It was an okay day:)


Another day with no physicality🎊🎉. Can we please keep this going??? We got through learning about short and long e though as I write this I realize I forgot to show them the video about it:(

We also had a practice of our Christmas concert song, I assessed science and the last of the reading assessments, and also got through two girls with practice of their numbers.

This afternoon we finished our art which was a Kandinsky tree. We are trying our best to teach more concepts with art this year, but also decided to include trying out the styles of different artists. I like how the tree turned out.

After work we got through three more report cards so I’m up to seven which is almost a third of the class:)


I have started another toque test knit for Zanete Knits and can’t wait to finish it up so I can wear it on these cold mornings. My co teacher also mentioned she wants a black toque with a brown faux fur pompom. I know I saw a kit for this at Knit City so now I just have to remember what store was selling those!


I ran with the group tonight and got 4.58km in. They changed the route slightly at the end which was great as it forced me to go up a hill. I have suggested we take a different route so we get 5km without doing laps of the parking lot, but do far the “leader” hadn’t taken the suggestion. He somewhat drives me crazy!!! Either be a leader or don’t, but he does some annoying quasi leading😖


I’ve had a rice cake with Pb & J, a banana, a salad with tuna and balsamic dressing, an orange and a tuna snackit. Oh and one lemon cookie after the run. They were homemade. My stomach still isn’t happy but I figure I might as well go back to normal eating as my stomach never seems to be happy right now:(

Well that’s it for me. Have fun!


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