Well it always happens so I was just waiting for it all day.


I started the day with some knitting and reading time. I think I have worked out a strategy for working on both knitting projects at the same time, happily. We’ll see how it goes.


I was supposed to bike the entire PoCo trail, 26km, with two friends today while stopping at each brewery or restaurant along the way. It sounded great until we realized it was going to be over 30 degrees and we’d hav to start at 11:30. We changed it up and just did a short bike ride down the Coquitlam River trail to the new brewery Patina. It was really great to sit and visit. I had the brisket and fries since that’s what they told me was safe.

I really wish I had had the special which was chicken wings with veggies.

The other two ladies are much better cyclists than me and on the way back we just got to the end of the street when I hit the curb wrong and fell. It happens pretty well every time I’m on a bike, so I was waiting for it, but it still hurts! I am also kicking myself for not starting my watch and recording my bike ride!

I got back just in time to do a run around the other end of Coquitlam River trail with my friend Sarah. It was so hot that it was a super slow run, but we still got another 4km in.

It was so hot when we finished the run that I stopped by my brothers again and jumped in the pool. This is becoming a habit!

Well I’ve slept since I got home and think I’m going back to sleep.

Have fun!


11 thoughts on “To Be Expected

    1. It was exactly what I needed! I didn’t mention that I came home and slept for 13 hours straight after all of this

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