It is crazy how excited the children are, they are almost beside themselves!


It was a pretty good day. We got through some McCracken spelling this morning g before music. Then we tackled graphing our favourite candy, though we didn’t manage to finish:(. This afternoon we did a directed drawing of an owl, but some kids haven’t finished that either.

I thought mine was the best I’ve ever done though! I’ll be sure to show you the kids as they outlined and coloured theirs.


After work I went for a massage and found out that my adductors are incredibly tight which might be causing the problems with my Soas and my hip. Hmmm I’d better google how to roll an adductor.


I have spent the evening knitting and have finished my InStillness Mini sweater by Alicia Plummer.

Sorry for the night shot but at least you get to see it. I followed the instructions except I added four rows to the collar as I wanted it to be a little higher. This sweater uses Gathered Yarn: The Harvest is Here. It is a super soft yarn and was lovely to knit with! The pattern was easy to follow and quick to make:)

Well that’s enough accomplished for today.

Have fun!


16 thoughts on “Happy Friday Eve

  1. ok… I’m impressed that you demo your direct drawings using your pc! Are you doing that with a mouse? Hope you are able to finish your activities up today before moving on to new things. I hate having unfinished projects

    1. Oh that is my smartboard so I actually draw right on it. It is interactive. I could draw using my mouse but my mouse batteries are dead🤣

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