There was just no time for laying around this morning. I had to hit the ground running.


I got out for a 5km run this morning and it felt really good! There were a couple of times in the middle where I had to repeat, “I feel good” to keep going, but I did and hit some nice times too:)

After a quick stretch I had to do my weights routine right away as I probably won’t have time later.

I did three sets of 12 with no rest between of the following:

Calf raises-10,8,7

Hamstring curls-10,8,7

Reverse lunges- 10,8,7

Squats- 10,8,7

Deadlift- 10,8,10

Bridge- 10s

Full sit up- 10s

Dead bugs-4s

Chest press- 10,8,7

Flies- 7,5,4

Bent over row- 10,8,7

Bicep curls-7,5,4

Overhead tricep extension-10,8,7

Front raise-7,5,4

Shoulder press-10,8,7

At least I got rid of all the two pounds out of this routine. Now I just need to track down my 12 pound weights before next week.


I had arranged to spend the day with a bunch of friends at a friend’s lake house. It was an awesome afternoon with friends. We walked around the area looking at all the houses, had an awesome barbecue, spent some time in the water and on the dock, and did lots of talking.

Well I need sleep as I’ve gotten none of the things done that I was supposed to so tomorrow morning is going to be busy!

Have fun!


10 thoughts on “Get Up and Get Moving

  1. I was thinking that I have no idea what dead bugs are but enjoy reading about you doing them, anyway! Lots of talking is good, especially in the right company. Sweet dreams!

    1. Dead bugs are an ab exercise where you extend one arm and the same leg out until they hover over the ground and then return to laying on your back with arms and legs straight up in the air

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