Today was really a day out of the ordinary at work and after!


I’ve been getting up five minutes earlier each day, so my mornings are starting to be less crazed.

Today we got our Friday journals done and a little bit in our math number word booklet, but that’s it.

We had a practice for the hip hop and then the actual hip hop performance this afternoon. My students did great and looked very cute! So many parents came after and took their children home that I only had nine kids left for last block!


I rushed out of work and joined my friend downtown. We hit dinner at Meet Yaletown. I’ve been here before, but it is a favourite as it is a vegan restaurant that clearly labels the few things that have gluten in them! It was a perfect night for tonight. My friend and I shared the mucho gusto burger which had pico de Gallo and guacamole and crispy onion bits on it. It was very good as were the fries and salad that came with it! We shared so we could have dessert and I went with the chocolate ganache torte with salted caramel ice cream while my friend had my usual lemon tart. I think I may stick with my usual next time:)

After dinner we hit a new to is Halloween event called Glow in the Garden at Van Dusen Gardens. We have been to the Christmas version several times, but decided to try the Halloween one. It was a reasonable price- about the same as a movie. It was very cute to see the little kids in their costumes and doing crafts as well. We got lucky and went in at the end of the time slot before us, about 7pm. Our time slot started at 7:30, but they let us in and we were super happy as we definitely noticed a lot more people on our second round at 7:30! There were two sections- Hänsel and Gretel and the pumpkin patch and it took about a half hour to do both. We took photos the first round and then just did a second round to look and make sure we didn’t miss anything. It was neat- we got a walk and some fresh air and a new Halloween event. It would be better for little kids though we did see lots of young couples too. I was just happy that it wasn’t too scary!

It was great to have time with my friend and yet not have a super late night after we have both taught all day!


I finished my latest NetGalley book last night. Snowed in For Christmas is a collection of three novellas.

Thank you to the authors, the publisher and NetGalley for the free ARC in exchange for an honest review.

I really enjoyed the three holiday novellas in this book.

First, I really liked how all three stories had the man speaking up about his feelings first. It was a nice change from what often happens in romance books. I quite enjoyed the last one as I could picture the character almost telling his feelings.

Secondly, I enjoyed how each story outlined how we don’t know how others are feeling or really how their pasts have affected their lives. The second story definitely brought home the idea that we shouldn’t make assumptions about people as they are often wrong.

Thirdly, I enjoyed how all three stories ended. I really liked how the first two stories had epilogues that caught us up on what happened to the characters later on. The last story had such a cute ending that it’s forgiven for not having an epilogue.

Thank you for three great stories to start getting me into the holiday spirit.

Well, time for some couch!

Have fun!


27 thoughts on “Out of the Ordinary

    1. It was very yummy!!! I don’t know why I don’t make more interesting burgers at home?!
      The Halloween event was cute and I’m glad I went to it as I’ve heard of it before and now I know what it’s like:)

  1. Hi AJ! What a fun evening out! I wish we had a Halloween town around our neighborhood. It seems that there always the scary haunted house type of attractions, but the one you went to looks like more of a celebration of the decorations. Awesome!❤️❤️

  2. Nice to have so much energy after teaching all day! The food looks great and sharing it with a friend after a long day, even nicer. Will you give out candies to the trick o treaters? Question: does your class know your location for Halloween?

    1. I live in a locked building so I don’t get any trick or treaters:(
      Some of my students know where I live, but it’s never been a problem

      1. I figured since they are so young. With the older kids, you might have a problem if you had to fail them. A locked building. Interesting. We will get trick or treaters. One year in the very beginning when we bought our home; I did have problems with eggs thrown as did the whole neighborhood with some teenagers. We all banded together and the police came. Mostly, we now let the kids choose the treats while sitting outside in front of our garage.

      2. Well lots of my previous students still live here, but at my grades I can’t fail anyone and for the most part I’m well liked in the classroom

  3. The Police had to come because the bad crew caused some serious damage including throwing rocks at houses, stealing candy from kids, etc. It hasn’t happened again but we are careful.

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