I feel like I’ve been running all day (and not literally so it’s not a good thing🤣)!


This morning my alarm went off and I actually turned it off, set another alarm for an hour later and rolled over…but then my eyes popped open as I thought of having to tell you all that I had skipped my run. My run was not pretty, not fast, not lovely, not long, but I went. 16 mins, 2km in a figure right around the block. There were lots of people out for a rainy morning, and one car drove me nuts twice!!! Grrrr😖

I also got a quick workout in this evening, again didn’t feel like it, but didn’t want to have to write that I didn’t do it. When I got home, I spent some time catching up on my wordpress reader (can’t miss what everyone is up to!) and came across this deck of cards workout by Bea Free. I knew I didn’t have the energy for my typical Lyndsay workout, so I decided to do this one. I did the entire deck of cards in about twenty minutes. It was fun, went quick and was something new. I think it might be my new Tuesday morning workout as it was quite quiet! The only thing is that I’m not sweating like a pig like I do after Lyndsay’s workouts. I think I may need to mix and match these workouts so there is one leg move, one arm move, one ab exercise and a cardio move in each workout. Though I need to thank Bea as she got me off the couch and moving tonight:)


Shucks! As I start to type this, I realize I didn’t get a picture of the leaf rubbings we did on Friday to share, though I did get them up. I have to giggle a bit at how competitive I can be. The teacher I work closely with( we both teach grade one so we plan and prep together and often put our classes together to do things too) doesn’t work Fridays and there is a new teacher this year who comes in. She is my age but has mostly just parks and rec experience, not classroom. Last week when we decided on leaf art, she suggested leaf prints using paint. I replied that there was no way I was going to use paint with my class yet and so decided to do the leaf rubbings instead.  Well today I got to see the other class’ art as the teacher put them up and mine look way better 🤣🤣🤣. I need to stop this, but I just giggle at myself and carry on.

We had tears again this morning, but I just completely ignored it and they stopped pretty quick. She was out of the coat room and ready for the day in an appropriate amount of time and I praised her for that.

My class was amazing at one point today! I have a prep right after recess break while my students go to music. I guess the music teacher dropped the children off, but I was next door planning with the other teacher. By the time I got to my classroom, 95% of the children were at their seats already doing quiet time. They had the music on, lights off, lamps on even! I am always so impressed when they can follow the routines without my direction!!!! It makes me smile just thinking about it now!

Of course, I also had a little guy who decided to scribble all over his desk! This is the second time so today he was handed a rag along with soap and water and told to clean it up! He had to scrub pretty hard so hopefully this will discourage any future artistic moments!

I feel like I never stopped today as I spent every spare second completing the family group lists for the school and setting the children up on a home reading program. At least both are done now and hopefully tomorrow qill be calmer at school. Then at lunch I had to run home to get my keys and the pillow cover I had forgotten this morning.


I haven’t even gotten to my book yet today:( I’m halfway though and the story is picking up which makes it much easier to read!

While I was reading what everyone had posted today, I came across Jay’s post about the book Carnegie Maid. It sounds awesome and when I commented he came back with the fact that it might still be on netgallery. I’ve never even heard of this place, but am thinking if it has books, I might be in trouble😂🤔😳


After school I dropped my friend and her son off at home as her car is broken, then hightailed it out to Costco for gas. I was hoping it would be a little quieter on a Monday and I suppose it was though there seemed to be a tour group there. Since when is Costco a tourist destination?  I grabbed gas and then went looking for a pillow insert, buttons and lego at Walmart and completely struck out:( I decided to go back to Costco and boy am I ever glad I did! Lego sets for $18 (about half of what Walmart was charging) and I even managed to get a window art set for my niece for her Christmas present! I always love how lego products say for ages 5-12. I think my almost forty year old brother has at least as much fun as my eight year old nephew, or perhaps more, playing with Lego. I love Costco!  It made for a very busy night though as I didn’t get home until 7, then had to eat and workout.


I’m pretty mad at myself for what I’ve eaten today:( I had all my food ready for the week, but I still ate extra and I just never seemed to get full:( I need to get my eating back under control as I don’t want to put any more weight on! I want to get rid of the four pounds I’ve already put on!!!! I sure hope tomorrow is better! No, let me change that, tomorrow will be better because I will make it better!


Haven’t gotten to that yet either:( I really don’t like this getting home so late! I’m just working on a doll blanket so it should have been done today! I’ll have to knit a bit around breakfast time tomorrow, maybe it will help with the eating too!

Ok I’m going to skip the rest of the night and just crawl into bed on this rainy, cold, ugly night!

Have fun!


19 thoughts on “Running All Day!

  1. So happy you did the workout! I have done what you’ve mentioned of doing one cardio, one leg and one arm, one abs! It’s KILLER! This week I decided to focus on specific parts a day! Best of luck! 🙂

    1. I did your ab workout this morning and it was great. I’m using them as they are because there are four of them that are quiet enough for me to do in the morning without disturbing my neighbours:) I don’t think my abs have ever had that much work at one time!😳

  2. It sounds like a long and productive but good day. I have seen tourist groups at Costco, I can just imagine a tour guide saying, “Here’s where we go to spend less for more stuff” 😂

  3. I’m exhausted just reading this😂😅 The accountability you talk about with forcing yourself up to exercise is awesome! I totally know the feeling of not wanting to get up and do it, but I also know not wanting to say “I didn’t go”
    I don’t see a problem with being a little competitive with another teacher😉 I was over here laughing to myself picturing you at school comparing the two sets of artwork!

    1. It was an exhausting day, mostly I think, because I wasn’t expecting it:( I don’t think I even got a cup of tea yesterday!
      Yup bloggers are really helping me with my accountability🤣
      Heehee- go ahead and giggle, I do too at that picture!

  4. *claps on getting that workout done* Good for you and I LOL’d at how we’re “keeping you accountable.” I walked 3.16 miles in 48 minutes. I called two drivers bad names as they could have run me over and told two pedestrians that it was a 2-way sidewalk. I always make my kids and I walk single file if there are ppl coming from the other direction and I always wait my turn at the lights. I told my husband I wasn’t takin’ any of that crap.

  5. Great job getting the run in, teaching is a hard sometimes thankless job. My mother is a retired one so I’ve heard her stories all my life!! I can see you being a good teacher though. Anyway if you ever want to talk about single lady stories just shoot me an email! 😉 Chelshu02@yahoo.com – enjoy the rest of your day girl!!

    1. Oh ya, the stories are endless!
      Sorry I should read more closely, you even say “running blog”! I’ll stop being annoying and keep my comments to running, lol:)

  6. What a day! I’m so glad I was rested and relaxed when I read this post. I began to wonder what you are made of, and then I told myself the answer. You are a teacher! Teachers can do anything, including performing miracles. I haven’t a teaching bone in my body, therefore I hold teachers in highest esteem. There are several super teachers in our family, and I have watched them with awe and wonder. I admire anyone eager to be in front of a class to teach things children are determined not to know. Miracles workers, one and all! I’m so glad to be following you.

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