Just another day, but thankfully a day closer to the weekend.


I had three students this morning and two this afternoon. We did reading comprehension, a run, the core competencies assessment needed for the report card, some counting of coins, and some reading practice. It is definitely tougher with these two kids as neither of them talks. Maybe tomorrow we will work on how to have a conversation🤣

After school my teaching buddy and I tried to start report cards, but we just felt brain dead. We got the two stock comments copy and pasted, but figure we’ll work on them on Saturday. Good thing it’s calling for rain all weekend!


I really didn’t want to exercise but ended up doing a BeFitDavis workout of jogging, squats, pushups, shoulder press, deadlifts, crunches and reverse crunches. 16 minutes is better than nothing.


I have a girls outdoor meetup tomorrow and so decided to try one of the recipes on the box of Chex. I think they are supposed to be like Rice Krispie squares but with Chex and peanut butter, but I think the Chex needs to be smaller. They aren’t great but unfortunately that didn’t stop me from eating them:(


I watched Double Holiday tonight. It was a super cute movie with two cute guys in it. It made for a nice recovery from my day.

Well I really haven’t done anything today so I’m going to bed now.

Have fun!


13 thoughts on “Happy Friday Eve!

  1. I think I’ve had that recipe from the Chex box (or a similar one) before but I can’t remember if they were good. Sounds like you had a good day!

    It’s funny you say 16 minutes is better than nothing because BeFitDavis posted in her stories yesterday how even 5 minutes a day is good for you

    1. Lol I definitely won’t be making them again!
      Yup I did one of her five mi Ute ones earlier this week and it was tough!

      1. So do I! I actually went through and bookmarked all the posts with workouts and am working through them in order🤣

  2. Aj I meant to post about a link I found that’s awesome. I ordered flour from King Arthur’s and signed up for emails. They have a baking in isolation series going. It is technical but they help you understand it all. Something quiet to watch if you are so inclined. Just go to their site and click on Lessons? or Teach? something obvious like that

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