Yesterday was a good day at school which was a nice lead in to the weekend.

On Friday night I met Sarah and Dennis for a run. Sarah doesn’t usually come out on Fridays but it was nice to have the company. My heart rate is still higher than it should be but I know I’m not pushing too hard when I’m running with Sarah so it was probably good she came out.

After a coffee with Dennis, I hit the grocery store and then came home and knit 66 rows on my first sleeve of the Bentley cardigan.

Saturday was a slow start in my amazing housecoat which is the perfect weekend I think.

My friend and esthetician wanted to practice doing a lash lift so I went over there late morning and then in the afternoon I walked over to a running store. It turns out I’m probably dealing with a mild case of plantar fasciitis. I got a mini massager, some arch supports and a reminder that I really need to spend time stretching out my calves as they are the problem. I may need to set an alarm.

I came home and did my FitOn workout right away as it was a HIIT workout and then followed it up with a rolling video so at least I did something good for my body.

I spent the rest of the day knitting 66 rows on the second sleeve of Bentley and creating a giant knot in my yarn.

I will now switch back and forth every two rows until I use up the rest of the first two skeins of yarn.

I am thinking I might use the third skein for a shawl.

Late Saturday night Sarah was texting to say she may not be at the run, but both Dennis and I guilted her into coming. It was great to have company on my 6.5km run on Sunday morning, but I felt horrible when I found out later that it was her birthday:(

I had a short coffee with Brenda and Dennis and then a long talk about knitting in the parking lot with Brenda. We are thinking that next year we’re going to do a Harry Potter sock each month and a self striping yarn sock each month that suits the holiday or season of the month. Area 51 and Turtle Purl Yarns seem to have great Yarns for these plans cause of course, you need to plan your knitting a year in advance.🙄🤣

I got my laundry done and my sheets changed, but that’s it for housework. My plan is to do the floors tomorrow to get back on my housecleaning schedule.

I did my FitOn app class which seemed to be two of the classes I’ve already taken put together. it was actually kind of nice as I had an inkling of what was supposed to be done. I have done a class for 34 days in a row now. Probably if I could kick the sugar habit again, you’d be able to see some improvement 🙄. I know that I need to go back to eating more protein as a lack of protein is supposedly the reason behind a sweets craving.

I then spent most of the day knitting. I have both sleeves of the Bentley finished down to the sleeve ribbing and am 1/3 of the way through the ribbing on one sleeve. Let’s hope I can finish it tomorrow as I feel like I haven’t accomplished anything in my knitting forever!

Well that’s it for me, have fun!


6 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. Wow – feeling seriously unproductive compared to you. Especially impressed with the exercise. I need to be doing a lot more of this myself. I especially liked your comment about the ‘housecoat’. I can certainly relate 🙂

    1. My housecoat was my Costco treat a few months ago and I have loved it every day! I don’t always want to exercise, but I also don’t want to feel bad about myself

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