Well it was definitely a better day, even with some bad news.


I just wanted to stay home and read my book but I was meeting Dennis so there was no choice but to show up for my run. I wonder if I will ever not be nervous before a run?

We ran out 4km on the opposite side of the river than we normally run, and I was finding my knees were hurting because it was loose gravel. I have to admit I had a small meltdown and said I was done at 4km. Unfortunately I’m small and Dennis just pushed me along. We ended up running the dyke into a regional park and through there and back to where we started. His watch said 12km, mine said 10.56 as I only have it going when I’m running so warm ups and water breaks don’t count. I felt good when I was done! Dennis says I’m getting stronger and if you’re running buddy says it, it must be true right?

That statement did get me to workout this evening. I changed it up and did only weights and no cardio moves. So a minute of jogging between these moves: reverse lunges, curtsy lunges, sumo squats, plié squats, deadlifts, hip raises, plank, Russian twists, knee tucks, bicycle crunches, crunches, reverse crunches, bicep curls, chest press, bent over rows, front raises, pullovers, overhead tricep extension. I sure hope I hit every muscle group!


I am working on a sleeve using the magic loop method. So far I am much slower at it than when I use DPNs but I figure I have to persevere and give it a fair try. I’ll let you know what I decide.


I finished the book Burn For Me by Lea Coll, another of the books in the series I have been reading. I liked this one best so far as I didn’t yell at the heroine at all. I always like it when characters snipe at each other. Now I am trying to resist the temptation of buying the first book in the series, Choose Me as I am not supposed to spend money on books!!!

I have also been listening some more to Cooked by Michael Pollan as I work on the jigsaw puzzle. It’s been interesting so far.


I need to get back to my healthy eating. I had bought frozen food because of the situation we are in, but so far I’ve been able to get out to grocery shop every week so I think I’m going to go back to just buying my fruits, veggies and protein.

My fish and chips were good today though:)

Well I think that’s my whole day.

Have fun!


13 thoughts on “Day 21

  1. Sounds like you had a good day! I always keep stuff in my freezer, especially fruits and veggies that might go bad soon. Plus they make such quick sides!

  2. we supported a local golf course with their FISH FRY on Friday. honestly the only fish I like is the kind my friend Larry makes after he catches fish with u.s But I wanted to help the golf course. It is a great part of our community and they could go under…

    1. Oh that was kind of you to participate. I’m the exact opposite, I love seafood of any kind and take any opportunity to eat it! I’m worried that a lot of places won’t make it through this time:(

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