It was the last day of my winter break.  It’s always tough, but I know I can’t complain as I get two weeks off.


My regular run was a little different today. We started a half hour later to accommodate some out of town friends. I had to do 9km for my Squad Runner mission and knew my buddies weren’t going to be up for two loops of the river, so I decided to run over to the river from my place for the extra 4km.

I got over to the river fine, though every step felt difficult. I had planned that I would just walk with my friends once I got there. Unfortunately, Dennis said we were running. I ended up doing 9.2km and it was painful. It may not have been the best idea to have that long of a run after so many days of doing nothing! I sure hope my speed improves again!

I got home to one of my running team member’s recommending 5 yoga moves to do after runs. They are located at this site. They really helped along with some rolling to loosen up my body!

I got my plank done and 200 squats completed. I also got out for a walk this evening. This is more like it and hopefully I’ll be back to normal quickly!


After doing my meal prep for the week, I decided to bake. For the last year I have been following Sally’s Baking Challenge and dreaming of participating. I decided to finally give it a shot today! I made bagels for the very first time. They were gluten free and dairy free and the recipe came from this book. They turned out awesome!!! They look like bagels and taste like bagels. I restrained myself and only had one for dinner tonight and put five of them into the freezer.


The friends I had breakfast with this morning stopped by this afternoon so we could exchange Christmas gifts. I got the best gift!!!!

It is pure wool so this may be my chance to try felting as I have never felted anything before. If anyone has a suggestion for a good pattern, please let me know!

I have spent the rest of the day getting my food ready, tidying my house, watching Hallmark movies, and knitting. All in all, a pretty good day!

Have fun!




10 thoughts on “Last Day

  1. The bagels look incredible!! I follow her on Pinterest and have read a little bit about the yearly baking challenge. I want to participate, but I have this niggling thought in my mind that “I won’t finish it, so why start.” Which is a terrible attitude

    1. Yes it is! I’m not taking it seriously, just using it as away to help me decide what to bake once a month- just like the fantastic bake a long!

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