Another lovely day, but how could it be otherwise when I can do whatever I want:)


I have to admit my book and bed were very pleasant this morning so it took me a while to get out for my morning run. I did get to it though and was doing quite well until my phone talked to me and I realized it had somehow lost signal again as there was no way I was doing a 4:40km! I continued despite this and got 25 minutes in before I arrived at my parents place for a visit:). It continues my running streak to three days and is better than nothing!

I had a massage this afternoon so didn’t want to do a weight workout as I like to enjoy my nice loose muscles for at least one night, so I went for a walk instead. It was so gorgeous out and there were lots of people out.

You get two pictures from my walk as I just couldn’t decide which I liked better 🤣


It was so great to get hugs from my mom and Dad today and to get caught up with them! I hope I get to see them everyday of my holiday and get to spend some time with my mom before they skedaddle off on their next adventure!

I also spent time with my nephew today. I learned from my sister in law this morning that my nephew was on his own for the first three days this week, so I texted him to find out if he wanted to do something. He came up with go-karting, lol. When I checked the website I determined that I wouldn’t be able to go on the adult course

So I took along his neighbour and friend too so that he could have some company. They seemed to really like it! My nephew was nervous as he had never done this before, but with each of his three races he got more confident. It was great to see him having fun, but let’s not talk about what 24 minutes of racing cost for two boys!!!😳

We proceeded to have lunch afterwards because these boys hadn’t eaten in an hour and were in danger of starving to death. They had subway and I had take out Hot and Sour Seafood Pho

It was very interesting, but I admit I didn’t like it as much as my usual pho. The boys then had Menchies which I bought to keep them quiet while we waited at Costco for gas, unfortunately they had no dairy free yogurt this time so I had to do without. Probably a good thing!


I finished my book, Tangled Up in Tinsel by Candis Terry while waiting for my massage appointment.

It was a good read. This is the third book in this series and I greatly enjoyed it. The family dynamic is interesting and realistic and I was rooting for the couple. I don’t think it’s going to be the last of the series though, or at least I hope not!

I have started my next NetGalley book but I’ll save that until I’m done.

I’ve also made it to chapter five of Treasure Island on Librivox. I hope it doesn’t get too scary for me!


Nicole of The Bookworm Drinketh was talking about watching Hallmark movies and I would love to be doing that, but I’m out of them right now, so I went with the movie version of Wives and Daughters to see if it’s as good as the book. So far it’s staying very close to the books and making a good background for my knitting:)

I’m going back to it now:)

Have fun!


49 thoughts on “Vacation Day 3

  1. Hi AJ. If you’re interested, join a team on SquadRunner called NA Flagvisor Southwest. It’s a newly formed team and they’re recruiting right now.

      1. Also, I just found out a team called Running To Not From is looking. They’re very supportive of each other and easy going.

      2. Well it worked to push me to do a bit more today. I would have just done my regular run, but seeing what the goal was got me to do the five minutes more I needed to. I’m just worried I’m not a good enough runner to really benefit a team:(

      3. Every runner benefits, trust me. Quickly get into Running To Not From as there’s not any stress with them, just support. Tell them neveradullbling sent you. Besides, there are 3 ways to earn points… running; answering the daily quiz; and completing missions. You’ll be even more motivated once you’re running for points and a team, trust me. 🤗 I hope you enjoy it. The support is amazing! 😁

    1. Oh perfect. I will download the app when I next have wifi and get in touch with them. Thank you so much for your help Paula!!!

  2. I am a bad person… I couldn’t help but giggle at your picture with the height chart. I never even thought about such restrictions! I’m glad your nephew and his friend had a good time and that you’re enjoying your vacation.

    1. Oh you’re not a bad person for that! I had a giggle too:). If I got upset about the height thing, I’d be upset all the time!😖😝

  3. glad you had a good day with family. being short is never fun and makes it interesting when you want to do fun things with people. I’m sure your nephew enjoyed this time with you even if you couldn’t ride too

    1. Well I am glad I checked before I went so I could take a friend for him to do it with. I don’t my think it would be as much fun by yourself!

  4. GLad you are feeling well and able to enjoy the break! I LOVE that you want to spend time with your family. What a fun auntie you are! Too short to go cart…..gheesh. Keep enjoying that family time. Im close to seeing my Al and my Zach too!

    1. Yup my mom says I’m my grandma and she was all about family:)
      I hope you get family time soon! I’m sure Al and Zach are looking forward to it too!!!

  5. Oh my, you aren’t tall enough for the adult course. That was very thoughtful of you to take your nephew’s friend though. And yes, teenage boys are in constant need of food!!

  6. Ooooo…. book, bed and massage…. I’m VERY jealous right now. Then to have seafood Pho on top of that?! Are you TRYING to make me cry?! Lol!!
    And you’re not out of movies! I suggested 3 to you! ;p You’ll have to let me know how the “Wives and Daughters” movie was though, I have yet to see the movie.

    1. Heehee I’m just trying to have the best holiday possible:)
      I know you suggested three, but I’ll have to go find some wifi so I can watch them online:(

  7. AJ, you are adorable! That photo of you is priceless!! I am sooooo jealous of your walking route. I crave the water so bad! Every time my husband asks me where I want to take a holiday, my reply is “anywhere near water!”. He is convinced I would be happy with a kiddie pool in the back yard. To be honest, I would. I could sit, knit and watch Razz splash around. I’ll have to share my go-cart story with you…a winner!
    Enjoy your time with your parents, I know how much that means to you. xoxo Regina

    1. Lol it’s not a great picture so I didn’t want to share it, but it was just so funny that I had to😛
      I love water and have that same response when someone asks me where I want to hike- somewhere with a water view!!

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