after that.

In gym today my students are loving the beep test. There is a free app called BT Lite. It definitely gets the kids running and was a highlight in the journals this week.

Math was all place value games. For the past few weeks I’ve been missing games that my co-teacher has. Today I looked over at a shelf and there was a box labeled math. I’m not sure how I missed that? We played three different games, including the I Have Who Has from yesterday!

This afternoon we had buddies and I started doing a book club with our top readers. We’ll be reading Freckle Juice and I think the kids are going to love it!


I escaped work quickly and headed home to have dinner. I still went out too quickly! My stomach was definitely not happy running, but I got my usual Park route done.

It was cool that I got an email today telling me how my year of running was last year.

I only managed a one minute plank this evening as my forearm still that’s sore:( I did however do my 200 squats. I hope this all stars paying off soon!


I really wanted to bake or cook tonight but instead knitted as I’ll be doing lots of kitchen stuff tomorrow. I had meant to go grocery shopping tonight, but I put my jammies on when I got home from my run🤣

I got another row of ends sewn in and only have three rows left. I’ve also made progress on the stockinette body of my sweater. We’ll see if I go crazy before I get all this stockinette done!

Ok that’s it for me!

Have fun!


40 thoughts on “Friday🎊

  1. AJ, can I borrow your calories torched? Great job!!
    I know you knit, do you sew too? It’s early and my brain is still asleep so I can’t remember. My friend gave me a sewing lesson yesterday when she helped me make a book buddy (a sleeve that you slide a book into for protection that I told you about a while back), it came out perfect!! Now I want a sewing machine. 🤦🏽‍♀️

      1. My friend did an amazing job! It looks great. Do you have any recommendations for good sewing machines? I’ve heard Singer and Brother are good brands.

      2. I’ve had Singer, Domestic and Bernina and have been happy with them all. I think it comes down to what features you want. My machines have always just been basic.

      3. Sorry I’m not more help. You’ll love having one though! I’ve had the sewing itch for a while now so will have to start a new project!

      4. You were a great help!! Thank you. 💕
        I’m thinking I’ll do some crafty stuff, probably no clothes. I really want to make a few more book buddies. I love them!! 😃

      5. All sewing is fun! I have learned that I like to sew from scratch where as my mom loves to alter already made items. You’ll find your niche in no time:)

      6. Lol my mom made me thread and re-thread my machine until I could do it without thinking. It becomes second nature:)

      7. You’re making me feel a lot more comfortable with this, AJ. I trust you. I’m sitting here trying to convince my husband that I’ll use it. He’s fine with it, but wants to make sure I’m not going to get it and then not do anything with it.
        If you don’t mind my asking, where do you purchase your fabric?

      8. Tell him you can hem pants with it🤣 that always won over all the men in my family!
        My fabric comes from Fabricland ( you have to inspect the fabric though as it often has flaws mid way through) or Fabricana. Both are local fabric stores. My mom has been known to look at clothes, sheets, curtains, etc at second hand shops as that way you get a lot of fabric for cheap.

      9. That’s what I was thinking of telling him!! 😂Only thing is I’ll have to deliver if he needs it done. 😂

        That’s a great idea your mom has. I didn’t consider looking at second-hand stuff for fabric. You ladies are brilliant!! 🥰

  2. That’s a lot of running you did last year! I’m glad that Friday went so well for you, have a great weekend. I am about to leave for the concerto competition, this first kid I play for is #1; he starts the whole thing off. Just praying that my practice pays off and no slips that are noticeable enough to make the kids nervous. My worst nightmare is that I will do something that messes up their concentration or playing.😳

      1. They all did so well, personal milestones achieved by all. The big drama was that one with the most difficult piece sliced ope his hand last night and had 5 stitches below his thumb. He dug really deep and gave a good performance, but it was a bit stressful those first few lines!

      2. Oh I’m so pleased to hear they were all so successful! What perseverance from that one to keep going with a hand injury!!!
        Well done Kathy! I bet they were all happy to have you there with them:)

  3. sounds like a great Friday. I hope you can find a new way to get your Friday journals fresh and interesting again.

      1. Oh me too – when I worked on site and I took the bus and sometimes in the Winter, I’d be standing waiting on the bus, often late from the cold and/or snow, all I could think about was coming in the house, getting out of my work clothes, and into my polar fleece jammies and having my warm dinner. I can’t tell you how many times I’d put the key in the lock and so happy to be home, I left the keys hanging in the lock … it got so, my mom would ask me where the keys were. I’d get home and stop in the garage to run my car as well – it seemed like hours til I got in the house after leaving work. We have brutally cold weather her – the wind chills are around -20 F (-28 C) later today and all day tomorrow.

      2. Yes I spend some days thinking all day of getting home!
        I won’t mention our sunshine and ten degrees (about 50 for you)

      3. Sounds like I used to be … and I can remember when we’d have blizzard-like weather to go home and it would take hours to get home – sigh. Okay, thank you – it is 3 degrees with a -10 windchill right now … (-23 windchill for you) … colder tomorrow.
        You enjoy that sunshine – it has been rare for you guys lately – maybe you’ll see the big moon tonight.

      4. Ugh I’m thankful for my short walk!! I had forgotten about that moon, but I’ll probably be asleep by then🤣

    1. Yup those squats better start getting easier!
      The beep test is when my students run from one end of the gym to the other and have to get there before the beep. It keeps getting faster. Sounds horrible to me, but they love it!

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