Why can’t I get food into my mouth???


I walked to work today, past the cute guy power washing my building, talked to Lyndsay and then passed another teacher in the hall who told me that I had a big piece of blueberry on my face! OMG! Why didn’t someone mention that? I think it should be a law that if someone has something embarrassing about themselves- you need to mention it! And note to self, always look in the mirror before I leave home!!! Ugh:(

We started our day with a beading workshop, but while the beads were pretty, it was definitely not worth $9 per child. She didn’t even teach them anything!!! I was super unimpressed as she then wanted me to hand out her card to all the parents. Uh no! We’ll give the necklaces for our Mother’s Day gifts do at least it took care of that.

I got a few minutes to read my book at lunch which was a nice treat:)

We managed to do some math and read some of our novel, clean our desks and play outside. Not a bad day, but we definitely needed to get outside before the rain comes!


I left school really quickly so I could meet up with Lyndsay for a workout. We walked into the gym to see a ladder and a water leak but as there was no sign we went ahead with the workout. A half hour treadmill run and then we hit the floor to work on the bosu. We did overhead triceps extensions, bicycles, burpees, pull overs, crunches, Supermans, squat jumps, single leg hip bridges, and plank jacks. 3 sets of 12 of each was enough. The squat jumps definitely burned the legs out.

I so need to get back into my run in the morning, do workout at night routine. I think the problem is that now some of the Squad Runner mission runs are too long for me to do in the morning. I’ve thought about doing weights in the morning but I’d have to remove all the jumping ones as that would just be mean to my downstairs neighbor at six am! Hmm I’ll have to give this some thought!


This evening I went to my nephew’s lacrosse home game. It definitely goes faster and is more interesting than when he was little.

Just trying to be a good auntie! We’ll see if I make it to his Sunday home game. I really need to read a book on lacrosse though! Why did he choose the one game I know nothing about?


I did my half hour on my rug this morning and have less than 1/3 of the square to go! I’m hoping to finish it up so I’ll pick up my knitting again. It is sorely neglected!

I don’t think it has moved all week:(

Well I better get to it!

Have fun!


24 thoughts on “Oh My!

  1. And it’s the weekend! Max and I need to go on our walk but it was so nice just to enjoy my coffee and watch the sun rise instead of putting on another layer and going out the door. He, however, is not impressed with my logic! Disappointing workshops are frustrating, especially at $9/ head! Hope you get some lovely mornings to run this weekend!

    1. I love the weekend for being able to have a slower start! I hope you and Max enjoy your walk. I’m just trying to talk myself into my run😂

  2. looks like you are having nice weather there. maybe you need to rotate your routine and do one day early run then the next day early weights? so you have a mix of both? I’m grasping here, I’m sure you’ll figure it all out. charging kids $9 to do a workshop and then not creating anything worth it sucks. hope the parents don’t get upset with you over the cost that would stink and totally something some parents would do. Oh well… it’s the weekend time to stop thinking about work and enjoy the slower days

    1. I’m hoping they don’t get upset too!
      That’s a good idea and may just work if I planned right:) Thanks!
      I’m going to try to enjoy every second of this weekend:)

    1. My nephew plays box lacrosse in the spring/summer and field lacrosse outside for fall/winter. We all think it’s the opposite of what it should be!

      1. Exactly! Their uniforms also seem to be switched- lots in the summer and almost nothing in the winter!?!?

  3. Ha ha ha!! I HATE IT when no one tells me that I have something on my face or in my teeth!! Like, you’re not going to offend me. I WANT TO KNOW!! Better to tell someone then to let them walk around longer looking like an idiot! 🤣😣😫

      1. It looks so beautiful there – we still are without leaves on the trees, though I see a hint of green on the trees (if you want to call them trees – they formed from those maple seeds that fall in Spring) … other than that, trees are still bare. We have 70 tomorrow and 80 Tuesday (which is now too hot and will cause some thunderstorms as a result).

      2. Oh no- you just can’t catch a break with the weather. We’ve been rainy all weekend, but it’s supposed to get nicer as the week goea

      3. Mother Nature cannot get it together here in Michigan. 🙂 I have a new follower and I have followed back. I’m not sure if this woman is an elementary school teacher, but she works with children … have a look when you get a spare moment and since you are there right now, I’m passing it along. She is very funny, and writes about her seeing eye dog … https://thesecretblind.wordpress.com/

      4. Looked interesting to me … I just followed back yesterday and loved the post by her dog and today’s post with the kids … I don’t see an “About” page that tells if she is a teacher or not.

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